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Volume 77 - Issue 02: 25 Jul, 1999
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0204

Supporting retired scientists
p. 0205 | Balaram, P.

Basic sciences and engineering
p. 0207 | Bhattacharya, S.

Current Science: A vital link in more than one sense
p. 0207 | Bhattacharjee, S. K.

Science communication in the Indian context
p. 0208 | Singh, Rana Pratap

Restrictions on participation in meetings
p. 0208

Profound scientific base nucleates, nurtures and develops - an in-depth technological pursuit
p. 0209 | Singh, R. N.

To tie or not to tie: A knotty problem in snakebite management
p. 0210 | Saraswati, Sudipta

Last total solar eclipse of the century
p. 0212 | Ahmad, Salahuddin

DST-sponsored SERC summer school NMCMP-V
p. 0212 | Pandey, Vachaspati; Singh, Rajesh K.; Prakashv, Divya

Research News
Getting at the core of the colinearity of Hox genes
p. 0213 | Mishra, Rakesh K.

Scientific Correspondence
Large-scale chromosome organization in plants underpin genome homogenization, characteristic distribution of repetitive DNAs and occurrence of genes in discrete clusters
p. 0216 | Lavania, U. C.

Increased bilirubin binding to erythrocytes of tobacco chewers than non-chewers
p. 0218 | Moin, Shagufta; Ali, Mohammad Kutub; Siddiqui, Mashiat Ullah; Tayyab, Saad

The new sponge resources of Orissa coast
p. 0220 | Bapuji, M.; Sree, A.; Mishra, S.; Vimala, A.; Sahu, S. K.; Chowdhury, S.; Thomas, P. A.

General Articles
Economics of knowledge
p. 0223 | Mashelkar, R. A.

Review Articles
Molecular markers in plant genome analysis
p. 0230 | Joshi, Swati P.; Ranjekar, Prabhakar K.; Gupta, Vidya S.

Research Account
Structural variability and functional convergence in lactoferrins
p. 0241 | Karthikeyan, S.; Sharma, Sujata; Sharma, Ashwani K.; Paramasivan, M.; Yadav, Savita; Srinivasan, A.; Singh, Tej P.

Research Articles
Towards a direct dating of fault gouges using luminescence dating techniques - Methodological aspects
p. 0256 | Banerjee, D.; Singhvi, A. K.; Pande, Kanchan; Gogte, V. D.; Chandra, B. P.

Research Communications
Induction of direct somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from mature cotyledon explants of Arachis hypogaea
p. 0269 | Venkatachalam, L. P.; Geetha, N.; Khandelwal, Abha; Shaila, M. S.; Sita, G. Lakshmi

Identification and characterization of a type II restriction endonuclease, StrI from Stryptomyces thermodiastaticus
p. 0273 | Chandrashekaran, Siddamadappa; Shankar, Aparna Bhavani; Babu, Padmanabhan; Paul, Bindu Diana; Nagaraj, Valakunja

Metal toxicity and trace element deficiency in some wild animal species from north-east India, as revealed by cellular, bio-inorganic and behavioural studies
p. 0276 | Dey, Sudip; Stafford, R.; Roy, M. K. Deb; Bhattacharjee, C. R.; Khathing, D. T.; Bhattacharjee, P. C.; Dakhar, P. S.

Optimum sampling effort for study of tropical ground beetles (Carabidae: Coleoptera) using pitfall traps
p. 0281 | Vennila, S.; Rajagopal, D.

Differential responses to complete and corresponding skeleton photoperiods in male blackheaded bunting
p. 0283 | Kumar, Vinod; Rani, Sangeeta

Protection of superoxide dismutase by caffeine in rat liver mitochondria against gamma-irradiation
p. 0286 | Kamat, J. P.; Boloor, K. K.; Devasagayam, T. P. A.; Kesavan, P. C.

Cell population growth during the formation of the chick eye lens
p. 0289 | Sonawane, Mahendra S.; Therwath, A.; Choudhary, Kapil; Modak, Sohan P.

Solar activity and large geomagnetic disturbances
p. 0293 | Dubey, S. C.; Mishra, A. P.

Some new observations on the Amritpur Granite Series, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, India
p. 0296 | Pandey, Prabha; Rawat, R. S.

Book Reviews
Linear Algebra
p. 0300 | Kini, U. D.

Interpreting Bodies: Classical and Quantum Objects in Modern Physics
p. 0301 | Sinha, Supurna

Ecology Today
p. 0302 | Khoshoo, T. N.

Historical Notes
What ails Indian Science
p. 0305 | Haldane, J. B. S.

Personal News
Vijay K. Kapahi - An obituary
p. 0308 | Swarup, Govind

Department of Biotechnology(DBT)-Award of Biotechnology Overseas Associateship: 1999
p. 0309

National Metallurgical Laboratory
p. 0312

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR) - Regional Research Laboratory(RRL)
p. 0315

INSA Medal for young Scientists for year 2000
p. 0316

Jiwaji University
p. 0316

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