Current Science
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Volume 80 - Issue 09: 10 May, 2001
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1083

The astrology fallout
p. 1085 | Balaram, P.

UGC decides to set up departments of Vedic astrology in universities
p. 1087 | Pal, Yash

Astrology and science
p. 1088 | Sitaram, Alladi; Murthy, M. R. N.; Chandrasekaran, M. K.; Rao, J. R. Lakshmana

Has BSE-contaminated cattle feed entered India?
p. 1090 | John, T. Jacob

National Disaster Mitigation and Reduction Institute - An immediate necessity
p. 1090 | Reddy, P. R.

Seismic wave amplification - One more example as evidenced at Ahmedabad (Cambay Basin) on 26 January 2001
p. 1091 | Bhatt, N. Y.

G. N. Ramachandran - Reminiscences
p. 1092 | Suryan, G.; Ramaseshan, S.

As in Sb clusters
p. 1093 | Bose, D. N.

As in Sb clusters(Response)
p. 1093 | Sahu, S. N.

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1094

More plans afoot for earthquake management and research
p. 1095 | Sen, Nirupa

Research News
Phase transitions in liquids
p. 1098 | Rao, K. R.

Dilemma of development and environment: A perspective
p. 1101

Scientific Correspondence
Tropical cyclones in a warmer world
p. 1103 | Lal, M.

Microbial fouling of an anion exchange resin
p. 1104 | Anupkumar, B.; Rao, T. S.; Satpathy, K. K.

Mapping of Hippophae rhamnoides Linn. in the adjoining areas of Kaza in Lahul and Spiti using remote sensing and GIS
p. 1107 | Roy, P. S.; Porwal, M. C.; Sharma, Lalit

Inheritance of protein markers detecting polymorphism among rice genotypes with contrasting host response to green leafhopper
p. 1111 | Padmavathi, G.; Siddiq, E. A.; Kole, C.

Phosphate rock with farmyard manure as P fertilizer in neutral and weakly alkaline soils
p. 1113 | Sekhar, D. M. R.; Aery, N. C.

General Articles
Analysis of age distribution of Bhatnagar prize winners
p. 1116 | Rajagopal, N. R.

Review Articles
Expression systems for production of heterologous proteins
p. 1121 | Rai, Meena; Padh, Harish

Research Articles
Predictive habitat modelling for forest malaria vector species An. dirus in India - A GIS-based approach
p. 1129 | Srivastava, Aruna; Nagpal, B. N.; Saxena, Rekha; Subbarao, S. K.

Special Section: Statistics (Guest Editors: S. R. Mohan and T. Parthasarathy)
Model selection - An overview
p. 1135 | Ghosh, J. K.; Samanta, Tapas

Mapping a human quantitative trait
p. 1145 | Ghosh, Saurabh; Majumder, Partha P.

Statistical analysis of large DNA sequences using distribution of DNA words
p. 1161 | Chaudhuri, Probal; Das, Sandip

Toxicology: Statistical perspectives
p. 1167 | Sen, Pranab Kumar

Option pricing: An overview
p. 1176 | Karandikar, Rajeeva L.

Statistical methods applied to analysis of electric power production costs
p. 1183 | Mazumdar, Mainak

Survival, hazard and competing risks
p. 1191 | Deshpande, Jayant V.; Purohit, Sudha G.

Research Communications
In situ micro-Raman investigation of dehydration mechanism in natural gypsum
p. 1203 | Prasad, P. S. R.; Pradhan, A.; Gowd, T. N.

Application of IRS-P4 OCM data to study the impact of cyclone on coastal environment of Orissa
p. 1208 | Nayak, S. R.; Sarangi, R. K.; Rajawat, A. S.

Genetic analysis of somaclonal variation among callus-derived plants of tomato
p. 1213 | Soniya, E. V.; Banerjee, N. S.; Das, M. R.

Biosorptive removal of contaminating heavy metals from plant extracts of medicinal value
p. 1216 | Pethkar, A. V.; Gaikaiwari, R. P.; Paknikar, K. M.

First record of the Ranid frog Paa annandalii (Boulenger 1920) from north-eastern region (Arunachal Pradesh) of India with a note on its larval stages
p. 1219 | Bordoloi, Sabitry; Borah, Mohini Mohan; Chakravorty, Paramita; Sinha, Bikramjit

A deep-sea bacterium with unique nitrifying property
p. 1222 | Ram, A. S. Pradeep; Bharathi, P. A. Loka; Nair, Shanta; Chandramohan, D.

Book Reviews
Earth's Proximal Space: Plasma Electro­dynamics and the Solar System
p. 1225 | Lakhina, Gurbax Singh

Gleanings of the Past and the Science Movement
p. 1226 | Bhattacharyya, Kankan

Marine Resource Management: Con­flict and Regulation in the Fisheries of the Coromandel Coast
p. 1226 | Balaji, Jayashree

Personal News
M. A. Viswamitra: Crystallographer and structural biologist - An obituary
p. 1228 | Vijayan, M.

Ranbaxy Science Foundation, Gurgaon, Haryana
p. 1230

Refresher Course In Experimental Physics
p. 1231

Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation (HERF)
p. 1232

Beamtime Allocation on Italian Synchrotron (DST)
p. 1233

Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Palampur
p. 1234

Indian Council Of Agricultural Research, Bangalore
p. 1234

Indian National Science Academy-Indira Gandhi Prize for Popularization of Science
p. 1235

p. 1235

CSIR, New Delhi
p. 1236

National Centre for Biological Sciences Physical Research Laboratory, Ahemadabad
p. 1236

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