Current Science
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Volume 84 - Issue 6: 25 Mar, 2003
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0736

Science policy and scientific assessment
p. 0739 | Rastogi, R. P.

Higher education
p. 0739 | Biyani, A. K.

Academic performance should govern open-ended salary of contractual appointments
p. 0740 | Singh, B. N.

Flora resource materials repository
p. 0741 | Nair, P. K. K.

National Awards for Science Popularization - 2002
p. 0741 | Sen, Nirupa

Indo-French perspectives on the way to go - science in the 21st century
p. 0742 | Sen, Nirupa

Phonons in condensed materials
p. 0743 | Arora, A. K.; Sanyal, S. P.

Understanding solid catalysts at the atomic level
p. 0745 | Sayanna, E.; Tripathi, Shailendra

Random selections
Random selections
p. 0746

Scientific Correspondence
Direct in vitro regeneration of Curculigo orchioides Gaertn., an endangered anticarcinogenic herb
p. 0747 | Prajapati, Hiren A.; Patel, Darshan H.; Mehta, Saurabh R.; Subramanian, R. B.

Larvicidal properties of a perennial herb Solanum xanthocarpum against vectors of malaria and dengue/DHF
p. 0749 | Singh, Karam V.; Bansal, S. K.

Haemoglobin D in a mongoloid non-tribal family: A report from northeast India
p. 0752 | Sharma, S. K.; Gogoi, S.; Dutta, R.; Mahanta, J.

Fossilized hominid baby skull from the ferricrete at Odai, Bommayarpalayam, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, South India
p. 0754 | Rajendran, P.; Kumar, R. Bharath; Bhanu, B. Vijaya

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0756

General Articles
Environmental classification of mangrove wetlands of India
p. 0757 | Selvam, V.

Review Articles
Mass-independent isotopic fractionation: Recent developments
p. 0766 | Chakraborty, Subrata; Bhattacharya, S. K.

Research Articles
Elicitation of anthocyanin production in callus cultures of Daucus carota and involvement of calcium channel modulators
p. 0775 | Sudha, G.; Ravishankar, G. A.

Changing social strategies of wild female bonnet macaques during natural foraging and on provisioning
p. 0780 | Ram, Sunita; Venkatachalam, Suri; Sinha, Anindya

Research Communications
Evolution of gold nanoparticles in micelle by UV-irradiation: A conductometric study
p. 0791 | Ghosh, Sujit Kumar; Sarma, Navanita; Mandal, Madhuri; Kundu, Subrata; Esumi, K.; Pal, Tarasankar

Assessment of changes in water-hyacinth coverage of water bodies in northern part of Bangalore city using temporal remote sensing data
p. 0795 | Verma, Rinku; Singh, S. P.; Raj, K. Ganesha

Do informally managed sacred groves have higher richness and regeneration of medicinal plants than state-managed reserve forests?
p. 0804 | Boraiah, K. T.; Vasudeva, R.; Bhagwat, Shonil A.; Kushalappa, C. G.

Spatial patterns of tree and shrub species diversity in Savanadurga State Forest, Karnataka
p. 0808 | Murali, K. S.; Kavitha, A.; Harish, R. P.

Salvaging of abortive embryos from mature tetraploid × diploid watermelon fruits through in vitro culturing and realization of a triploid seedless watermelon
p. 0813 | Thomas, Pious; Pitchaimuthu, M.; Mythili, J. B.; Srinivas, Meenakashi

Long-term changes in freshwater fish species composition in North Western Ghats, Pune District
p. 0816 | Kharat, Sanjay; Dahanukar, Neelesh; Raut, Rupesh; Mahabaleshwarkar, Mukul

Book Reviews
Annual Review of Public Health 2002
p. 0821 | Sukanya, R.

Annual Review of Plant Biology 2002
p. 0822 | Sopory, S. K.

A Field Guide to the Common Invertebrates of the East Coast of India
p. 0824 | Pandian, T. J.

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Science 2002
p. 0825 | Chander, Ramesh

p. 0827

Ministry of Science & Technology
p. 0831

Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute
p. 0835

International Conference on Nano Science and Technology
p. 0836

p. 0837

p. 0838

p. 0839

Department of Physics
p. 0839

p. 0840

p. 0840

Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics
p. 0841

B. M. Birla Science Prizes
p. 0841

Centre for Water Resources Studies
p. 0841

Current Issue
Current Issue
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