Current Science
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Volume 72 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 1997
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0227

Monitoring India's lifescape
p. 0229 | Krishnan, Riki

Monitoring India's lifescape(Reply)
p. 0229 | Gadgil, Madhav

Extramural research funding in India - An analysis for 1994-95
p. 0229 | Jain, N. C.

Dengue epidemic
p. 0230 | Mohan, P. Maruthi

Research News
Organometallic chemistry of C60 beyond η2-C=C co-ordination: Buckminister-fullerenes as pentahapto (η5) cyclopentadienyl ligands
p. 0231 | Murugavel, Ramaswamy

K-T meteorite relics found
p. 0232 | Sankaran, A. V.

A planet rotating inside Earth's womb
p. 0233 | Sankaran, A. V.

Scientific Correspondence
Does steam cause a more sever burn than boiling water?
p. 0235 | Kunte, P. D.; Wagle, B. G.

Remote sensing application for dilineating coastal vegetation - A case study
p. 0239 | Kunte, P. D.; Wagle, B. G.

A rapid method of estimating essential oil content in heartwood of Santalum album Linn
p. 0241 | Shankaranarayana, K. H.; Angadi, V. G.; Rajeevalochan, A. N.; Theagarajan, K. S.; Sarma, C. R.; Rangaswamy, C. R.

General Articles
A more refined method to identify core institutes: A case study of biomass research
p. 0243 | Shukla, M. C.; Saksena, S.; Riswadkar, M. R.

Fossil woods and their significance
p. 0248 | Guleria, J. S.; Awasthi, N.

Research Articles
Adult crowding effects on longevity in Drosophila melanogaster: Increase in age-dependent mortality
p. 0255 | Joshi, Amitabh; Mueller, Laurence D.

Research Communications
Neural network modelling of human electroencephalogram patterns
p. 0261 | Mukesh, D.; Nadkar, R. Y.

Response of IgG sub-classes to diethuylcarbamazine therapy in bancroftian filarial patients
p. 0265 | Murthy, P. K.; Mehrotra, Mridul; Tyagi, K.; Chaturvedi, U. C.; Chatterjee, R. K.

Synthetic and antitumour activity of new derivatives of podophyllotoxin
p. 0268 | Jian-lin, Pan; Yan-guang, Wang; Yao-zu, Chen

High frequency somatic embryogenesis and efficient plant regeneration from hypocotyl explants of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L. )
p. 0271 | Venkatachalam, P.; Kishor, P. B. Kavi; Jayabalan, N.

Influence of metalaxyl on Glomus fasciculatum associated with wheat (Triticum aestivum L. )
p. 0275 | Shetty, P. K.; Magu, S. P.

Book Reviews
QED: The Jewel of Physics
p. 0278 | Vijayakumar, A. K.

Banking on Biodiversity: Report on the Regional Consultation on Biodiversity Assessment in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas
p. 0279 | Singh, Shri Niwas

IUCAA revisited
p. 0281 | Ramaseshan, S.

Ministry of Science and Technology - JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships: 1997-98
p. 0283

p. 0284

Publications received
Publications Received
p. 0286

Ph D Programme in Astrophysics 1997-98
p. 0288

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Current Issue
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