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Volume 79 - Issue 09: 10 Nov, 2000
In this Issue
In this Issue
p. 1138

Creationism, Astrology and Science
p. 1139 | Balaram, P.

Science, technology, and society - A broad perspective
p. 1141 | Murukesapillai, K.

'Dinosaur Syndrome' of science education and its impact on budding scientists
p. 1142 | Rastogi, Neelkamal

Eclipsing of academics
p. 1143 | Singh, R. N.

Need for easy access to published information
p. 1143 | Jemmis, E. D.

Nutri cereal
p. 1144 | Sashidhar, V. R.

Seismicity of the West Bengal basin - Need for a study
p. 1144 | Reddy, P. R.

Signal transduction in the nervous system: The 2000 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine
p. 1145 | Gupta, P. K.

Indo-US High Level Roundtable on Science and Technology: The second phase
p. 1152 | Sen, Nirupa

Research News
The future of flat panel displays
p. 1153 | Sen, Nirupa

Meeting Report
A focus on honey bees in the tropics
p. 1155 | Singh, Dwijendra

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1157

Scientific Correspondence
Enhanced phosphatase activity in earthworm casts is more of microbial origin
p. 1158 | Vinotha, S. P.; Parthasarathi, K.; Ranganathan, L. S.

Presence of a possible retinoblastoma protein binding motif in the AC2 protein of subgroups II and III geminiviruses
p. 1159 | Sujatha, S.; Usha, R.

Is there really a 'quantum-no-deleting principle'?
p. 1161 | Bhagwat, K. V.; Khandekar, D. C.; Menon, S. V. G.; Puri, R. R.; Sahni, D. C.

General Articles
Nitrates, agriculture and environment
p. 1163 | Rao, E. V. S. Prakasa; Puttanna, K.

Review Articles
The programme of cell death in plants and animals - A comparison
p. 1169 | Krishnamurthy, K. V.; Krishnaraj, R.; Chozhavendan, R.; Christopher, F. Samuel

Research Articles
Fundamental genomic unity of ethnic India is revealed by analysis of mitochondrial DNA
p. 1182 | Roychoudhury, Susanta; Roy, Sangita; Dey, Badal; Chakraborty, Madan; Roy, Monami; Roy, Bidyut; Ramesh, A.; Prabhakaran, N.; Rani, M. V. Usha; Vishwanathan, H.; Mitra, Mitashree; Sil, Samir K.; Majumder, Partha P.

Multiple criteria decision making: Assigning teachers - an example
p. 1192 | Siyambalapitiya, S. B.

Special Section: Seismology - 2000 (Guest Editors: Kusala Rajendran and C. P. Rajendran)
Seismology 2000
p. 1198 | Rajendran, Kusala; Rajendran, C. P.

Current and future trends in seismological investigations of the continental lithosphere
p. 1201 | Owens, Thomas J.

Impact of seismic tomography on earth sciences
p. 1208 | Zhao, Dapeng; Kayal, J. R.

Earthquake stress triggers, stress shadows, and seismic hazard
p. 1215 | Harris, Ruth A.

The Parkfield, California earthquake experiment: An update in 2000
p. 1226 | Roeloffs, Evelyn

Reappraisal of north-Indian earthquakes at the turn of the 20th century
p. 1237 | Ambraseys, Nicholas

Using geological data for earthquake studies: A perspective from peninsular India
p. 1251 | Rajendran, C. P.

Geodetic contributions to the study of seismotectonics in India
p. 1259 | Bilham, Roger; Gaur, Vinod K.

Recent developments toward earthquake risk reduction in India
p. 1270 | Arya, Anand S.

New ground motion data and concepts in seismic hazard analysis
p. 1278 | Anderson, John G.; Brune, James N.; Anooshehpoor, Rasool; Ni, Shean-der

Future trends in earthquake-resistant design of structures
p. 1291 | Rai, Durgesh C.

A method for path calibration using regional and teleseismic broadband seismograms: Application to the 21 May 1997 Jabalpur, India earthquake (MW 5. 8)
p. 1301 | Saikia, Chandan K.

