Current Science
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Volume 80 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 2001
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0479

Publishing the genome
p. 0481 | Balaram, P.

Improving our scientific attitudes and capabilities through good teachers and leaders
p. 0483 | Gautam, P. K.

Vultures: The growing concern
p. 0484 | Singh, Bhanu Pratap

Future challenges in food grains production in India
p. 0484 | Abrol, I. P.

Earthquake observation
p. 0485 | Tiwari, S. C.

Public policy for natural hazard management
p. 0486 | Valdiya, K. S.

Goa University - Setting a model for the rest of India
p. 0487 | Sen, Nirupa

Research News
Discovery of life in greater than 2. 6 billion-year-old terrestrial samples
p. 0489 | Sankaran, A. V.

From the archives
p. 0492

Meeting Report
Advances in information access and science communication
p. 0493 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Himalayan Biodiversity 2000: Options for development
p. 0494 | Dhar, Uppeandra; Rawal, R. S.; Samant, S. S.; Shankar, Uma; Badola, H. K.

Scientific Correspondence
High regenerative nature of Paspalum scrobiculatum L., an important millet crop
p. 0496 | Arockiasamy, S.; Prakash, S.; Ignacimuthu, S.

Species richness of fish in relation to environmental factors
p. 0499 | Johal, M. S.; Tandon, K. K.; Rawal, Yogesh K.; Tyor, Anil K.; Banyal, H. S.; Rumana, H. S.

Occurrence of the entomopathogenic nematode in parts of South Andamans
p. 0501 | Prasad, G. Shyam; Ranganath, H. R.; Singh, P. K.

General Articles
Electromyography and its application in orthodontics
p. 0503 | Iyer, Meenakshi; Valiathan, Ashima

Neural stem cell research: A revolution in the making
p. 0507 | Tandon, P. N.

Review Articles
Low dose radiobiology: Mechanistic considerations
p. 0515 | Jayashree, B.; Devasagayam, T. P. A.; Kesavan, P. C.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms: A new paradigm for molecular marker technology and DNA polymorphism detection with emphasis on their use in plants
p. 0524 | Gupta, P. K.; Roy, J. K.; Prasad, M.

Research Articles
Significance of Ehrenfest theorem in quantum-classical relationship
p. 0536 | Sen, D.; Das, S. K.; Basu, A. N.; Sengupta, S.

Gravity image generation over the Indian subcontinent using NGRI/EGM96 and ERS-1 altimeter data
p. 0542 | Majumdar, T. J.; Mohanty, K. K.; Mishra, D. C.; Arora, K.

Research Communications
Cloud liquid water content responses to hygroscopic seeding of warm clouds
p. 0555 | Manohar, G. K.; Kandalgaonkar, S. S.; Tinmaker, M. I. R.

Comparative antirelapse efficacy of CDRI compound 80/53 (Bulaquine) vs primaquine in double blind clinical trial
p. 0561 | Valecha, Neena; Adak, T.; Bagga, A. K.; Asthana, O. P.; Srivastava, J. S.; Joshi, Hema; Sharma, V. P.

Higher yields and profits from new crop rotations permitting integration of mediculture with agriculture in the Indo-Gangetic plains
p. 0563 | Kumar, Sushil; Srivastava, R. K.; Singh, A. K.; Kalra, A.; Tomor, V. K. S.; Bansal, R. P.

Histochemical localization of storage components in caryopsis of rice (Oryza sativa L. )
p. 0567 | Krishnan, S.; Ebenezer, G. A. I.; Dayanandan, P.

A simple and rapid molecular method for distinguishing between races of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris from India
p. 0571 | Chakrabarti, Apratim; Mukherjee, Prasun K.; Sherkhane, Pramod D.; Bhagwat, Anjali S.; Murthy, Narra B. K.

Has the frequency of intense tropical cyclones increased in the north Indian Ocean?
p. 0575 | Singh, O. P.; Khan, Tariq Masood Ali; Rahman, Md. Sazedur

Book Reviews
The Vedic People: Their History and Geography
p. 0581 | Rajendran, C. P.; Hari, K. Chandra

Water in Kumaon: Ecology, Value and Rights
p. 0584 | Moddie, A. D.

Academy News
Indian Academy of Sciences elects new Fellows - 2000
p. 0585

Publications received
Publication received
p. 0586

National Dairy Development Board-National Analytical Laboratory
p. 0589

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
p. 0590

The Current Science Advertisement Information Page
p. 0591

The Stairway to Success in Biotechnology is here
p. 0592

Coordinator Health and Environment
p. 0594

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Current Issue
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