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Volume 73 - Issue 03: 10 Aug, 1997
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0215

From opium den to micro-electronics: Return of Hong Kong adds 'superb S&T asset' to China
p. 0217

Biodiversity - Patents are against national interest
p. 0218 | Goswami, H. K.

On Biotechnology
p. 0218 | Narayanan, K. R.

Sandur schist belt as a potential gold field
p. 0219 | Nandan, K. R. Raghu

Sandur schist belt as a potential gold field, (Response)
p. 0219 | Naqvi, S. M.

Research News
A shot in the leg to treat blocked arteries
p. 0221 | Kartha, C. C.

Birth and growth of early continental crust
p. 0222 | Sankaran, A. V.

Cow's face in Krishna's belly, style in the corolla tube and the panglossian paradigm
p. 0225 | Ganeshaiah, K. N.

Correction: VAccines for the 21st century : The big picture, V. Ramalingaswami (curr. sci.,1997,73,18-20)
p. 0227

Scientific Correspondence
Variations in the fluorescence spectra of chlortetracycline in different spectrofluorometers
p. 0228 | Jacob, Jose; Kedlaya, H. Rajendra

Generalized relationship among Indian ornithophilous plants and their flower visitors: what can we look for?
p. 0230 | Subramanya, S.; Radhamani, T. R.

Use of species- specific repetitive DNA probes in understanding the phylogenetic lineages of wild species belonging to Brassica-coenospecies
p. 0232 | Rao, G. U.; Lakshmikumaran, M.; Shivanna, K. R.

Ixiolite and niobian ixiolite : A new occurrence from Metapal pegmatite, Bastar District, Madhya Pradesh, India
p. 0233 | Somani, O. P.; Sinha, R. P.; Singh, K. D. P.; Banerjee, D. C.

Malachite-bearing shear zone mineralization in the supracrustals of Sadure hills, Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra
p. 0235 | Jadhav, P. B.; Kshirsagar, L. K.

General Articles
Existence and reality in mathematics and natural science
p. 0236 | Mukunda, N.

Black hole event horizons and advection-dominated accretion
p. 0242 | Gracia, Michael R.

Review Articles
Some geodynamic complexities related to the evolution of Bengal Fan and the neotectonic activity of the south Indian shield
p. 0247 | Murthy, K. S. R.

Research Account
Study of water using ultrafast laser
p. 0252 | Bhattacharyya, Kankan

Research Articles
Isolation and characterization of an insertion element-like repetitive sequence specific for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
p. 0259 | Narayanan, Sujatha; Sahadevan, R.; Narayanan, P. R.

Cloning and crystallographic analysis of human carbonic anhydrase
p. 0267 | Mohanty, A. K.; Satyamurthi, M. B.; Joshi, V. R.; Mahajan, S. K.; Hosur, M. V.; Kannan, K. K.

Research Communications
14C air over the Arabian Sea
p. 0273 | Bhushan, R.; Krishnaswami, S.; Somayajulu, B. L. K.

Luminescence chronology of seismites at Sumdo ( Spiti valley ) near Kaurik Chango Fault, Northwestern Himalaya
p. 0276 | Banerjee, D.; Singhvi, A. K.; Bagati, T. N.; Mohindra, R.

Tectonic settings of Indo-Gangetic basin revealed from magnetotelluric data
p. 0281 | Singh, Ramesh P.; Singh, Umesh K.

Interaction of Bacillus thuringiensis with Pythium ultimum and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici: Possible role in biological control
p. 0284 | Amer, G. A.; Aggarwal, Rashmi; Singh, D. V.; Srivastava, K. D.

Significance of style in cardamom corolla tubes for honey-bee pollinators
p. 0287 | Belavadi, V. V.; Vivek, H. R.; Venkateshalu

Nicotinamide and alpha-tocopherol combination partially protects t-butyl hydroperoxide-induced neutrotoxicity: Implication for neurodegenerative disease
p. 0290 | Parihar, M. S.; Manjula, Y.; Bano, Saira; Hemnani, Taruna; Javeri, Tarangini; Prakash, Prem

In vitro emryo culture and effect of salinity on the embryonic development of the cultivable freshwater prawn Macrobrachium malcolmsonii (H. Milne Edwards)
p. 0294 | Samuel, M. John; Kannupandi, T.; Soundarapandian, P.

Book Reviews
Stability Theory
p. 0298 | Thathachar, M. A. L.

Noam chomsky: A Life of Dissent
p. 0299 | Narasimhan, R.

Rural and Renewable Energy : Perspectives from Developing Countries
p. 0300 | Mukunda, H. S.

Prince of the oceans
p. 0302 | Mandal, Radha Kanta

Fluid Control Research Institute
p. 0303

Chapman Conference (American Geophysical Union)
p. 0304

Andhra University - Senior Research Fellow in Geology Department(DAE-Funded Project)
p. 0305

International Conference on Arsenic Pollution of Ground
p. 0305

Post-Doctoral Research Programme in Life Science and Biotechnology
p. 0306

p. 0306

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