Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 74 - Issue 09: 10 May, 1998
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0719

Cost-effective databases for research
p. 0721 | Pichappan, P.

Pyrethroid-impregnated curtains for Japanese encephalitis control
p. 0722 | Rao, D. Raghunatha; Gajanana, A.

Robot pollinators
p. 0722 | Jaisankar, D.

DRDO signs MOU with Bharathiyar University
p. 0723

Research News
Optical sensors in environmental monitoring
p. 0723 | Choudhury, P. K.

Density disparity - A core issue about earth's core
p. 0726 | Sankaran, A. V.

Patents on life forms: the case for
p. 0727 | Gowrishankar, J.

Scientific Correspondence
Polyamine biosynthetic pathway: A potential target for plant chemotherapy
p. 0729 | Rajam, Manchikatla V.

Pancharatnam phase as a purely geometric phase
p. 0731 | Hariharan, P.; Suresh, K. A.; Mujumdar, Sushil

General Articles
Technology development; Innovate, patent or perish
p. 0733 | Sikka, Pawan

Twenty five years of observational astronomy at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics
p. 0735 | Mallik, D. C. V.

Research Account
The Pancharatnam phase: New applications in stellar interferometry
p. 0746 | Hariharan, P.; Tango, W. J.

Review Articles
Leviathan, natural selection, and ethics
p. 0750 | Borges, Renee M.

Research Articles
Chaotic dynamics of some quantum anharmonic oscillators
p. 0758 | Chattaraj, P. K.; Sengupta, S.; Poddar, A.

Thermal diffusivity measurements in sea water using transient thermal lens calorimetry
p. 0764 | Bandu, C. V.; Harilal, S. S.; Nampoori, V. P. N.; Vallabhan, C. P. G.

Research Communications
Immunization against Leishmania donovani: Efficiency of Mycobacterium habana in combination with killed promastigotes in hamsters
p. 0770 | Sarma, P.; Anuradha; Srivastava, J. K.; Gupta, H. P.; Katiyar, J. C.

Anomalous fluroide in ground water from western part of Sirohi district, Rajastan and its cripping effects on human health
p. 0773 | Maithani, P. B.; Gujar, Ravindra; Banerjee, Rahul; Balaji, B. K.; Ramachandran, S.; Singh, Rajendra

A lithospheric mantle source for the proterozoic kimberlites and lamproites from the eastern Dharwar craton, India: Evidence from rare earth element inversion modelling
p. 0777 | Rao, N. V. Chalapathi

Estimation of tectonic stress in NW Himalaya region using IRS-1B data
p. 0781 | Sahoo, Pradeep K.; Kumar, Sandeep; Singh, Ramesh P.

Phreatomagmatic eruptive centre from the Decan Trap Province, Jabalpur, central India
p. 0787 | Srinivasan, R.; Jaffri, S. H.; Reddy, G. K.; Rao, G. V. S. Poornachandra

Growth kinetics of Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus faecalis under the influence of liquid nitrogen and subsequent storage of treated cooked prawn meat
p. 0791 | Chanda, T.; Bhattacharya, D.

Nerves innervate the ectopic limbs
p. 0793 | Das, Pragnya; Mohanty-Hejmadi, P.

Book Reviews
Pharmaceutical Education
p. 0796 | Pargal, Anisha

The Refrigerator and the Universe: Understanding the Laws of Energy
p. 0797 | Sitaraman, V.

Ancient Yoga and modern Science
p. 0798 | Sachdev, P. L.

Orissa Bigyan Academy - Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award for 1997
p. 0799

Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute
p. 0800

Indian Institute of Chemical Biology
p. 0801

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology
p. 0803

Indian Science Congress Association - Announcement for Awards: 1998-99
p. 0806

Department of Science and Technology (International Division)
p. 0807

Water Technology Centre - Indian Agricultural Research Institute
p. 0808

Department of Science and Technology - STA Fellowship Programme
p. 0809

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