Current Science
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Volume 77 - Issue 05: 10 Sep, 1999
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0619

A century of science
p. 0621 | Balaram, P.

Pokhran II is subject to discussion
p. 0623 | Sunder, R.

What bugs the credibility of our awards?
p. 0624 | Bhattacharjee, S. K.

Indian science needs young blood
p. 0625 | Saxena, Neeraj

Phase transition in a scientist's life
p. 0625 | Nityananda, Rajaram

A few words of appreciation for editorials
p. 0626 | Shashidhar, V. R.

Why should the pollinators be conserved?
p. 0626 | Sihag, R. C.; Singh, Manju

Healing plants - Do they heal?
p. 0627 | Padayatty, Sebastian J.

p. 0628 | Sridhar, G. R.

p. 0628 | Gupta, B. B. P.

The Royal Institution celebrates bicentennial
p. 0629 | Satyanarayana, K.

NIH plans global electronic biomedical database
p. 0630 | Satyanarayana, K.

Research News
Cryptochromes: The novel circadian photoreceptors
p. 0632 | Chaurasia, S. S.; Gupta, P. D.

Scientific misconduct: Disciplinary action
p. 0633 | Valluri, S. R.

Scientific Correspondence
Identity of subsequences of some pregnancy-associated proteins with SERPIN signature sites of some serine protease inhibitors and a carcinoma antigen
p. 0634 | Saxena, Hari Mohan

A rapid and efficient method for isolation of RNA from bark tissues of Hevea brasiliensis
p. 0635 | Venkatachalam, P.; Thanseem, I.; Thulaseedharan, A.

Molt-related limb loss in Macrobrachium nobilii
p. 0637 | Mariappan, P.; Balasundaram, Chellam

Record of skeletal remains of dinosaur from early Middle Jurassic of Kuar Bet, Kutch, Gujarat
p. 0639 | Satyanarayana, K.; Dasgupta, D. K.; Dave, Alok; Das, K. K.

Record of a nesting burrow from the Badhaura Formation (Permian), Rajasthan
p. 0641 | Kulkarni, Kantimati G.; Borkar, V. D.

General Articles
Some new initiatives in optical astronomy at UPSO, Nainital
p. 0643 | Sagar, Ram

Towards a hunger-free century
p. 0652 | Diouf, Jacques

Review Articles
Reactive oxygen species: Oxidative damage and pathogenesis
p. 0658 | Bandyopadhyay, Uday; Das, Dipak; Banerjee, Ranajit K.

Research Articles
A re-calculation of criticality property of 231Pa using new nuclear data
p. 0667 | Ganesan, S.; Kannan, Umasankari; Krishnani, P. D.; Jagannathan, V.; Jain, R. P.; Karthikeyan, R.

Molecular basis of antifungal toxin production by fluorescent Pseudomonas sp. strain EM 85 - A biological control agent
p. 0671 | Anith, K. N.; Tilak, K. V. B. R.; Khanuja, S. P. S.

Research Communications
Novel properties exhibited by films of gold nanoparticle-polythiophene blends
p. 0678 | Sarathy, K. Vijaya; Narayan, K. S.

Some aspects of presence of lead in the Delhi iron pillar
p. 0681 | Balasubramaniam, R.

Arsenicosis and deteriorating groundwater quality: Unfolding crisis in central-east Indian region
p. 0686 | Pandey, Piyush Kant; Khare, Ram Narayan; Sharma, Ramesh; Sar, Santosh Kumar; Pandey, Madhurima; Binayake, Pramod

Male-sex-associated RAPD markers in Piper longum
p. 0693 | Banerjee, L. N. S.; Manoj, P.; Das, M. R.

Microbial manipulation of rumen fermentation using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as probiotics
p. 0696 | Saha, S. K.; Padhi, M. K.; Senani, S.; Shome, B. R.; Shome, Rajeswari; Ahlawat, S. P. S.

Biological, antigenic and genomic relationships among the virus isolates causing mosaic disease of sugarcane in South India
p. 0698 | Hema, M.; Venkatramana, M.; Savithri, H. S.; Sreenivasulu, P.

Antifungal studies of some essential oils at various pH levels for betterment of antifungal drug response
p. 0703 | Shahi, Sushil K.; Shukla, Amritesh C.; Dikshit, Anupam

Two-dimensional NMR spectroscopic study of fibroblast and fibrosarcoma cell lines
p. 0706 | Jayashree, B.; Rajalakshmi, K. R. R.; Deshmukh, S.; Rajkumar, T.

Book Reviews
Pastoral Politics: Shepherds, Bureaucrats and Conservation in the Western Himalaya
p. 0710 | Gokhale, Yogesh

Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology: Emerging Trends
p. 0711 | Ignacimuthu, S.

Annual Review of Neuroscience 1998
p. 0712 | Krishnan, K. S.

Personal News
G. S. Venkataraman - A tribute in memorium
p. 0714 | Lakshmanan, M.

Historical Notes
Re-discovering Nain Singh
p. 0716 | Nagendra, Harini

p. 0717

Journal of Plant Biology
p. 0718

Institute of Microbial Technology
p. 0719

Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy
p. 0722

Institute for Research in Reproduction-Recruitment of SRF
p. 0722

University of Hyderabad
p. 0723

Indian Institute of Astrophysics-Admission to the Ph.D. Programme
p. 0723

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
p. 0724

Contact Course Cum Field Workshop on Physical Stratigraphy and Palaeobiology for the Young Earth Scientists from Institutions in Northeast India
p. 0724

Contact Course on Basin Modelling
p. 0724

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