Site response estimation using strong motion network: A step towards micro­zonation of the Sikkim Himalayas
p. 1316 | Nath, Sankar Kumar; Sengupta, Probal; Sengupta, Saradindu; Chakrabarti, Amitabha

Seismogenic properties of the crust inferred from recent studies of reservoir-induced seismicity -Application to Koyna
p. 1327 | Talwani, Pradeep

Recent Indian earthquakes
p. 1334 | Mandal, Prantik; Rastogi, B. K.; Gupta, Harsh K.

Recent advances in seismic instrumentation and data interpretation in India
p. 1347 | Bhattacharya, S. N.; Dattatrayam, R. S.

The recent Indian nuclear tests - A seismic overview
p. 1359 | Sikka, S. K.; Nair, G. J.; Roy, Falguni; Kakodkar, Anil; Chidambaram, R.

Research Communications
Seed-mediated growth method to prepare cubic copper nanoparticles
p. 1367 | Jana, Nikhil R.; Wang, Zhong L.; Sau, Tapan K.; Pal, Tarasankar

Fluoride: Diffusive mobility in soil and some remedial measures to control its plant uptake
p. 1370 | Rai, Kavita; Agarwal, Meetu; Dass, Sahab; Shrivastava, Rohit

Increasing the efficacy of difluoro­methyl­ornithine to inhibit the growth of three phytopathogenic fungi by membrane modifying agents
p. 1373 | Kumria, Ratna; Virdi, J. S.; Rajam, M. V.

Reproductive behaviour and genetic variability in geographically isolated populations of Rhodo­dendron arboreum (Ericaceae)
p. 1377 | Jain, Ajay; Pandit, M. K.; Elahi, S.; Jain, Arvind K.; Bhaskar, A.; Kumar, Virendra

Biodegradation of cyclodiene insecticide endosulfan by Mucor thermo-hyalo­spora MTCC 1384
p. 1381 | Shetty, P. K.; Mitra, Jharna; Murthy, N. B. K.; Namitha, K. K.; Savitha, K. N.; Raghu, K.

Plasmid-borne determinants of colony morphology, pigmentation, antibiotic resistance and antibiosis in Pseudomonas species antagonistic to bacterial blight of cotton
p. 1384 | Saha, Sujoy; Singh, R. P.; Verma, J. P.; Jayaraman, J.

Distribution and abundance of the caecilian Gegeneophis ramaswamii (Amphibia: Gymnophiona) in southern Kerala
p. 1386 | Oommen, Oommen V.; Measey, G. John; Gower, David J.; Wilkinson, Mark

Book Reviews
Thinking about Physics
p. 1390 | Srinivasan, T. P.

Electron Microscopy in Medicine and Biology
p. 1391 | Wadhwa, Shashi

Author Index
Should We Risk It? Exploring Environmental, Health, and Technological Problem Solving
p. 1391 | Petkar, D. V.

Book Reviews
Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry
p. 1392 | Arunan, E.

The Earth in Turmoil: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and their Impact on Human­kind
p. 1393 | Rajendran, Kusala

Science of Field Crop Production
p. 1394 | Chopra, R. K.

Personal News
Zita Lobo - An obituary
p. 1395 | Rodrigues, Veronica; Vijayraghavan, K.

The Current Science Advertisement information page
p. 1397

Indian Veterinary Research Institute
p. 1398

NCBS Symposium on Cell and Developmental Biology
p. 1399

International Conference on Tropical Ecosystems: Structure, Diversity and Human Welfare
p. 1400

Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology (ICMR)
p. 1401

Southern Regional Station-National Dairy Research Institute
p. 1401

National Research Centre on Yak-Indian Council of Agricultural Research
p. 1402

DST Winter School on Organometallic Chemistry
p. 1402

Senior Software Developers
p. 1403

P.G. Department of Physics Ravenshaw (Autonomous) College
p. 1403

Corrigendum-National Research Centre on Equines (ICAR)
p. 1403

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