Current Science
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Volume 70 - Issue 01: 10 Jan, 1996
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0003

Coping with liberalization
p. 0005

Top-scorers need not be the best brains
p. 0007 | John, C. K.

Science in India--Vision and reality
p. 0008 | Sant, B. R.

University science education: Need for a national agenda
p. 0008 | Singh, Rana Pratap

Intellectual property rights and biological resources
p. 0009 | Kothari, Ashish

Intellectual property rights and biological resources(Reply)
p. 0010 | Gadgil, Madhav; Devasia, Preston

Report on 'Global analysis, interpretation and modelling (GAIM) science conference'
p. 0010 | Geevan, C. P.

India's manganese nodule mine site in the Central Indian Ocean
p. 0011 | Banakar, V. K.

Research News
Synthesis of cyclotrigermenes-Carbon not alone in forming a three membered unsaturated ring
p. 0013 | Krishnamurthy, S. S.

Scientific Correspondence
'Albino' mutation in rice bacterial blight pathogen
p. 0015 | Durgapal, J. C.

Strain improvement of hydrocarbonoclastic bacterial isolates from mangals of Andaman
p. 0015 | Shome, B. R.; Shome, Rajeswari; Bandyopadhyay, A. K.

A low-cost culture vessel for in vitro culture of plants
p. 0018 | Sathiyamoorthy, P.; Shanmugasundaram, S.

Comments on 'A critical appraisal of the type locality of a rare palm from Kumaon Himalaya, India
p. 0019 | Kulkarni, A. R.; Pawar, B. S.

Comments on 'A critical appraisal of the type locality of a rare palm from Kumaon Himalaya, India(Reply)
p. 0020 | Rana, T. S.

General Articles
Plutonium and thorium in the Indian nuclear programme
p. 0021 | Chidambaram, R.; Ganguly, C.

Documenting diversity: An experiment
p. 0036 | Gadgil, Madhav

Review Articles
Microsatellites in plants: A new class of molecular markers
p. 0045 | Gupta, P. K.; Balyan, H. S.; Sharma, P. C.; Ramesh, B.

Research Articles
A novel method for mapping assembled epitopes in batches: Identification of three epitopes at the receptor binding region of human chorionic gonadotropin
p. 0055 | Murty, G. S.; Venkatesh, N.

Genome homologies among geminiviruses infecting Vigna, cassava, Acalypha, Croton and Vernonia
p. 0063 | Rani, R. Vanitha; Karthikeyan, A. S.; Anuradha, S.; Veluthambi, K.

Research Communications
Partially oxidized ferrocenyl complexes for nonlinear optics
p. 0069 | Alagesan, K.; Ray, Paresh Chandra; Das, Puspendu Kumar; Samuelson, Ashoka G.

Occurrence of fluoride in the groundwaters and its impact in Peddavankahalla basin, Bellary District, Karnataka--A preliminary study
p. 0071 | Wodeyar, B. K.; Sreenivasan, G.

Australasian microtektites from the Central Indian Basin: Implications for ejecta distribution patterns
p. 0074 | Prasad, M. Shyam; Sudhakar, M.

An efficient method of isolating mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA from higher plants
p. 0078 | Li, Weiqi; Skinner, D. Z.; Liang, George H.

Antitumour activity of ammoranin from Amoora rohituka stem bark
p. 0080 | Rabi, T.

Flowering process in generative buds of woody perennials: An experimental approach
p. 0081 | Angrish, Rajiv; Dhir, K. K.

Induction of hairy roots in tea (Camellia sinensis L. ) using Agrobacterium rhizognes
p. 0084 | Zehra, M.; Banerjee, S.; Mathur, A. K.; Kukreja, A. K.

A study on mechanism of phyllody disease resistance in Sesamum alatum Thonn
p. 0086 | Parnai, M.; Singh, K. N.; Rangasamy, S. R. Sree; Ramalingam, R. S.

Book Reviews
Infinity and Mind
p. 0090 | Mitra, A. N.

Conversations on Mind, Matter and Mathematics
p. 0091 | Mukunda, N.

Annual Review of Physiology 1995
p. 0092 | Sikdar, S. K.

India and Antarctica during the Precambrian
p. 0094 | Ramakrishnan, M.

Personal News
A profile of Chandra
p. 0095 | Srinivasan, G.

S. Chandrasekar: A personal portrait
p. 0102 | Ashtekar, Abhay

Historical Notes
S. Chandrasekhar and Sir. C. V. Raman--Some letters
p. 0104 | Ramaseshan, S.

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