Current Science
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Volume 84 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 2003
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0480

The Golden Helix
p. 0481 | Balaram, P.

The mores of publishing in science
p. 0483 | Sreenivasan, K. R.

Faculty for hire
p. 0483 | Rao, Kalluri Subba

Fictitious author?
p. 0484 | Pai, Sanjan A.

Science Congress and the VIP syndrome
p. 0484 | Unnikrishnan, M. K.

Improving the quality of Ph D students in Indian universities
p. 0485 | Virk, H. S.

Digital database of plant diversity: Call for collaboration
p. 0485 | Ganeshaiah, K. N.

p. 0485 | Nagarajan, K.

Space summit at Indian Science Congress
p. 0487 | Sen, Nirupa

Indian success stories in use of Space tools for social development
p. 0489 | Sen, Nirupa

Indian Science Congress: Some facts
p. 0490 | Sen, Nirupa

Praveen Chaudhari appointed Director, Brookhaven National Laboratory
p. 0491

Rare German academic distinction conferred on C. N. R. Rao
p. 0491

Applied chemical ecology: Induced and transgenic defences in insect-plant interactions
p. 0492 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

The Chennai declaration: Bridging the genetic divide
p. 0494 | Swaminathan, M. S.

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0496

Random selections
Random selections
p. 0497

Scientific Correspondence
Litter controls on soil nitrous oxide emission
p. 0498 | Seneviratne, Gamini; Somapala, K. L. A.

Methane emission from community biogas plant at Masudpur, Delhi
p. 0499 | Khoiyangbam, R. S.; Kumar, Sushil; Jain, M. C.; Kumar, Arun; Kumar, Vinod

Pyrrhotite inclusions in sphalerite
p. 0501 | Kumar, T. B. Pradeep; Jadhav, G. N.

General Articles
The promise of quantum computing
p. 0504 | Sudarshan, E. C. G.

Malaria and poverty in India
p. 0513 | Sharma, V. P.

Review Articles
Use of superheated liquid in neutron detection
p. 0516 | Roy, S. C.; Roy, B.

Research Articles
Phyllanthus amarus root clone with significant activity against bovine viral diarrhoea virus - a surrogate model of hepatitis C virus
p. 0529 | Bhattacharyya, R.; Bhattacharya, S.; Wenzel-mathers, M.; Buckwold, V. E.

Research Communications
Effect of material inhomogeneity on protective passive film formation on Delhi iron pillar
p. 0534 | Balasubramaniam, R.

Photocatalytic oxidation of As(III) to As(V) in aqueous solutions: A low cost pre-oxidative treatment for total removal of arsenic from water
p. 0541 | Jayaweera, P. M.; Godakumbura, P. I.; Pathiratne, K. A. S.

Developmental process of essential oil glandular trichome collapsing in menthol mint
p. 0544 | Sharma, Shruti; Sangwan, N. S.; Sangwan, Rajender S.

HPLC-LIF for early detection of oral cancer
p. 0551 | Venkatakrishna, K.; Kartha, V. B.; Pai, Keerthilatha M.; Krishna, C. Murali; Ravikiran, O.; Kurien, Jacob; Alexander, Mohan; Ullas, G.

Vitamin A-mediated homeotic transformation and histological changes in amputated tail tissues of tadpoles of Rana tigerina
p. 0557 | Das, P.; Mohanty-Hejmadi, P.

Detection of proviral genomic sequence of bovine immunodeficiency virus in Indian cattle
p. 0563 | Patil, S. S.; Pattnaik, B.; Mishra, N.; Banumathi, N.; Dubey, Renu; Pradhan, H. K.

A survey of haplotype frequencies and linkage disequilibrium at the DRD2 locus in the Nilgiri hill tribes, South India
p. 0566 | Vishwanathan, H.; Edwin, Deepa; Rani, M. V. Usha; Majumder, P. P.

A note on early earthquakes in northern India and southern Tibet
p. 0570 | Ambraseys, Nicholas; Jackson, D.

Early Oligocene non-geniculate coralline algal assemblage from Al Bayda Formation, Northeast Libya
p. 0582 | Hassan, Hassan S.; Ghosh, Amit K.

Book Reviews
Superplastic Flow: Phenomenology and Mechanics
p. 0588 | Chokshi, Atul H.

Gene Regulation and Metabolism
p. 0588 | Bhattacharya, Alok

The Last Sorcerer - Echoes of the Rainforest
p. 0589 | Vencatesan, Jayshree; Daniels, R. J. Ranjit

The social Biology of Ropalidia marginata - Toward Understanding the Evolution of Eusociality
p. 0589 | Brahmachary, R. L.

Personal News
Makund Behari Lal
p. 0591 | Kanungo, M. S.

Publications received
Publications received
p. 0592

New ICP-MS National Facility at NGRI, Hyderabad (Funded by DST & CSIR)
p. 0594

p. 0595

Molecular Microbial Ecology Workshop
p. 0599

p. 0600

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
p. 0601

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
p. 0602

ADCOS Research Fellowships (ADREF) Scheme of ISRO
p. 0602

p. 0603

Department of Biochemistry
p. 0603

p. 0604

p. 0604

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