Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 73 - Issue 09: 10 Nov, 1997
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0719

Need for a 'Science Media Centre'
p. 0721 | Salwi, Dilip M.

Swarnajayanthi fellowships
p. 0722 | Nangia, Ashwini

Medical research in India
p. 0722 | Paul, Vanaja

IRS-1D beam good quality pictures
p. 0724

IRS-1D orbit raising manoeuvre
p. 0727

International Academy of Astronautics Book Award
p. 0727

European Patent Office delivers favourable interim judgement on opposition to Neem Patent
p. 0727

Physics of melts
p. 0728 | Gaur, V. K.

Research News
Supernova 1987A: Ten years after
p. 0729 | Datta, Bhaskar

Traditional Knowledge systems and western science
p. 0731 | Agarwal, D. P.

Scientific Correspondence
Multiple shoot formation and in vitro fruiting from cotyledonary nodes of Vigna mungo (L. ) Hepper
p. 0733 | Ignacimuthu, S.; Franklin, G.; Melchias, G.

Cambrian trilobite biostratigraphy from the Himalaya
p. 0736 | Hughes, Nigel C.

General Articles
Design of an atomic force microscope for topographic studies
p. 0738 | Kaul, A. D.; Singh, Narinder; Sonkusare, Anil; Kumar, Pradeep; Wadhwa, S. S.

Groundwater quality: Focus on fluoride and flurosis in Rajasthan
p. 0743 | Agarwal, Vinod; Vaish, A. K.; Vaish, Prerana

Research Account
Charge transfer complexes revisited
p. 0747 | Hegde, M. S.

Review Articles
Cloning stratergies for polymerase chain reaction products
p. 0755 | Misra, Anjan; Sinha, Subrata

Research Articles
A three-dimensionally modulated structure in chiral smectic-C liquid crystal
p. 0761 | Pramod, P. A.; Pratibha, R.; Madhusudana, N. V.

An Investigation into the recent malaria outbreak in district Gurgaon, Haryana, India
p. 0766 | Raghavendra, K.; Subbarao, Sarala K.; Sharma, V. P.

Research Communications
Assessment of health risk due to exposure of radon and its daughter products in the lower atmosphere
p. 0771 | Ramola, R. C.; Kandari, M. S.; Rawat, R. B. S.

Single strandconformation polymorphism profiles with biotinylated PCR products to detect mutation in rpoB gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
p. 0774 | Selvakumar, N.; Wilson, Stuart M.; McNerney, Ruth; Narayanan, P. R.

Eroding traditional crop diversity imperils the sustainability of agricultural systems in central Himalaya
p. 0777 | Maikhuri, R. K.; Semwal, R. L.; Rao, K. S.; Nautiyal, S.; Saxena, K. G.

Discovery of carbonaceous megafossils (Chuaria-Tawuia assemblage) from the Neoproterozoic Vindhyan succession (Rewa Group), Allahabad-Rewa area, India
p. 0783 | Rai, Vibhuti; Shukla, Manoj; Gautam, Rajita

Fluid of magnesitization: Diagenetic orgin of Bauri magnesite, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya
p. 0789 | Sharma, Rajesh; Joshi, M. N.

A new sapphirine occurrence from Kambam valley, Tamil Nadu and its possible relation to the Pan-African tectothermal event
p. 0792 | Anto, K. Francis; Janardhan, A. S.; Sivasubramanian, P.

On the seismic vulnerability of Jabalpur region: Evidence from deep seismic imaging
p. 0796 | Reddy, P. R.; Sain, Kalachand; Murthy, A. S. N.

Book Reviews
From Physics to Metaphysics
p. 0801 | Ansari, M. H. H.

Gondwana Research
p. 0801 | Radhakrishna, B. P.

Department of Electrical Engineering-Indian Institute of Technology
p. 0803

Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research
p. 0803

Macsyma - Finally Math Software that Understands English!
p. 0804

Extend - The most powerful, versatile yet easy-to-use Simulation Program ever created!
p. 0804

Department of Earthquake Engineering University of Roorkee
p. 0804

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