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Volume 74 - Issue 12: 25 Jun, 1998
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In this issue
p. 1031

Physiology and overcrowding
p. 1033 | Sahal, Dinkar

Physiology and overcrowding(Reply)
p. 1033 | Michael, R. Dinakaran; Ravikumar, M.

Synchrotron radiation in science and technology
p. 1034 | Rao, K. V. Ramana

Compressed sulpher founded to be a superconductor
p. 1036

Nature's ecofriendly arsenal of pesticides
p. 1037 | Ignacimuthu, S.

Scientific Correspondence
Couple stress boundary layer flow past a stretching sheet revisited
p. 1038 | Maitra, S. N.

Fungitoxicity of some insecticides
p. 1039 | Bhonde, S. B.; Deshpande, S. G.; Sharma, R. N.

On incorrect use of student's t test in biomedical research
p. 1040 | Arekar, A. S.

Newly discovered copper mineralization in granodiorites in Meghalaya
p. 1044 | Mamallan, R.; Jain, R. C.; Awati, A. B.; Kak, S. N.; Swarnakar, B. M.

Usability of parllel processing computers in numerical weather prediction
p. 1045 | Sinha, U. N.; Nanjundiah, Ravi S.

Review Articles
Radiation damping: Suryan's line broadening revisited in high resolution solution NMR
p. 1049 | Krishnan, V. V.

Research Articles
High rate biomethannation using spent biomass as bacterial support
p. 1054 | Chanakya, H. N.; Srivastav, Gyanendra P.; Abraham, Amita A.

Special Section: Coronary Artery Disease in Indians - An Emerging Epidemic (Guest Editors: R. S. Vasan and C. C. Kartha)
Epidemiology of coronary artery disease in South Asians
p. 1060 | Dhawan, J.; Petkar, S.

Observations on serial changes in coronary artery disease in Indians
p. 1064 | Krishnaswami, S.

Urban-rural differences in prevalance of coronary heart disease and its risk factors
p. 1069 | Chadha, S. L.

Lessons for prevention from a coronary heart disease epidemiological study in western India
p. 1074 | Gupta, Rajeev; Gupta, V. P.

Factor V Leiden gene mutation in young Indian patients with myocardial infarction
p. 1078 | Mohanthy, Dipika; Shetty, Shrimati; Anil, C. R.; Pathare, Anil; Ghosh, Kanjaksha; Yeolekar, M. E.

High rates of CAD in Asian Indians in the United States despite intense modification of lifestyle: What next?
p. 1081 | Enas, Enas A.

The metabolic basic of increased coronary risk attributed to people from the Indian subcontinent
p. 1087 | Bhatnagar, Deepak

Epilogue: Coronary artery disease in Indians - Methodological issues and challenges
p. 1095 | Vasan, R. S.; Kartha, C. C.

Research Communications
Cloning of mineral phospate solubilizing genes from Synechocystis PCC 6803
p. 1097 | Gyaneshwar, P.; Kumar, G. Naresh; Parekh, L. J.

Shoot bud regeneration from leaf explant of a medicinal plant: Enicostemma axillare
p. 1099 | Sudhersan, C.

Electron-probe micro analysis study of the Pipliya meteorite
p. 1100 | Ranawat, P. S.; Rouer, O.; Shekhawat, M. S.

A piscean egg clutch from the Late Triassic of south Rewa Gondwana basin, M. P., India
p. 1103 | Das, D. P.; Datta, P. M.

Errata: Bioleashing of copper from ferromanganese sea nodule of Indian Ocean [Seema Khan, Rani Gupta and Rajendra Kumar Saxena, Curr. Sci., 1997, 73, 602 - 605]
p. 1106

An improved method for the isolation of supercoiled plasmid DNA [G. Jegadeesh Babu and C. Rajamanickam, Curr. Sci., 1998, 74, 572 -573]
p. 1106

Book Reviews
The End of a Trail - The Cheetah in India
p. 1107 | Raman, T. R. Shankar

Venom Phospholipase A2 Enzymes: Structure, Function and Mechanism
p. 1108 | Gupta, M. N.

Galileo, Newton, Halley, and Einstein in 90 minutes
p. 1110 | Ranganath, G. S.

Historical Notes
Seventy years ago - The discovery of the Raman effect as seen from German physicists
p. 1112 | Singh, Rajinder; RiessĀ , Falk

Personal News
Derek H. R. Barton - Fifty years in pursuit of inventions
p. 1116 | Banerji, A.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - (CEERI)
p. 1118

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - (CGCRI)
p. 1119

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
p. 1120

Institute for Ocean Management
p. 1120

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR) - (CFRI)
p. 1121

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