Current Science
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Volume 76 - Issue 9: 10 May, 1999
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1170

p. 1171 | Balaram, P.

India in 2020
p. 1173 | Mehrotra, R. C.

Withering of science in engineering education
p. 1173 | Kaniappan, K.

The engima of insect conservation
p. 1174 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Creative science
p. 1175 | Bose, D. N.

Waterman Award for Chaitan Khosla
p. 1175

American Physical Society celebrates a centennial
p. 1176

Research News
Evidence of electrochemiluminescence as a pumping mechanism for a dye laser
p. 1176 | Mujumdar, Sushil

DNA structure: Yet another avatar
p. 1178 | Bansal, Manju

Lest we forget
p. 1181 | Valluri, S. R.

Scientific Correspondence
A protein folding and RNA transport based model for eukaryotic gene regulation
p. 1184 | Sharma, Abhay

Dose-response relationship in the microbial suppression of Sclerotium rolfsii by Trichoderma pseudokoningii, strain MTCC 3011
p. 1186 | Mukherjee, Prasun K.; Sherkhane, Pramod D.; Murthy, Narra B. K.

Atypical chronic form of Aeromonas hydrophila infection in Indian major carp, Catla catla, from Andaman
p. 1188 | Shome, Rajeswari; Shome, B. R.

General Articles
Mapping life sciences research in India: A profile based on BIOSIS 1992-1994
p. 1191 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Ecological niches and amplitudes of rare, threatened and endemic trees of Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary
p. 1204 | Varghese, A. O.; Menon, A. R. R.

Perspectives on energy R&D and next generation technologies
p. 1209 | Ramachandran, Arcot; Gururaj, J.

Review Articles
Role of abscisic acid in plant stress tolerance
p. 1220 | Swamy, P. M.; Smith, Bruce N.

Research Articles
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from male flower buds in banana
p. 1228 | Ganapathi, T. R.; Suprasanna, P.; Bapat, V. A.; Kulkarni, V. M.; Rao, P. S.

Research Communications
Cytochrome P-450 in drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis
p. 1231 | Ramachandran, Geetha; Gurumurthy, Prema; Narayanan, P. R.; Mahadevan, Usha

Binding and conformation of denatured horseradish peroxidase during E. coli ribosome mediated folding
p. 1235 | Chakrabarti, Abhijit; Bera, Aloke K.; Das, Biswadip; Chattopadhyay, Subrata; Sarkar, Dibyendu; Dasgupta, Chanchal

Development of isonuclear male sterile lines with four different cytoplasmic backgrounds in rice
p. 1239 | Pradhan, S. B.; Jachuck, P. J.

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from immature anthers of Hevea brasiliensis (Muell. Arg. )
p. 1242 | Jayasree, P. Kumari; Asokan, M. P.; Shobha, S.; Ammal, L. Sankari; Rekha, K.; Kala, R. G.; Jayasree, R.; Thulaseedharan, A.

In vitro regeneration of a medicinal plant Houttuynia cordata Thunb. from nodal explants
p. 1245 | Handique, P. J.; Bora, Pranjal

Carbonaceous megaremains from the neoproterozoic Owk Shales Formation of the Kurnool Group, Andhra Pradesh, India
p. 1247 | Sharma, Mukund; Shukla, Manoj

Neotectonism - An offshore evidence from eastern continental shelf off Visakhapatnam
p. 1251 | Subrahmanyam, A. S.; Venkateswarlu, K.; Murthy, K. S. R.; Rao, M. M. Malleswara; Rao, K. Mohana; Raju, Y. S. N.

In situ maturation of sediments within the weathering profiles: An evidence from REE behaviour during weathering of Delhi quartzites
p. 1255 | Tripathi, Jayant K.; Rajamani, V.

Petrogenesis of the protolith for the Tirodi gneiss by A-type granite magmatism: The geochemical evidence
p. 1258 | Rao, M. V. Subba; Narayana, B. L.; Rao, V. Divakara; Reddy, G. L. N.

Book Reviews
Nonsense in Indian Science
p. 1265 | Joshi, Yateendra

Sandal and its Products
p. 1266 | Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Geology of Andhra Pradesh
p. 1267 | Rao, T. Ramamohana

Erratum: Mechanism of ATP synthesis by proton motive force
p. 1269 | Rohatgi, H.; Saha, A.; Nath, S.

Correction: The debate on the dawn of multicellular life on earth
p. 1269 | Sankaran, A. V.

Personal News
Kaushal Kishor - An obituary
p. 1270 | Ramakrishnan, S.

p. 1271

Junior Research Fellowship in basic Sciences
p. 1272

DBT-Short Term Training Course on Bioprocess Engineering with Genetically Modified Organisms
p. 1273

Transformation Biologists for Monsanto Research Centre
p. 1273

National Physical Laboratory
p. 1274

Government of Kerala Science, Technology and Environment (A) Department
p. 1275

Department of Atomic Energy Offer an Excellent Career Opportunity
p. 1276

Government of Kerala Science, Technology and Environment Department
p. 1278

Indian National Science Academy - Invitation for Nominations
p. 1279

National Bioscience Award: 1998-99
p. 1279

CD-ROM Databases from INSDOC for R and D Institutions
p. 1280

Department of Biotechnology Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 1281

Current Science - Submission in Electronic Form
p. 1282

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