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Volume 81 - Issue 07: 10 Oct, 2001
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0732

Macaulay's children
p. 0733 | Balaram, P.

Politeness or fear of dissenting?
p. 0735 | Reddy, Amulya K. N.

Bhrigu-Samhita: An ancient manuscript with medical matters of interest
p. 0735 | Vaidya, Ashok D. B.

Losing innocence to big science
p. 0736 | Khan, M. Y.

Social geology
p. 0736 | Biyani, A. K.

A synthesis of sedimentary geochemical processes in and around Carlsberg Ridge
p. 0737 | Banerjee, Ranadip

Curtain raiser to the forthcoming Third World Academy of Sciences' 8th General Conference in New Delhi
p. 0738 | Sen, Nirupa

A public-private partnership agreement signed in the area of bioinformatics, and announcement of the complete genomic sequencing of Indian isolate of hepatitis-C
p. 0739 | Sen, Nirupa

Fund for improvement on S&T infrastructure in universities and higher educational institutions (FIST)
p. 0740

Inter­action meetings: Value addition in DST's R&D projects on animal sciences
p. 0741 | Singh, Bhanu Pratap

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0742

Research News
Actuators based on electroactive polymers
p. 0743 | Sahoo, Hemantkumar; Pavoor, Tej; Vancheeswaran, Sreekanth

Identification of a gene associated with Bt resistance in the lepidopteran pest, Heliothis virescens and its implications in Bt transgenic-based pest control
p. 0746 | Nagaraju, J.

Can insects seriously affect the power output of wind turbines?
p. 0747 | Shankar, P. N.

Is the national wheat breeding programme demand-driven? - An analysis
p. 0749 | Mohan, D.; Nagarajan, S.; Singh, R. V. P.; Shoran, Jag

Scientific Correspondence
Occurrence of gold in association with uranium in Gulcheru quartzite of Cuddapah basin, Gandi-Rachakuntapalle area, Cuddapah district, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0754 | Umamaheswar, K.; Sharma, U. P.; Zakaulla, Syed; Basu, Himadri; Thomas, Anita Mary; Ali, Mir Azam

Record of genus Hausmannia Dunker from the Upper Gondwana of Bairam-Belkher area, Amravati district, Maharashtra and Betul district, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0756 | Srivastava, A. K.; Manik, S. R.; Patil, G. V.; Gawande, R. R.

Fish otoliths from the subsurface Cambay Shale (Lower Eocene), Surat lignite field, Gujarat (India)
p. 0758 | Samant, Bandana; Bajpai, Sunil

General Articles
The role of space science in space weather specification: An illustration with auroral studies
p. 0760 | Uberoi, Chanchal

Review Articles
Zinc resistance mechanisms in bacteria
p. 0768 | Choudhury, R.; Srivastava, S.

Research Articles
A case of high tree diversity in a sal (Shorea robusta)-dominated lowland forest of Eastern Himalaya: Floristic composition, regeneration and conservation
p. 0776 | Shankar, Uma

Research Communications
Anti-cancer copper salicylaldoxime complex inhibits topoisomerase II catalytic activity
p. 0787 | Jayaraju, D.; Kondapi, Anand K.

Indoor aeromycoflora of Baroda museum and deterioration of Egyptian mummy
p. 0793 | Arya, Arun; Shah, A. R.; Sadasivan, Satish

Phenology of understorey species of tropical moist forest of Western Ghats region of Uttara Kannada district in South India
p. 0799 | Bhat, D. M.; Murali, K. S.

Age of the Lower Vindhyan sediments, Central India
p. 0806 | Kumar, Anil; Gopalan, K.; Rajagopalan, G.

Earthquakes over Kutch: A region of 'trident' space--time geodynamics
p. 0809 | Raval, U.

Marine magnetic anomalies near the Barren Island volcano, Andaman Sea
p. 0816 | Banerjee, B.; Shaw, R. K.

Effect of heavy metal pollution on growth, carotenoid content and bacterial flora in the gut of Perna viridis (L. ) in in situ condition
p. 0819 | Tewari, A.; Joshi, H. V.; Raghunathan, C.; Kumar, V. G. Sravan; Khambhaty, Yasmin

Submerged beach ridge lineation and associated sedentary fauna in the innershelf of Gopalpur coast, Orissa, Bay of Bengal
p. 0828 | Rao, K. Mohana; Murthy, K. S. R.; Reddy, N. P. C.; Subrahmanyam, A. S.; Lakshminarayana, S.; Rao, M. M. M.; Sarma, K. V. L. N. S.; Premkumar, M. K.; Sree, A.; Bapuji, M.

Insect visits to some bamboos of the Western Ghats, India
p. 0833 | Koshy, K. C.; Harikumar, D.; Narendran, T. C.

p. 0838

Book Reviews
How the Brain Learns
p. 0839 | Mohanakumar, K. P.

Kinetics and Applications of Atomic Diffusion in Solids: Nanoscopic Electron-affected Stochastic Dynamics
p. 0839 | Rao, K. R.

Phytochemical Biopesticides
p. 0841 | Raman, Anantanarayanan; Hossain, Zamir

Personal News
Fred Hoyle: Scientist of multifaceted talents
p. 0843 | Narlikar, J. V.

T. S. Sadasivan - A tribute
p. 0845 | Balasubramanian, D.

NCBS Symposium on Cancer and Cell Death
p. 0847

Indian Academy of Sciences: Workshop on Analysis, Probability and Statistics
p. 0848

DST: Beamtime Allocation on Italian Synchrotron
p. 0849

DBT: Indo-US Programme on Contraceptive and Reproductive Health Research
p. 0850

DST: Nano-Science and Technology
p. 0851

Indian Institute of Science: RA/JRF
p. 0852

Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar
p. 0853

IndOcean: A Database of Abstracts
p. 0854

p. 0854

The Institute of Science, Mumbai
p. 0855

p. 0855

p. 0856

p. 0856

International Symposium on Tuberculosis, AstraZeneca
p. 0857

CDFD, Hyderabad
p. 0857

IIT Bombay
p. 0858

Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli
p. 0858

IIT Kharagpur: RA, JRF
p. 0859

Pachhunga University College, Aizawl
p. 0859

National Seminar on Science, Scientists & Society
p. 0859

Current Science, Special Section: Science in the Third World
p. 0860

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