Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 76 - Issue 01: 10 Jan, 1999
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0004

Blue sky research
p. 0005 | Balaram, P.

Higher education in science: A matter of training technicians?
p. 0007 | Manjrekar, J.

Where are our C. V. Ramans?
p. 0008 | Joshi, A. W.

A shower of meteors
p. 0009 | Kulkarni, Mukund A.

Animal research in India
p. 0009 | Devi, P. Uma; Jauhari, Pratima

Global warming and its consequences
p. 0010

Research News
Towards predictive models in chemistry
p. 0011 | Chandrasekhar, J.

Ammonia synthesized at atmospheric pressure
p. 0014 | Sampath, S.; Gandhi, K. S.

Geological findings on some postulated synchronous impact-craters on earth
p. 0015 | Sankaran, A. V.

Why, in the present day world, the difficult is easy and the easy almost impossible ?
p. 0018 | Pal, Yash

Biodiversity, Conservation and evolution of plants
p. 0021 | Pant, D. D.

Women scientists: A contradiction in terms ?
p. 0024 | Rao, Sumathi

Scientific Correspondence
Antioxidant property of Hypericum perforatum (L. ) of Indian origin and its comparison with established Medhya rasayanas of ayurvedic medicine
p. 0027 | Tripathi, Yamini B.; Pandey, Ekta; Dubey, G. P.

Nitrate content in wheat leaf blades
p. 0029 | Ramraj, V. M.; Guru, S. K.; Abrol, Y. P.

An interesting observation on the epidermal digestive glands of Nepenthes khasiana Hk. f.
p. 0030 | Venugopal, N.

Rare-male mating advantage in Drosophila
p. 0032 | Singh, B. N.

Confinement of electrons in a Penning trap
p. 0034 | Rao, Pushpa M.; D souza, R.; Joshi, Gopal; Ahmad, S. A.

General Articles
People's participation in Himalayan biodiversity conservation: A practical approach
p. 0036 | Dhar, Uppeandra; Rawal, Ranbeer S.; Samant, Sher S.; Airi, Subodh; Upreti, Jyoti

Dietary consumerism and nutrition security: The Indian perspective
p. 0041 | Bamji, Mahtab S.

Review Articles
Melatonin, oxidative stress and ageing
p. 0046 | Srinivasan, Venkatramanujan

Research Articles
Role of reactive oxygen species in mercaptomethylimidazole-induced gastric acid secretion and stress-induced gastric ulceration
p. 0055 | Bandyopadhyay, Uday; Das, Depak; Bandyopadhyay, Debashis; Bhattacharjee, Mrinalini; Banerjee, Ranajit K.

Shift from a Th 1-type response to Th2-type in dengue haemorrhagic fever
p. 0063 | Chaturvedi, U. C.; Raghupathy, R.; Pacsa, A. S.; Elbishbishi, E. A.; Agarwal, R.; Nagar, R.; Misra, A.; Kapoor, S.; Mukerjee, R.; Mathur, A.; Khan, M. A. Y.; Azizieh, F.

Research Communications
Study of the negative magnetization effect in NBu4[FeuFeIII(ox)3]
p. 0070 | Bhattacharjee, A.; Feyerherm, R.

Quantification of pollutant migration in the groundwater regime through mathematical modelling
p. 0073 | Thangarajan, M.

Analysis of stress proteins at four different developmental stages in field-grown rice, Oryza sativa L. (cv. Pusa 169), plants
p. 0081 | Pareek, Ashwani; Singla, Sneh Lata; Grover, Anil

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors from ripened and unripened bananas
p. 0086 | Rao, N. Malikarjuna; Prasad, K. V. S. R. G.; Pai, K. S. R.

Comparative effects of five new synthetic juvenile hormone analogues against the red cotton bug Dysdercus koenigii F
p. 0089 | Tikku, K.; Taneja, S. C.; Koul, S.; Dhar, K. L.; Saxena, B. P.

Mating and nesting behaviour, and early development in the tree frog Polypedates maculatus
p. 0091 | Girish, S.; Saidapur, S. K.

Book Reviews
Trigonometric Delights
p. 0093 | Shirali, Shailesh A.

Human Cognition: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
p. 0094 | Narasimhan, R.

Molecular Biology of steriod and Nuclear Hormone Receptors
p. 0095 | Muralidhar, K.

From workplace to workspace -- Using Email lista to work together
p. 0097 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Survival Strategies - Cooperation and conflict in animal Societies
p. 0097 | Sinha, Somdatta

Historical Notes
'Soviet rockets must conquer space' - Contributions of S. P. Korolev to the soviet space research
p. 0099 | Prasad, M. Y. S.; Murthy, K. R. Sridhara

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 0103

National Centre for Biological Sciences - Post-Doctoral Position
p. 0103

A Fortune 500 us Multinational needs Scientists/Software Professionals to Support Discovery Research Programs
p. 0104

G. B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development
p. 0106

Fifth SERC School on Advanced Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
p. 0107

Department of Chemical Technology University of Mumbai
p. 0108

Banaras Hindhu University
p. 0108

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - (NISCOM)
p. 0109

National Seminar on Occupational Safety and Health and Technical Training Workshop on Industrial Hygiene Measurements
p. 0110

Junior Research Fellowship
p. 0110

Shri C. B. Patel Research Centre for chemistry and Biological Sciences
p. 0111

Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 0112

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