Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 72 - Issue 09: 10 May, 1997
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0603

Development of cloning technology for humans
p. 0605 | Bhatia, C. R.

Hello Dolly
p. 0606 | Tauro, P.

Age of principal investigators in EMR schemes of CSIR: How do young scientists fare
p. 0607 | Gupta, Archana; Panchanadikar, Vinita; Bhati, V. S.; Mallick, Sukumar

Research News
A new Sun from SUMER/SOHO
p. 0609 | Dwivedi, B. N.; Wilhelm, K.

Potassium tempers earth's core
p. 0611 | Sankaran, A. V.

Solar, earth and human capitals and sustainable development
p. 0612 | Khoshoo, T. N.

Scientific Correspondence
Declining semen quality in Banglaoreans: A preliminary report
p. 0621 | Mehta, Rajiv H.; Kumar, T. C. Anand

Bambusa vulgaris blooms, a leap towards extinction?
p. 0622 | Koshy, K. C.; Pushpangadan, P.

Restriction fragment length polymorphisms of the rRNA genes in some pulses
p. 0624 | Ignacimuthu, S.; Schumann, K.; Zink, D.; Nagl, W.

Height vs water depth for small sand ripples - An aid to palaeohydraulics
p. 0626 | Das, Siddhartha Sankar; Sengupta, Supriya

Disease-resistant genes: New approaches towards the control of parasitic diseases
p. 0627 | Sen, Sribir

General Articles
Allelochemical synergism and insect behavioural diversity
p. 0628 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Review Articles
Gamma-ray diffraction - A powerful tool in crystal physics
p. 0631 | Sirdeshmukh, D. B.

Research Articles
Evaluation of water quality index of the river Cauvery and its tributaries
p. 0640 | Suvarna, A. Chetana; Somashekar, R. K.

Research Communications
A neuro-expert model for conflict resolution
p. 0647 | Reddy, N. V. Subba; Nagabhushanam, P.

Preparation of GaN and InN for blue light emitting sources
p. 0651 | Pal, D.; Bose, D. N.

Detection of the lcr gene in Yersinia pestis responsible for the recent outbreak of plague in India
p. 0653 | Lahiri, S. S.; Karothia, B. S.

Correlation of alpha-logger radon data with microseismicity in N-W Himalaya
p. 0656 | Virk, H. S.; Sharma, Anand K.; Walia, Vivek

A feasibility study towards absolute dating of Indo-Gangetic alluvium using thermoluminescence and infrared-stimulated luminescence techniques
p. 0663 | Rao, M. Someshwar; Bisaria, B. K.; Singhvi, A. K.

Record of Cretaceous magnetic quiet zone: A precursor to the understanding of evalutioary history of the Bay of Bengal
p. 0669 | Ramana, M. V.; Subrahmanyam, V.; Sarma, K. V. L. N. S.; Desa, Maria; Rao, M. M. Malleswara; Subrahmanyam, C.

Precious metal association in the Jaduguda uranium ore deposit, Singhbhum Shear zone, Bihar, and its significance
p. 0673 | Sankaran, R. N.; Rao, N. Krishna; Rao, K. Anand; Balaram, V.; Dwivedy, K. K.

Book Reviews
India's exclusive economic zone - Resources, Exploitation Management
p. 0676 | Nair, N. Balakrishnan

Annual review of nutrition 1996
p. 0677 | Bamji, Mahtab S.

Annual review of Biochemistry 1996
p. 0678 | Nagaraj, R.

Deterministic chaos: Complex chance out of simple necessity
p. 0679 | Singh, Harjinder

Plant life under extreme environments
p. 0680 | Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Conformation of ATPMg(II) bound at the specific site on bovine serum albumin: 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance study
p. 0680 | Maity, Hari Pada; Jarori, Gotam K.

Manganese mobilization from the western continental margin of India
p. 0680 | Yadav, D. N.

Science policy in neo-liberal India: Corporate culture, basic science and scientific credibility
p. 0680 | Mahajan, Suresh K.

p. 0681

Cross Disciplinary Plasma Science Programme
p. 0682

Planet Protection
p. 0683

Orissa Bigyan Academy - Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award For 1996
p. 0684

Indian Institute of Science
p. 0684

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