Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 73 - Issue 10: 25 Nov, 1997
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0807

Protection of intellectual property rights
p. 0809 | Bhatia, C. R.

Agriculture in Loktak Lake, Manipur - What fate Sangia?
p. 0810 | Bhat, Shridhar D.

SIRO number swell: 519 and counting
p. 0811

Research News
The different locked states of an allosteric membrane channel protien unlocked
p. 0811 | Sikdar, S. K.

Scientific Correspondence
Nitrogenase activity in novel vesicles of Frankia
p. 0814 | Ganesh, G.

Sacred grove relics as bird refugia
p. 0815 | Deb, Debal; Deuti, Kaushik; Malhotra, K. C.

General Articles
Symmetry in chemistry and beyond
p. 0818 | Hargittai, Magdolna; Hargittai, Istvan

Conservation of India's endangered mega animals: Tiger and lion
p. 0830 | Khoshoo, T. N.

Review Articles
Evolutionary extremophilic Archaeal domain of life
p. 0842 | Prasad, Rishitosh; Sarkar, Sabyasachi

Research Articles
Source parameters of Jabalpur earthquake of 22 may 1997
p. 0855 | Bhattacharya, S. N.; Ghose, A. K.; Suresh, G.; Baidya, P. R.; Saxena, R. C.

Research Communications
Are chaotic particle trajectories fractals?
p. 0864 | Joseph, Binson

Seed abortion in an animal dispersed species, Syzygium cuminii (L. ) Skeels (Myrtaceae): The chemical basis
p. 0869 | Krishnamurthy, K. S.; Shaanker, R. Uma; Ganeshaiah, K. N.

Application of marker-assisted selection in rice for bacterial blight resistance gene, Xa21
p. 0873 | Reddy, J. N.; Baraoidan, M. R.; Bernardo, M. A.; George, M. L. C.; Sridhar, R.

Cheliped laterality in freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium nobillii (Henderson and Matthai, 1910)
p. 0875 | Mariappan, P.; Rajamanickam, Chellam

Neogene deformation of Siwaliks affected by the Delhi-Hardwar ridge as seen in satellite data, India
p. 0877 | Saraf, Arun K.; Das, J. D.

Thrium-rich monazites from the beach sands of Kalingapatnam-Baruva Coast, Andhra Pradesh, East Coast of India
p. 0880 | Reddy, D. Rajasekhar; Prasad, V. Siva Sankara

Observed and theoretical acceleration response spectra in the Tehri region. Implications for the seismic hazard in the region
p. 0882 | Khattri, K. N.

Book Reviews
Conservation and Management of Biological Resources in Himalaya
p. 0883 | Singh, Shri Niwas

Historical Notes
Planck's radiation thermodynamics and its consequence: Laue's thermodynamics of interference
p. 0885 | Nigam, Amar Nath

Personal News
Surjit Singh - An obituary
p. 0892 | Subramanian, S.; Pradeep, T.; Manoharan, P. T.

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Current Issue
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