Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 70 - Issue 10: 25 May, 1996
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In this issue
p. 0867

CSIR (EMR) support to research in earth sciences - A report
p. 0869 | Rajagopal, N. R.; Mallick, Sukumar

Scientific Correspondence
How rational is the practice of correlating ancient mudcracks with past emergence?
p. 0871 | Bose, Pradip K.; Mazumder, Rajat

On the transience of the influence of Tehri reservoir load on Garhwal seismicity
p. 0873 | Chander, R.; Kalpna; Gahalaut, V. K.

Karyotype of rice gall midge, Orseolia oryzae Wood-Mason
p. 0874 | Sahu, S. C.; Bose, L. K.; Pani, J.; Rajamani, S.; Mathur, K. C.

Research News
Heterobimetallic complexes: A unique H2-activating catalyst and a model for hydrogenase
p. 0875 | Jagirdar, Balaji R.

Metallization of hydrogen - Everest conquered?
p. 0876 | Ramaseshan, S.

Special Section: X-Ray Crystallography and NMR (Guest Editors: P. T. Manoharan)
p. 0878 | Manoharan, P. T.

100 years of X-rays and 50 years of NMR
p. 0878 | Chidambaram, R.; Hosur, M. V.; Hosur, R. V.

Form and function: X-rays in structural biology
p. 0889 | Vijayan, M.

MR imaging and volume localized spectroscopy: Medical and materials applications
p. 0899 | Chandrakumar, N.

Three-dimensional structure of some synthetic calmodulin fragments using high resolution NMR, CD, IR and molecular modelling
p. 0910 | Gomathi, L.; Fairwell, Thomas; Krishna, Gopal A.; Ferretti, James A.; Subramanian, S.

Research Communications
Forest fire risk modelling using remote sensing and geographic information system
p. 0928 | Jain, Abhineet; Ravan, Shirish A.; Singh, R. K.; Das, K. K.; Roy, P. S.

Biochemical degradation of the cuticular membrane in an early Cretaceous frond: A TEM study
p. 0933 | Maheshwari, H. K.; Bajpai, Usha

First report of fossil dinoflagellates from the west coast of India and some observations
p. 0935 | Ram, Sri; Murthy, T. R. Sreedhara; Reghunath, Rajesh; Raghavan, B. R.

A simple in Vitro method of propagation and rhizome formation in Dendrocalamus strictus nees
p. 0940 | Shrigurkar, Mrudul V.; Thengane, Shubada R.; Poonawala, Insiya S.; Jana, M. M.; Nadgauda, Rajani S.; Mascarenhas, A. F.

Book Reviews
Liquid Crystals: Applications and Uses
p. 0944 | Ruckmongathan, T. N.; Suresh, K. A.; Ranganath, G. S.

Recent finds of ancient gold mining sites in South Uttar Pradesh
p. 0944

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