Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 76 - Issue 10: 25 May, 1999
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1286

Peer review
p. 1288 | Balaram, P.

Nuclear tests
p. 1290 | Balasubramanian, R.; Karandikar, Rajeeva L.; Raghunathan, M. S.

Current Science - The vital link
p. 1291 | Dev, Vas

Strategy for promoting science
p. 1291 | Periasamy, M.

An easy entry to Ramanujan's magnificent mathematical palace
p. 1292 | Ranganathan, N. R.

IIT Delhi hosts Henry Ford Chair
p. 1293

Seminar on 'science and the media'
p. 1293 | Manjula, K.

Biogeochemistry of the Arabian Sea: Modelling and synthesis
p. 1294 | Swathi, P. S.

Research News
Search for an individual in the midst of a crowd: Tracking a single molecule
p. 1295 | Chatterji, Dipankar

Survey of India maps: (Ir)rationale about restricted maps
p. 1296 | Mathur, S. M.

Futile exercise in thought control
p. 1297 | Valluri, S. R.

Scientific Correspondence
Novel, cost-effective method of archiving manuscripts, Sangeetha Menon and George
p. 1299 | Williams, M.

Why does river Brahmaputra remain untamed?
p. 1301 | Valdiya, K. S.

Avifauna of Mouling National Park, Arunachal Pradesh, India
p. 1305 | Sen, A. K.; Mukhopadhyay, S. K.

Molecular markers for genetic fidelity during micropropagation and germplasm conservation?
p. 1308 | Gupta, P. K.; Varshney, Rajeev K.

Special Section: Optics of Heterogenous Media
Photonic gap materials
p. 1311 | Pendry, J. B.

Nonlinear optics of periodic and quasiperiodic structures
p. 1317 | Gupta, S. Dutta

Pearls and shells
p. 1324 | Giridhar, M. S.; Srivatsa, S. K.

Diffraction in heterogeneous liquid crystals
p. 1325 | Suresh, K. A.; Ranganath, G. S.; Giridhar, M. S.

Life before mean free path
p. 1330 | Kumar, N.

Imaging through turbid media
p. 1334 | Ramachandran, Hema

Tissue optics
p. 1341 | Gupta, P. K.

p. 1348 | Giridhar, M. S.; Srivatsa, S. K.

Photonic crystals
p. 1349 | Ranganath, G. S.

General Articles
Turmeric - Nature's precious gift
p. 1351 | Khanna, N. M.

Review Articles
Improvement in nitrogen use efficiency: Physiological and molecular approaches
p. 1357 | Abrol, Yash P.; Chatterjee, Sukumar R.; Kumar, P. Ananda; Jain, Vanita

Research Articles
Expression of anthocyanin pigmentation in wheat tissues transformed with anthocyanin regulatory genes
p. 1365 | Chawla, H. S.; Cass, Leslie A.; Simmonds, J. A.

Research Communications
Quantum signature of the classical chaos in the field-induced barrier crossing in a quartic potential
p. 1371 | Chattaraj, P. K.; Sengupta, S.; Poddar, A.

Multicomponent coordinated defence response of rice to Rhizoctonia solani causing sheath blight
p. 1376 | Bera, S.; Purkayastha, R. P.

Characterization of tobacco mosaic virus isolated from tomato in India
p. 1384 | Cherian, Shoba; Joseph, Jomon; Muniyappa, V.; Savithri, H. S.

Serotyping of foot-and-mouth disease virus from aerosols in the infected area
p. 1388 | Suryanarayana, V. V. S.; Bist, Pradeep; Reddy, G. R.; Misra, L. D.

Identification of alpha-terthienyl radical in vitro: A new aspect in alpha-terthienyl phototoxicity
p. 1391 | Nivsarkar, Manish

Erratum: Crystal structure of the peanut lectin-T-antigen complex. Carbohydrate specificity generated by water bridges
p. 1393 | Ravishankar, R.; Ravindran, M.; Suguna, K.; Surolia, A.; Vijayan, M.

Book Reviews
The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein - Volume 8 - The Berlin Years: Correspondence, 1914-1918
p. 1394 | Mukunda, N.

Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology 1998
p. 1395 | Sopory, S. K.

Annual Review of Immunology 1998
p. 1397 | Nandi, Dipankar

Fifth World Conference on Injury Prevention and Control
p. 1399

B. D. Bangur Award
p. 1399

Indian Science Congress Association - Young Scientists Award Programme
p. 1400

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research(ICAR)
p. 1401

Transformation Biologists for Monsanto Research Centre
p. 1404

Current Science - Submission in Electronic Form
p. 1404

Indian Science Congress Association-Announcement for Awards: 1999-2000
p. 1405

North-Eastern Hill University
p. 1405

Bibliometric Analysis Services
p. 1406

Indian Science Abstracts (ISA)
p. 1406

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