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Volume 82 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 2002
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0372

Environmental wars
p. 0373 | Balaram, P.

A plea for conservation of threatened tree fern (Cyathea gigantea)
p. 0375 | Khan, M. L.; Upadhaya, Kalidas; Singha, Lal Bihari; Devi, Ashalata

Funding research in India: A boon or bane?
p. 0375 | Narayanasamy, R.; Kumaravel, M.; Kaniappan, K.

The integrity of structures, individuals and institutions: The Sunder-Parida episode
p. 0376 | Virk, H. S.

The plight of Indian sea horses: Need for conservation and management
p. 0377 | Sreepada, R. A.; Desai, Ulhas M.; Naik, Sushant S.

The Bay of Bengal and tropical cyclones
p. 0379 | Rao, Y. R.

The Bay of Bengal and tropical cyclones(Reply)
p. 0379 | Chinthalu, G. R.; Seetaramayya, P.; Ravichandran, M.; Mahajan, P. N.

Study of Bay of Bengal cyclones using buoy data
p. 0382 | Jayanthi, N.; Raghavan, S.

Study of Bay of Bengal cyclones using buoy data(Reply)
p. 0382 | Chinthalu, G. R.; Seetaramayya, P.; Ravichandran, M.; Mahajan, P. N.

Indo-US symposium on brain research
p. 0384 | Sen, Nirupa

New links in co-operation between India and China
p. 0384 | Sen, Nirupa

M. S. Valiathan at the helm of affairs at INSA
p. 0384 | Sen, Nirupa

The seabed reveals artifacts. Will India now hone its skills and tools for diving into the realm of marine archaeology?
p. 0385 | Sen, Nirupa

Update on space: Launch of INSAT-3C
p. 0387 | Sen, Nirupa

From the archives
p. 0388

Research News
Impact origin of the moon - The probable scenario
p. 0389 | Sankaran, A. V.

Scientific Correspondence
Effect of helpers on breeding success of the common babbler (Turdoides caudatus)
p. 0391 | Sharma, A. N.

Age of the fossiliferous Siwalik sediments exposed in the vicinity of Nurpur, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
p. 0392 | Sehgal, R. K.; Nanda, A. C.

Seismotectonics of 26 January 2001 Bhuj earthquake-affected region
p. 0396 | Thakur, V. C.; Wesnousky, S. G.

Intraplate neotectonics in India
p. 0400 | Vita-finzi, Claudio

Research Account
Chaotic and complex systems
p. 0403 | Palis, J.

General Articles
Seismic wave attenuation characteristics of three Indian regions: A comparative study
p. 0407 | Gupta, S. C.; Kumar, Ashwani

The recording of traditional knowledge: Will it prevent 'bio-piracy'?
p. 0413 | Udgaonkar, Sangeeta

Review Articles
Surface chemistry of the lung surfactant system: Techniques for in vitro evaluation
p. 0420 | Banerjee, R.

Research Communications
Level of endogenous free amino acids during various stages of culture of Vigna mungo (L. ) Hepper - Somatic embryogenesis, organogenesis and plant regeneration
p. 0429 | Sen, Jayanti; Kalia, Sanjeev; Guha-mukherjee, Sipra

Pre-breeding efforts for low gossypol seed and high gossypol plant in G. herbaceum L. cotton utilizing G. australe Mueller
p. 0434 | Kulkarni, V. N.; Khadi, B. M.; Sangam, V. S.

Solubilization of insoluble inorganic phosphates by a soil-inhabiting fungus Fomitopsis sp. PS 102
p. 0439 | Kang, Sun Chul; Ha, Chul Gyu; Lee, Tae Geun; Maheshwari, D. K.

RGF-PCR: A technique to isolate different copies of multi-copy gene
p. 0442 | Kumaresan, G.; Mathavan, S.

Live sperm from post-mortem preserved Indian catfish
p. 0447 | Koteeswaran, R.; Pandian, T. J.

NRAMP1 gene polymorphism in pulmonary and spinal tuberculosis
p. 0451 | Selvaraj, P.; Chandra, G.; Kurian, S. M.; Reetha, A. M.; Charles, N.; Narayanan, P. R.

An alkalophilic Methanosarcina isolated from Lonar crater
p. 0455 | Thakker, Chandresh D.; Ranade, Dilipi R.

Microfauna and age of the Sangcha Malla Formation of Garhwal Tethys Himalaya, India
p. 0458 | Juyal, K. P.; Parcha, S. K.; Mathur, N. S.; Singh, Jagmohan

On the origin of the artesian groundwater and escaping gas at Nareri after the 2001 Bhuj earthquake
p. 0463 | Gupta, S. K.; Bhandari, N.; Thakkar, P. S.; Rengarajan, R.

Book Reviews
World Review of the State of Food and Agriculture
p. 0469 | Swaminathan, M. S.

Essentials of Biophysics
p. 0470 | Krishnaswamy, S.

Nitric Oxide and Inflammation
p. 0470 | Vikramadithyan, Reeba K.

Publications received
Publications received
p. 0473

Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS)
p. 0477

Reliance Life Sciences
p. 0480

The Indian Science Congress Association
p. 0481

Central Soil Salinity Research Institute
p. 0482

ATREE: Course in Conservation Biology for Senior Graduate and Post-Graduate students
p. 0482

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