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Volume 69 - Issue 10: 25 Nov, 1995
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0791

Pioneers of ozone study bag chemistry Nobel
p. 0793 | Parthiban, S.

The 1995 Nobel Prize in Medicine: A tribute to the power of formal genetics
p. 0797 | Lakhotia, S. C.

If education is important, so must be the teachers!
p. 0801 | P. Singh, Lambodar

India's scientific community: A cultural crisis?
p. 0802 | Mitra, A. N.

Scientific Correspondence
Ethephon enhances karaya gum yield and wound healing response: A preliminary report
p. 0809 | Nair, M. N. B.; Shivanna, K. R.; Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Occurrence of Botryococcus from the Lower Cretaceous rocks of Cauvery Basin, Tamil Nadu
p. 0810 | Patil, R. S.; Rao, M. Rama; Gururaja, M. N.; Kumaraguru, P.; Kanishkan, B.

Enechelon faults along West Coast of India and their geological significance
p. 0811 | Ramasamy

Interpretation of nucleotide protein sequence data: Some pitfalls
p. 0814 | Dutta, Chitra; Das, Jyotirmoy

General Articles
Fifty years of the exact solution of the two-dimentsional Ising model by Onsager
p. 0816 | Battacharjee, Somendra M.; Khare, Avinash

Special Section: AIDS in Asia (Guest Editor: David E. Bloom)
p. 0822 | Bloom, David E.

Biomedical aspects of HIV and AIDS
p. 0823 | Dwyer, John M.

Estimation and projection of HIV infection and AIDS cases
p. 0828 | Chin, James

The problem of HIV and AIDS in India
p. 0833 | Lal, Shiv; Thakur, B. B.

The HIV and AIDS epidemic in the Western Pacific
p. 0835 | Sarda, Rabin M.; Petersen, George

Heterosexual risk behaviour in Asia: The implications for HIV/AIDS
p. 0840 | Brown, Tim; Sittitrai, Werasit

The economics of the AIDS epidemic: Lessons from the United States
p. 0849 | Glied, Sherrry

Making the blood supply safe from HIV: The Sri Lankan experience
p. 0857 | Zoysa, Nandrani S. De

Ethical issues posed by HIV testing and screening
p. 0861 | Bayer, Ronald

The AIDS epidemic and economic policy analysis
p. 0865 | Bloom, David E.; Mahal, Ajay

Contributors to the Special Section
p. 0870

Research Communications
Standard potential of hydrogen electrode
p. 0871 | Parthasarathy, S.; Ramya, K.; Venkatesan, V. K.

Selective denaturation of cytochrome oxidase by ionic surfactants: Depletion of both the heme a residues from the enzyme
p. 0874 | Das, Tapan Kanti; Mazumdar, Shyamalava

Evaluation of haemorheological, biochemical and microcirculatory parameters in young smokers
p. 0877 | Ajmani, Ranjeet S.; Puniyani, R. R.; Khanuja, Varjeet S.

Book Reviews
Law, Ethics and HIV, Proceedings of the UNDP Intercountry Consulation, Robert A. Glick
p. 0881 | Menon, N. R. Madhava

The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein-Volume 5-The Swiss Years: Correspondence, 1902-1914
p. 0882 | Mukunda, N.

Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
p. 0884

Indian Council of Agricultural Research
p. 0886

The application form for the above awards may be obtained from Dr R. C. Maheshwari
p. 0887

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