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Volume 80 - Issue 05: 10 Mar, 2001
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0599

A developing crisis in higher education
p. 0601 | Balaram, P.

Data mining and knowledge discovery: Emerging fashions in science
p. 0603 | Shaanker, R. Uma

Towards a biodiversity information network for India
p. 0604 | Balaji, V.

Significance of impact factor with regard to mathematics journals
p. 0605 | Raghunathan, M. S.; Srinivas, V.

Tragedy of geology
p. 0606 | Barthwal, Brijesh

Abiotic stress and crop genetic engineering
p. 0606 | Angrish, Rajiv; Datta, K. S.

Meeting Report
The Indian Science Congress
p. 0607 | Sen, Nirupa

The Academy meets in Goa
p. 0609 | Sen, Nirupa

Spatial technologies for natural hazards and management
p. 0611 | Singh, Ramesh P.

News from SAC-C
p. 0612 | Sen, Nirupa

A fresh coat for the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
p. 0613 | Sen, Nirupa

India-Japan science council holds sixth meeting
p. 0613

Research News
Wolbachia: Potential targets for control of filariases
p. 0614 | Mohanty, B. P.

From the archives
p. 0616

Scientific Correspondence
PCR amplification and sequencing of mitochondrial 12S rRNA gene fragment from Muntiacus muntjak (Indian muntjac)
p. 0617 | Shukla, Manu Shubdarshan; Pidiyar, Vyankatesh J.; Bhave, Nivedita A.; Patole, Milind S.; Shouche, Yogesh S.

Status of chloroquine efficacy against Plasmodium falciparum in pregnant women in a tribal area of central India
p. 0618 | Singh, Neeru; Saxena, Ajay; Sharma, V. P.

Understanding the gastric mill structure of a macrophagous shrimp Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius)
p. 0620 | Jha, Aniruddha; Homechaudhuri, Sumit

Parasite-induced vibriosis in Chirocentrus dorab off Parangipettai coastal waters
p. 0622 | Ravichandran, S.; Singh, A. J. A. Ranjit; Veerappan, N.

General Articles
Chemistry museum at Göttingen University - A solution to the problem?
p. 0624 | Rao, M. N. Sudheendra; Roesky, Herbert W.

Theoretical feasibility for catalytic property of certain ores
p. 0628 | Maity, Sudip

Future of systematics and biodiversity research in India: Need for a National Consortium and National Agenda for systematic biology research
p. 0631 | Pushpangadan, P.; Nair, K. Narayanan

Review Articles
Regulation of T-dependent humoral responses: The alternate paradigm
p. 0639 | Rao, Kanury V. S.

Trends in basic immunology research - 2001 and beyond
p. 0647 | Nandi, Dipankar; Sarin, Apurva

Research Articles
Complete reversal of dendritic atrophy in CA3 neurons of the hippocampus by rehabilitation in restraint stressed rats
p. 0653 | Rao, B. S. Shankaranarayana; Madhavi, R.; ., Sunanda; Raju, T. R.

Godavari source in the Bengal fan sediments: Results from magnetic susceptibility dispersal pattern
p. 0660 | Sangode, S. J.; Suresh, N.; Bagati, T. N.

Research Communications
Optical pathology of oral tissue: A Raman spectroscopy diagnostic method
p. 0665 | Venkatakrishna, K.; Kurien, Jacob; Pai, Keerthilatha M.; Valiathan, Manna; Kumar, Nirmala Nagesh; Krishna, C. Murali; Ullas, G.; Kartha, V. B.

Studies on survival of Rhizobium in the carriers at different temperatures using green fluorescent protein marker
p. 0669 | Saha, A. K.; Deshpande, M. V.; Kapadnis, B. P.

Plant regeneration from immature cotyledon-derived callus of Vigna unguiculata (L. ) Walp (cowpea)
p. 0671 | Anand, R. Prem; Ganapathi, A.; Vengadesan, G.; Selvaraj, N.; Anbazhagan, V. R.; Kulothungan, S.

Effect of weeds Lantana camara and Chromelina odorata growth on the species diversity, regeneration and stem density of tree and shrub layer in BRT sanctuary
p. 0675 | Murali, K. S.; Setty, R. Siddappa

Facilitative effect of Coriaria nepalensis on species diversity and growth of herbs on severely eroded hill slopes
p. 0678 | Joshi, Beena; Singh, S. P.; Rawat, Y. S.; Goel, Deepti

Clomiphene citrate and its isomers can induce ovulation in laboratory mice
p. 0682 | Pakrasi, Pranab Lal; Kumar, A.

Divergent structure and composition of the two colliding protocontinents as evidenced from seismic studies
p. 0685 | Reddy, P. R.; Satyavani, N.

Book Reviews
The Wandering Astronomer, Patrick Moore
p. 0688 | Shylaja, B. S.

The State of Food and Agriculture 2000 - FAO Agriculture Series No. 32
p. 0689 | Swaminathan, M. S.

Dorothy Hodgkin - A Life
p. 0690 | Seshadri, Ram

Department of Science & Technology -- BOYSCAST Fellowship 2001--2002
p. 0693

Regional Research Laboratory, Jorhat, Assam
p. 0697

University of Delhi
p. 0699

FAST-TRACK -- Careers in Genomics
p. 0701

Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics - Ph. D. Programme
p. 0702

Principles and Methods in Regulatory Toxicology -- A Workshop
p. 0703

Indian Institute of Science -- Centre for Sponsored Schemes and Projects
p. 0704

A Chennai-based New Bioinformatics Venture
p. 0705

Dept of Biotechnology -- Call for Research Proposals on Genomics
p. 0706

National Centre for Antarctic & Ocean Research
p. 0707

National Diary Research Institute, Bangalore
p. 0708

Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions -- Protein Folding Diseases
p. 0708

Osmania University
p. 0709

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