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Volume 82 - Issue 07: 10 Apr, 2002
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0772

Retirements and extensions
p. 0773 | Balaram, P.

Science reporting
p. 0775 | Narayanan, P. M.

You just can't win (with apologies to Shiv Khera)
p. 0775 | Sarkar, P. C.

Hoshangabad science teaching programme
p. 0775 | Habib, Saman; Misra, Amit

TRG -- A tribute
p. 0776 | Narayanan, K. K.

Resurrection of palaeobotany in India
p. 0776 | Maithy, P. K.

Planting trees for C sequestration: A reality?
p. 0777 | Seneviratne, Gamini

Meeting Report
The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act: From legislation to implementation
p. 0778 | Swaminathan, M. S.

Mapping of India and naming of Mount Everest -- A bicentenary
p. 0780 | Sen, Nirupa

Meeting Report
Future dimensions in entomology research
p. 0783 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Research News
Mantle convection results from plate tectonics -- Fresh hypothesis reverses current views
p. 0785 | Sankaran, A. V.

In Conversation
Interview with C. N. R. Rao
p. 0788 | Sen, Nirupa

Random selection
p. 0792

Scientific Correspondence
A report on the occurrence of intertrappean beds in an abandoned cave at Bhaja, Pune District, Maharashtra
p. 0793 | Sarkar, P. K.; Yengkhom, K. S.; Moghe, K. A.

Facultative sex reversal in the freshwater plankton Sinodiaptomus (RhineĀ­diaptomus) indicus Calanoida: Copepoda
p. 0794 | Dharani, G.; Altaff, K.

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0796

General Articles
Perspectives of soil fertility management with a focus on fertilizer use for crop productivity
p. 0797 | Ayala, Sankaram; Rao, E. V. S. Prakasa

Promoting outreach through conservation education programmes -- Case study from Indian Himalayan Region
p. 0808 | Dhar, Uppeandra; Rawal, Ranbeer S.; Airi, Subodh; Bhatt, Indra D.; Samant, Sher S.

Review Articles
Recent experiments in quantum optics and their implications -- I
p. 0816 | Joshi, Amitabh; Lawande, Suresh V.

High-mobility-group chromosomal proteins, HMGA1 as potential tumour markers
p. 0838 | Rajeswari, Moganty R.; Jain, Aklank

Research Articles
Dynamics of water molecules at the surface of an aqueous micelle: Atomistic molecular dynamics simulation study of a complex system
p. 0845 | Balasubramanian, Sundaram; Pal, Subrata; Bagchi, Biman

Cloning and sequencing of potato virus Y coat protein gene from an Indian isolate and development of transgenic tobacco for PVY resistance
p. 0855 | Ghosh, S. B.; Nagi, L. H. S.; Ganapathi, T. R.; Khurana, S. M. Paul; Bapat, V. A.

Research Communications
In vitro inhibition of Aspergillus fumigatus by Candida species, especially C. albicans and C. glabrata
p. 0860 | Randhawa, H. S.; Sandhu, R. S.; Kowshik, T.

Microfouling of manganese-oxidizing bacteria in Tuticorin harbour waters
p. 0865 | Palanichamy, S.; Maruthamuthu, S.; Manickam, S. T.; Rajendran, A.

Genotoxicity study in lymphocytes of workers in wooden furniture industry
p. 0869 | Elavarasi, D.; Ramakrishnan, V.; Subramoniam, T.; Ramesh, A.; Cherian, K. M.; Emmanuel, C.

Binary cloning vectors for efficient genetic transfor-mation of rice
p. 0873 | Katiyar-agarwal, Surekha; Kapoor, Avnish; Grover, Anil

Seismic microzonation of Delhi for ground-shaking site effects
p. 0877 | Mukhopadhyay, S.; Pandey, Y.; Dharmaraju, R.; Chauhan, P. K. S.; Singh, P.; Dev, A.

Ecology of beach rock fauna of the south Andaman Island, Bay of Bengal
p. 0881 | Rajshekhar, C.; Reddy, P. P.

Book Reviews
International Relations and Global Climate Change
p. 0886 | Ahuja, Dilip

The Origin of Mountains
p. 0886 | Sheth, Hetu C.

Ecology and Sustainable Development
p. 0888 | Murali, K. S.

Indian National Academy of Engineering: Awards
p. 0889

DST: Proposals in Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
p. 0890

University of Hyderabad: Appointments
p. 0891

American Biotech Co: Licencing of Antibodies
p. 0892

Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar: Appointments
p. 0892

B. M. Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad: Awards
p. 0893

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
p. 0893

Karnatak University, Dharwad: Appointments
p. 0893

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