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Volume 77 - Issue 04: 25 Aug, 1999
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0479

Purposeless research
p. 0481 | Balaram, P.

Working scientists - Who cares
p. 0483 | Barthwal, Brijesh

Decline of science education
p. 0483 | Gandhi, Prakash N.

Sanctions, Irving
p. 0485 | Lerch, A.

Beri Principle
p. 0485 | Siddhartha, V.

The ultimate goal of science
p. 0485 | Desiraju, Gautam R.

Deep petroleum and the non-organic theory
p. 0486 | Abbas, Samar

Hybridization in Heteropneustids
p. 0487 | Mandal, R. K.

Meeting Report
A sturdy lead acid car battery using acid gel
p. 0487 | Ramaseshan, S.

Ecology in India
p. 0488 | Raghubanshi, A. S; Singh, J. S.

Research News
DNA vaccines for prophylaxis and therapy
p. 0492 | Padmanaban, G.

Scientific Correspondence
Total dissolvable copper and mercury concentrations in innershelf waters, off Kalpakkam, Bay of Bengal
p. 0494 | Selvaraj, K.

Stem disc culture - Development of a rapid mass propagation method for Dendrobium moschatum (Buch. -Ham. ) Swartz - An endangered orchid
p. 0497 | Kanjilal, B.; Sarker, D. De; Mitra, Jyotirmoy; Datta, K. B

Bioinsecticide from swallowroot (Decalepis hamiltonii) Wight & Arn protects food grains against insect infestation
p. 0501 | George, Jacob; Ravishankar, G. A.; Pereira, John; Divakar, S.

Arsenic groundwater contamination and sufferings of people in Rajnandgaon district, Madhya Pradesh, India
p. 0502 | Biswas, B. K.; Chowdhury, T. Roy; Basu, G. K.; Mandal, B. K.; Chowdhury, U. K.; Mukherjee, S. C.; Gupta, J. P.; Chowdhury, S. R.; Rathore, K. C.

Discrimination of cloud and snow covered regions using IRS-P3 MOS data
p. 0505 | Singh, Ramesh P.; Roy, Sudipa; Dash, Prasanjit

Proposing T-independent B-cell activation by prion rods: Could disease result from 'chaperoning' of nascent prions by PrPsc-cognate immunoglobulins?
p. 0508 | Guptasarma, Purnananda

Technical Note
Design of a thermocycler based on light and air having optimal heat capacity
p. 0515 | Upadhyay, Pramod

General Articles
Aqueous two-phase systems: An attractive technology for downstream processing of biomolecules
p. 0520 | Gupta, R.; Bradoo, S.; Saxena, R. K.

Review Articles
Transgenic plants for the production of edible vaccines and antibodies for immunotherapy
p. 0524 | Sharma, Arun K.; Mohanty, Amitabh; Singh, Yogendra; Tyagi, Akhilesh K.

Special Section: Non-coding RNA (Guest Editor: S. C. Lakhotia)
XISTential wanderings: The role of XIST RNA in X-chromosome inactivation
p. 0530 | Spusta, Steven C.; Goldman, Michael A.

Genes without protein products: Is H19 the norm or the exception
p. 0539 | Kanduri, Chandrasekhar; Pfeifer, Susan; Li, Yiming; Ohlsson, Rolf

His-1: A noncoding RNA implicated in mouse leukemogenesis Fan Xu
p. 0545 | Mcfarland, Molly; Askew, David S.

Y chromosomal fertility genes in Drosophila
p. 0550 | Hennig, Wolfgang

The non-coding transcripts of hsr-omega gene in Drosophila: Do they regulate trafficking and availability of nuclear RNA-processing factors?
p. 0553 | Lakhotia, S. C.; Ray, Pritha; Rajendra, T. K; Prasanth, K. V.

Nontranslated polyadenylated ribonucleic acids from the protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica
p. 0564 | Bhattacharya, Alok; Bhattacharya, Sudha; Ackers, John P.

Are synthesis and folding of proteins overlapping functions of the ribosomal RNA?
p. 0568 | Gupta, Chanchal Das

Research Articles
A versatile cryocooled 15 T superconducting magnet with a room-temperature bore and an optical window
p. 0574 | Svenconis, George; Ying, Leong; Raju, A. R; Rao, C. N. R.

Patterns of butterfly, bird and tree diversity in the Western Ghats
p. 0577 | Kunte, Krushnamegh; Joglekar, Ajit; Utkarsh, Ghate; Padmanabhan, Pramod

Research Communications
Assessment of human sarcoma tissues by proton NMR spectroscopy: Correlation with histopathology
p. 0587 | Jayashree, B.; Deshmukh, S.; Rajkumar, T.

Receptor-Ck controls cholesterogenesis and DNA replication in HEP G2 cells
p. 0592 | Kaul, D.; Kaur, M.

Chhota Shigri Glacier: Its kinematic effects over the valley environment, in the northwest Himalaya
p. 0594 | Kumar, Surendar

Book Reviews
Annual Review of Phytopathology 1998
p. 0599 | Shetty, H. Shekar

Gene Therapy - Principles and Applications
p. 0600 | Padmanaban, G.

Errata: Probing fundamental problems with lasers and cold atoms: An Indo-French workshop [Curr. Sci., 1999, 76, 1523-1526] New elements discovered and the island of stability [Curr. Sci., 1999, 77, 328-330] Quantum signature of the classical chaos in the
p. 0601

Personal News
Gerhard Herzberg - An obituary
p. 0602 | Narasimham, N. A.

M. J. Thirumalachar(1914-1999) - An obituary
p. 0603 | Srinivasan, M. C.

Tea Research Association
p. 0605

Regional Cancer Centre
p. 0605

Agharkar Research Institute
p. 0606

Swarnajayanti Fellowships
p. 0607

Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture
p. 0609

Science, Technology and Society
p. 0611

Department of Chemistry-Indian Institute of Technology
p. 0612

p. 0612

Certified Reference Materials(Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravyas)
p. 0613

Technology Summit and Technology Platform
p. 0614

Current Science-Submission in Electronic Form
p. 0615

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Current Issue
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