Current Science
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Volume 82 - Issue 05: 10 Mar, 2002
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0488

Budgeting for science: A clearing in the clouds
p. 0489 | Balaram, P.

The price of war
p. 0491 | Sharma, N. D.

Libraries -- The responsibility of the readers
p. 0491 | Mariappan, P.; Balasundaram, Chellam

Polite and impolite dissent and lawlessness
p. 0492 | Periasamy, Mariappan

March mania
p. 0492 | Bachhawat, Anand K.

Vedic Saraswati
p. 0492 | Rao, S. M.

Vedic Saraswati(Response)
p. 0492 | Roy, A. B.; Jakhar, S. R.

Phytoremediation: An emerging crucial issue and its present market trends
p. 0493 | Mohan, B. S.; Hosetti, B. B.

Bambusa bambos: A rich source of a nutritive liquid -- Bamboo 'neera'
p. 0494 | Thankamma, L.

Budget boosts science
p. 0496 | Sen, Nirupa

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0499

Scientific Correspondence
Tabanid and muscoid haematophagous flies, vectors of trypanosomiasis or surra disease in wild animals and livestock in Nandankanan Biological Park, Bhubaneswar (Orissa, India)
p. 0500 | Veer, Vijay; Parashar, B. D.; Prakash, Shri

Advertisement call, courtship and mating behaviour of the frog, Limnonectes syhadrensis from Western Ghats, India
p. 0503 | Kadadevaru, Girish G.; Kanamadi, Ravishankar D.; Schneider, Hans

Role of nematodes as bioindicators in marine and freshwater habitats
p. 0505 | Geetanjali; Malhotra, Sandeep K.; Malhotra, Anshu; Ansari, Zakir; Chatterji, Anil

Vertebrate fauna from Panandhro lignite field (Lower Eocene), District Kachchh, western India
p. 0507 | Bajpai, Sunil; Thewissen, J. G. M.

General Articles
Emission of carbon dioxide from soil
p. 0510 | Rastogi, Monika; Singh, Shalini; Pathak, H.

Review Articles
Complementary and alternative medicine: An overview
p. 0518 | Pal, Sanjoy Kumar

Molecular mechanisms of quenching of reactive oxygen species by proline under stress in plants
p. 0525 | Matysik, J.; Alia; Bhalu, B.; Mohanty, P.

Research Articles
Pulsed nozzle Fourier transform microwave spectrometer: Ideal to define hydrogen bond radius
p. 0533 | Arunan, E.; Tiwari, A. P.; Mandal, P. K.; Mathias, P. C.

Research Communications
Quantum analogue of the Kolmogorov--Arnold--Moser transition in field-induced barrier penetration in a quartic potential
p. 0541 | Chattaraj, P. K.; Sengupta, S.; Maiti, B.; Sarkar, U.

Pyrethroid resistance in Anopheles culicifacies in Surat district, Gujarat, west India
p. 0547 | Singh, O. P.; Raghavendra, K.; Nanda, N.; Mittal, P. K.; Subbarao, S. K.

Once-a-month injection of norethi­sterone enanthate and estradiol valerate combination suppresses pituitary FSH/LH secretion and testicular function in man
p. 0550 | Kumar, K. M. Prasanna; Krishnamurthy, H.; Krishnamurthy, H. N.; Shetty, G.; Moudgal, N. R.

Nature of arsenic pollutants in groundwater of Bengal basin -- A case study from Baruipur area, West Bengal, India
p. 0554 | Pal, Taraknath; Mukherjee, Pradip Kumar; Sengupta, Subhasish

Mega-geomorphology and sedimentation history of parts of the Ganga--Yamuna plains
p. 0562 | Sinha, R.; Khanna, Madhur; Jain, V.; Tandon, S. K.

Role of tributary glaciers on landscape modification in the Gangotri Glacier area, Garhwal Himalaya, India
p. 0567 | Singh, Dhruv Sen; Mishra, Ajai

Fertility of Late Archaean basement granite in the vicinity of U-mineralized Neoproterozoic Bhima basin, peninsular India
p. 0571 | Kumar, P. Senthil; Srinivasan, R.

AM fungi: A biological approach towards conservation of endangered plants in Thar desert, India
p. 0576 | Panwar, Jitendra; Vyas, Anil

Meiotic XY association could be both chiasmate and achiasmate in the Indian pygmy field mouse, Mus terricolor
p. 0578 | Bardhan, A.; Sharma, T.

Book Reviews
A Primer on Number Sequences
p. 0581 | Sury, B.

Stability in Model Populations
p. 0581 | Sinha, Somdatta

The Biotech Century. Harnessing the Gene and Remaking the World
p. 0582 | Chaulia, Sreeram Sundar

Environmentalism Unbound: Exploring New Pathways for Change
p. 0584 | Swaminathan, M. S.

Personal News
Max Perutz (1914--2002)
p. 0586 | Ramaseshan, S.

Poetry in science---Results of the competition
p. 0591

DST, Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure
p. 0595

Indian--Israeli Scientific Research Cooperation
p. 0598

PRL, Ahmedabad
p. 0600

CDFD, Hyderabad
p. 0601

National Dairy Research Institute, Bangalore
p. 0601

American Biotechnology Company
p. 0602

Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation
p. 0602

Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut
p. 0603

National Centre for Plant Genome Res., New Delhi
p. 0603

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