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Volume 68 - Issue 08: 25 Apr, 1995
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0771

Yellapragada SubbaRow centenary year (1895-1995): The issue of multiple centenaries?
p. 0773 | Sitaramam, V.

An approach to tackling fluoride problem in drinking water
p. 0774 | Gupta, S. K.; Sharma, P.

Novel ferroelectrics
p. 0775

Research News
p. 0777 | Cherayil, Binny J.

Replacement of nickel in electroplating processes and surface strengthening of aluminium by laser treatment
p. 0778 | Lakshminarayanan, V.

Dynamics of the psychology of the Ph D students and the question of what to do with them
p. 0779 | Sitaramam, V.

Scientific Correspondence
Antioxidants: Helpful or harmful?
p. 0783 | Soni, Madhusudan G.

On the occurrence of ostracod species from the Kallankurchchi Formation of Ariyalur Group, Tamil Nadu
p. 0784 | Mallikarjuna, U. B.

Comments on 'Value addition: A threat to Calophyllum species'
p. 0786 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit; Patil, Vishwanath; Meher-homji, V. M.

Comments on 'Melanophore indexing: A quick bioassay technique for detection of heavy metal toxicity
p. 0787 | Ovais, M.; Banerjee, T. K.; Mukherjee, D.

Research Articles
The reign of technology in contemporary medicine
p. 0789 | Valiathan, M. S.

General Articles
Mathematics and statistics of aging
p. 0794 | Deshpande, Jayant V.

Antiquity of the plant kingdom and molecular world
p. 0801 | Sharma, Arun Kumar

Review Articles
Androgen receptor and the mechanism of androgen action
p. 0806 | Thakur, M. K.

Research Articles
Wollastonite from calc-silicates of the Kerala Khondalite belt, southern India: Changing fluid regimes during deep crustal metamorphism
p. 0813 | Kumar, M. Satish; Santhosh, M.; Yoshida, M.

Molecular modelling of N-terminal region of human cardiac myosin light chain 2 induced during cardiac hypertrophy
p. 0819 | Kannan, K.; Babu, G. Jegadeesh; Veluraja, K.; Rajamanickam, C.

Research Communications
Uranium and thorium abundances in some graphite-bearing Precambrian rocks of India and implications
p. 0826 | Pandey, U. K.; Krishnamurthy, P.

Discovery of microvertebrates from the Pleistocene deposits of the Central Narmada Valley, India
p. 0828 | Patnaik, Rajeev; Badam, G. L.; Sathe, Vijay

Daytime measurements of optical auroral emissions from Antarctica
p. 0830 | Sridharan, R.; Raju, D. Pallam; Narayanan, R.; Modi, N. K.; Subbaraya, B. H.; Raghavarao, R.

Complexation and interaction modelling in a thorium (IV)-mycobacterial siderophore system
p. 0834 | MacCordick, H. J.; Wendling, O.; Antony, M. S.

Partial unfolding of lactate dehydrogenase in presence of low concentrations of guanidium chloride
p. 0836 | Chakrabarti, Abhijit; Chattopadhyay, Subrata; Dasgupta, Chanchal K.

Analysis of fall in serum ferritin after chelation of iron with Deferiprone(L1) in β-thalassaemia and haemoglobin E β-thalassaemia
p. 0839 | Adhikari, D.; Roy, T. Basu; Chandra, S.; Adhikari, S. K.

Occurrence of superficial and cutaneous mycotic infections at Rourkela, Orissa
p. 0840 | Das, S.; Swain, P.; Choudhury, B. K.

Studies on structure and organization of calcium carbonate deposits in algae
p. 0843 | Kerkar, Vijaya; Untawale, A. G.

Acute toxicity of ammonium sulphate to the air-breathing organ of the live fish Heteropneustes (Saccobranchus) fossilis
p. 0845 | Paul, V. I.; Banerjee, T. K.

Book Reviews
Disaster Management Societal Vulnerbility to Natural Calamities and Manmade Disasters - Preparedness and Response
p. 0850 | Thyagarajan, G.

Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds--Principles and Applications
p. 0850 | Rao, R. Balaji

Global networks computers and International communication
p. 0850 | Ghaswala, P. S.

Personal News
A leading Horticulturist and conservationist, an obituary of Prof. A. Abraham by A. Pushpangadan
p. 0852 | Pushpangadan, P.

Historical Notes
From Eduard Suess to Emile Argand: Reflections on Tethys and India-Asia tectonics
p. 0853 | Sorkhabi, Rasoul B.

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