Current Science
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Volume 71 - Issue 12: 25 Dec, 1996
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0939

Observation on urban rhesus monkeys
p. 0941 | Datta, Jayashree

Technological advances in the biological control of insects
p. 0941 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Research News
Discovery of a new effect: CFM effect
p. 0946 | Ghosh, S. K.

The parting of Indo-Australian plate
p. 0947

Archaeopteryx - No more oldest known bird
p. 0947 | Sankaran, A. V.

Scientific Correspondence
Yellow fever threat?
p. 0948 | Kalra, N. L.; Sharma, V. P.

Occurrence of a 'fossil' crocodilian vertebra from Hassan District, Karnataka State - A preliminary report
p. 0948 | Prasad, K. R.; Upendra, T.

Agnostic trilobites from the Cambrian Sequence of Zanskar and their stratigraphic significance
p. 0951 | Shah, S. K.; Kumar, Ashok; Sudan, C. S.

Gas emanations and subterranean sounds/microearthquakes in Marathwada, Maharashtra, India
p. 0954 | Kaplay, R. D.; Panaskar, D. B.; Rakhe, A. M.

Uranium mineralization in the Palnad sub-basin Cuddapah Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India
p. 0957 | Jeyagopal, A. V.; Kumar, Prakhar; Sinha, R. M.

General Articles
Science education in Indian universities: Proposal for a 5-year integrated M. Sc course in life science
p. 0960 | Modak, Sohan P.

Review Articles
Progress towards malaria vaccine
p. 0967 | Chauhan, V. S.

Research Articles
What's the essence of royalty - one keto group? 
p. 0975 | Gadagkar, Raghavendra

Realtime kinetic analysis of antigen-antibody interaction using solid phase binding: Transformation of hCG-monoclonal antibody complex
p. 0981 | Murthy, G. S.

Research Communications
Liquid drops in rise against gravity through a viscous medium: Drag force by the method of dimensions and comparison with liquid drops in fall under gravity
p. 0989 | Srinivasan, G. J.; Satyanarayana, P.; Thirunavukkarasu, G.

Inter-conversion of chemiosmotic parameters and its inhibition in Thiobacillus ferrooxidans
p. 0996 | Kar, Niladri S.; Datta, Tapas Kr.; Dasgupta, Anjan Kr.

Visualization in biodiversity research: A case study of Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh, north-east India
p. 1001 | Prasad, S. Narendra; Prabakaran, B.; Jeganathan, C.

Transient expression of (3-glucuronidase reporter gene in embryogenic callus cultures of an elite indica basmati rice (Oryza saliva L. )
p. 1005 | Minhas, D.; Bajaj, S.; Grover, A.; Rajam, M. V.

Impact of magnesium-aspartate hydrochloride on gluco-regulatory system of two avian species
p. 1008 | Das, Madhusudan; Sengupta, Santasri; Guha, Bandana

Book Reviews
Stereochemistry and Mechanism through Solved Problems
p. 1010 | Raval, M. K.

State of the Art in Polymer Science and Engineering in India
p. 1010 | Mandal, B. M.

Personal News
A pioneer in X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy and biophysics - An obituary of R. W. G. Wyckoff (1897-1995) by S. Ramaseshan
p. 1012 | Ramaseshan, S.

Department of Science and Technology
p. 1014

Award of Biotechnology Overseas Associateship: 1996-97
p. 1015

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