Current Science
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Volume 81 - Issue 12: 25 Dec, 2001
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1507

p. 1509 | Balaram, P.

The role of Vice-Chancellors/administrators in universities
p. 1511 | Gupta, D. P.

Lost innocence or brazen cohabitation?
p. 1511 | Reddy, Amulya K. N.

Linking researchers to resources on the World Wide Web
p. 1512 | Poduri, Chetan Datta

Mangroves as classroom genetic tools
p. 1512 | Eganathan, P.

Withering Indian English and science
p. 1513 | Balasundaram, Chellam; Mariappan, P.

Rationally cautious: GM crops
p. 1514 | Sharma, Rajiv K.

Why should bee-keeping be utilized as an input in agriculture?
p. 1514 | Sihag, R. C.

The need for a National Institute of Seismology
p. 1516 | Virk, H. S.

Pilgrims of science: Tirupati beckons Fellows of the Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 1517 | Sen, Nirupa

Asymmetric catalysis - A novel chemistry to win the Nobel Prize - 2001
p. 1519 | Lohray, B. B.

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1525

Scientific Correspondence
Use of mint essential oil as an agrichemical: Control of N-loss in crop fields by using mint essential oil-coated urea as fertilizer
p. 1526 | Patra, D. D.

Studies on larvicidal properties of leaf extract of Solanum nigrum Linn. (family Solanaceae)
p. 1529 | Singh, S. P.; Raghavendra, K.; Singh, R. K.; Subbarao, S. K.

Acclimatization of Asiatic hybrid lilies under stress conditions after propagation through tissue culture
p. 1530 | Misra, Pratibha; Datta, S. K.

General Articles
Radioactive waste: The problem and its management
p. 1534 | Rao, K. R.

Special Section: Superstrings - A Quest for a Unified Theory (Guest Editor: Spenta R. Wadia)
String theory
p. 1547 | Schwarz, John H.

String theory and the uncertainty principle
p. 1554 | Yoneya, Tamiaki

String theory and tachyons
p. 1561 | Sen, Ashoke

Geometry and string theory
p. 1568 | Gopakumar, Rajesh

Black holes and quark confinement
p. 1576 | Witten, Edward

Holography, black holes and string theory
p. 1582 | Trivedi, Sandip P.

A microscopic theory of black holes in string theory: Thermodynamics and Hawking radiation
p. 1591 | Wadia, Spenta R.

Non-critical string theory
p. 1598 | Dhar, Avinash

Physics with large extra dimensions: String theory under experimental test
p. 1609 | Antoniadis, I.

Future science
p. 1614 | Hawking, Stephen

Research Articles
Aerosol spectral optical depths over the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean
p. 1617 | Satheesh, S. K.; Moorthy, K. Krishna; Das, Indrani

Research Communications
Joint modelling of gravity and magnetic fields - A new computational approach
p. 1626 | Singh, Bijendra; Guptasarma, D.

Differential influence of pollen and stylar genotypes on lifespan of pistillate flowers in a monoecious herb, Momordica tuberosa (Cogn. ) Roxb. (Cucurbitaceae)
p. 1628 | Lokesha, R.; Vasudeva, R.

High biological productivity in the central Arabian Sea during the summer monsoon driven by Ekman pumping and lateral advection
p. 1633 | Kumar, S. Prasanna; Madhupratap, M.; Kumar, M. Dileep; Muraleedharan, P. M.; Souza, S. N. De; Gauns, Mangesh; Sarma, V. V. S. S.

Distinctive stomatal structure from dispersed leaf cuticle of Sindhudurg Formation, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra, India
p. 1638 | Tewari, Rajni; Agarwal, Anil

Himalayan mid-crustal ramp
p. 1641 | Gahalaut, V. K.; Kalpna

Book Reviews
Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
p. 1647 | Jagatap, B. N.

Biotechnology: Food Fermentation - Microbiology, Biochemistry and Technology
p. 1647 | Prakash, V.

Breeding Field Crops
p. 1648 | Ahloowalia, B. S.

p. 1649

Institutional Members
Institutional Members
p. 1652

Raman Research Institute
p. 1654

Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR)
p. 1655

Indian Institute of Astrophysics
p. 1656

University of Delhi South Campus
p. 1658

Department of Science and Technology (Science and Engineering Research Council)
p. 1660

Central Rice Research Institute
p. 1660

Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Centre
p. 1661

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology
p. 1661

Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics
p. 1662

Intensive Training Programme on GPS Theory, Data Analysis and Processing
p. 1662

University of Delhi South Campus
p. 1663

National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
p. 1665

Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies
p. 1667

Southern Regional Station
p. 1668

p. 1668

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Current Issue
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