Current Science
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Volume 73 - Issue 08: 25 Oct, 1997
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0631

Have we killed naturalists and natural history?
p. 0633 | Raman, A.

Palaeobotony on stamps
p. 0633

PSLV-C1/IRS-1D Mission
p. 0634

Research News
Polar wander and the Cambrian biological leap
p. 0636 | Sankaran, A. V.

A statistically valid definition of bias is needed to determine whether the Science Citation index® discriminates against third world journals
p. 0639 | Garfield, Eugene

Scientific Correspondence
Flowering in Bambusa vulgaris var. vittata
p. 0641 | Jhon, C. K.; Nadgauda, Rajani S.

Risk potential of a biocontrol agent unmasked
p. 0643 | Prithiviraj, B.; Singh, U. P.

Chemical ecology of certain tropical fruit pulp
p. 0644 | Mandal, Suparna; Brahmachary, R. L.

Why do plants possess laxatives?
p. 0646 | Shaanker, R. Uma; Ravishankar, K. V.; Ganeshaiah, K. N.

General Articles
Electrically conducting polymers: An emerging technology
p. 0648 | Bakhshi, A. K.; Rattan, Pooja

Does biotechnology need a new database treaty?
p. 0652 | Chandran, Suresh

Research Account
A bifunctional baculovirus homologous region (hr1) sequence: Enhancer and orginal of replication functions reside within the same sequence element
p. 0658 | Habib, Saman; Hasnain, Seyed E.

Research Articles
Annual and seasonal mean buoyancy fluxes for the tropical Indian Ocean
p. 0667 | Prasad, T. G.

Particle bombardment: A simple and efficient method of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) pollen transformation
p. 0674 | Ramaiah, Shashi M.; Skinner, Daniel Z.

Research Communications
Strain determination from three known streches - A trignometric solution
p. 0682 | Tripathi, Amita; Gairola, V. K.

Biochemical studies evaluating the antiulcerogenic potential of UL-409, a herbal drug formulation on experimental peptic ulcer in rats
p. 0684 | Vanisree, A. J.; Shyamaladevi, C. S.

Outbreak of falciparum malaria in submerged villages of Narayanganj PHC, district Mandla due to Narmada Irrigation Project, Central India (Madhya Pradesh)
p. 0686 | Singh, Neeru; Shukla, M. M.; Chand, S. K.; Sharma, V. P.

Evaluation of mycobacillin formulation for the control of rice blast disease
p. 0691 | Bhattacharya, D.; Bose, S. K.

Influence of superoxide dismutase on chromosome aberrations induced by bleomycin alone or in combination of reduced glutathione
p. 0693 | Chatterjee, A.; Choudhuri, S.

Direct development in the rhacophorid frog, Philatus variabilis (Gunther)
p. 0697 | Patil, N. S.; Kanamadi, R. D.

Evidence of ductile shearing from the extensional crenulation cleavage: An example from Zawar area, the Aravalli mountain
p. 0701 | Biswal, T. K.; Nayak, Shubhasree; Harish, T. R.; Unikrishnan, Smita

Book Reviews
Boielectrochemistry: Principles and Practice
p. 0704 | Sitaramam, V.

Annual Review of Physiology 1997
p. 0704 | Rao, Prakasa J.

Historical Notes
Rutherford and Bohr
p. 0707 | Peierls, Sir. Rudolf

Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany
p. 0713

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
p. 0714

University of Pune
p. 0714

Indian Institute of Science - Faculty Positions at the level of Assistant Professor
p. 0715

Indian Institute of Science - Bangalore
p. 0715

p. 0716

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