Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 74 - Issue 03: 10 Feb, 1998
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0183

DTP and poliomyelitis in developing countries
p. 0185 | John, T. Jacob

Bacteria around hydrothermal vents
p. 0187 | Maheshwari, D. K.

Monsoon: Past, present and future
p. 0187 | Srinivasan, J.

National Centre for Ultrafast Processes
p. 0189 | Natarajan, P.

Research News
Indo-Australian plate: Fresh reconstruction
p. 0190 | Sankaran, A. V.

Science in India: 1947-1997
p. 0191 | Khare, Avinash

Scientific Correspondence
In vitro flowering and seed setting formation of coriander (coriandrum sativum L. )
p. 0195 | Stephen, R.; Jayabalan, N.

General Articles
Changing scenario of food colours in India
p. 0198 | Bhat, Ramesh V.; Mathur, Pulkit

Malthus and Mendel: Population, science and sustainable food security
p. 0203 | Swaminathan, M. S.

Review Articles
Bacterial leaf blight of rice: New insights from molecular genetics
p. 0206 | Soni, Ramesh V.

Research Articles
Geodetic constraints on the translation and deformation of India: Implications for future great Himalayan earthquakes
p. 0213 | Bilham, Roger; Blume, Frederick; Bendick, Rebecca; Gaur, Vinod K.

Reassessment of earthquake hazard based on a fault-bend fold model of the Himalayan plate-boundary fault
p. 0230 | Yeats, Robert S.; Thakur, V. C.

Research Communications
Current dependence of ideality factor of silicon diodes
p. 0234 | Nanda, K. K.

CD4 positive T-cells produce cytotoxic factor in cases of dengue haemorrhagic fever
p. 0237 | Agarwal, Renu; Chaturvedi, U. C.; Misra, A.; Kapoor, S.; Nagar, R.; Tandon, R.

Rooting of microshoots of Mangifera indica L. cv. Amrapali
p. 0240 | Ara, Hussain; Jaiswal, V. S.; Jaiswal, Uma

Establishment of callus cultures of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis from juvenile explants and detection of secondary metabolites in the callus
p. 0243 | Iyer, R. Indira; Mathuram, V.; Gopinath, P. M.

Photoperiodic regulation of reproduction in migratory bunting, Emberiza melanocephala: An evidence for external coincidence model
p. 0246 | Mishra, Manoj Kumar; Tewary, P. D.

Incidence of parental care in the cockroach Thorax porcellana (Saravas) (Blaberidae: Blattaria)
p. 0248 | Bhoopathy, S.

Field geology, petrography, and orthopyroxene clusters of the Dhule-Parola dike, Tapi valley, central Deccan basalt province
p. 0252 | Keshav, S.; Sheth, H. C.; Chandrasekharam, D.

Mud eruption in Elagiri region, Tamil Nadu, South Indian peninsular shield
p. 0254 | Ramasamy, S. M.; Kumanan, C. J.; Sivakumar, R.; Mani, R.; Joyce, E. B.; Bishop, Ian

Book Reviews
Photosynthesis and the environment
p. 0258 | Mohanty, Prasanna

Why Toast Land Jelly-Side Down
p. 0258 | Kumar, N.

Personal News
An Outstanding nutrition scientist, An obituary of B. V. Ramasastri, Kalluri Subba Rao, M. K. Janardanasarma and V. Sitaramam
p. 0260 | Rao, Kalluri Subba; Janaradanasarma, M. K.; Sitaramam, V.

Call for applications for beamtime allocation on Italian Synchrotron Radiation Source
p. 0261

Researchers in Science and Technology
p. 0262

Nuclear Science Centre
p. 0263

Bharathidasan University-National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria
p. 0264

p. 0265

7th Contact Programme in Molecular Biology (1998) for M.Sc. Students
p. 0266

Post-Doctoral Research Programme-In Life Sciences and Biotechnology
p. 0266

National Centre for Biological Sciences - T.I.F.R. Centre
p. 0267

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