Current Science
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Volume 85 - Issue 02: 25 Jul, 2003
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0116

The Science and Politics of AIDS
p. 0117 | Balaram, P.

School curricula should nurture basic sciences
p. 0119 | Singh, R. N.

Contractual teachings
p. 0119 | Soni, Vineet

Need for scientists to be more vocal
p. 0120 | Rao, Chandu Subba

Adverse effects of antoxidants
p. 0121 | Chattopadhyay, M. K.

Plant biotechnology
p. 0121 | Nagarajan, S.

High yield of rainfed cotton through transplanting
p. 0122 | Karve, A. D.

Back to square one with 'Proteoma music'?
p. 0123 | Balasubrahmanyam, S. N.

Training popular science writers in regional languages
p. 0124 | Sahoo, Narottam

Research News
Organic chemists conquer the synthesis of C60
p. 0125 | Sastry, G. Narahari

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0127

Multilingual administration of engineering examinations
p. 0128 | Hoole, Dushyanthi; Hoole, S. R. H.

AICRP Programme: In need of rebirth?
p. 0131 | Chadrashekara, K.; Ganeshaiah, K. N.

Scientific Correspondence
EDXRF as a routine tool for numismatic studies
p. 0134 | Mandal, A. C.; Santra, S.; Mitra, D.; Sarkar, M.; Bhattacharya, D.

Cold springs of the Barren Island, Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean
p. 0136 | Chandrasekharam, D.; Vaselli, O.; Capaccioni, B.; Manetti, P.; Alam, M. A.

Aerospora over Southern Ocean and Schirmacher oasis, East Antarctica
p. 0137 | Bera, S. K.; Khandelwal, Asha

p. 0140

General Articles
Sustainable community-based safe water options to mitigate the Bangladesh arsenic catastrophe - An experience from two upazilas
p. 0141 | Jakariya, Md.; Chowdhury, A. M. R.; Hossain, Zabed; Rahman, Mizanur; Sarker, Quaiyum; Khan, Ruhul Islam; Rahman, Mahfuzar

Heralding a new future - Nanotechnology?
p. 0147 | Bhat, Jyoti S. A.

Review Articles
Transcriptional coactivators p300/CBP and Type I collagen gene expression
p. 0155 | Ghosh, Asish K.; Varga, John

Research Account
Biosynthesis of metal nanoparticles using fungi and actinomycete
p. 0162 | Sastry, Murali; Ahmad, Absar; Khan, M. Islam; Kumar, Rajiv

Research Articles
Total column density variations of NO2 and O3 by automatic visible spectrometry over Pune, India
p. 0171 | Meena, G. S.; Jadhav, D. B.; Bhosale, C. S.

Orbital forcing of the Plio-Pleistocene Indian monsoons: benthic foraminiferal proxies from ODP Site 758
p. 0179 | Gupta, Anil K.; Mélice, Jean-luc

Research Communications
Species and strain-specific patterns of low complexity proteins in Escherichia and Mycobacteria
p. 0185 | Nandi, Tannistha; Kannan, Krishnamoorthy; Ramachandran, Srinivasan

A new type II restriction endonuclease, OfoI from nonheterocystous cyanobacterium Oscillatoria foreaui
p. 0188 | Saravanan, Matheshwaran; Elango, Kathirvel; Chandrashekaran, Siddamadappa; Anand, Narayanaswamy; Nagaraja, Valakunja

Comparison of Etest with MIC method of Lowenstein-Jensen medium for susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
p. 0191 | Das, R.; Srivastava, K.; Gupta, P.; Sharma, V. D.; Singh, D.; Chauhan, D. S.; Singh, H. B.; Katoch, V. M.

Psilotum complanatum Sw., a rare epiphytic fern ally of Great Nicobar Island: Exploration and habitat monitoring
p. 0193 | Chauhan, Nidhi; Padalia, Hitendra; Gupta, Stutee; Porwal, M. C.; Roy, P. S.

Phenotypic plasticity and plant invasiveness: Case study of congress grass
p. 0197 | Annapurna, C.; Singh, J. S.

Protective effect of vitamin A, ascorbic acid and a-tocopherol on 2,4-dimethylaminoazobenzene-induced hepatoma in rats
p. 0201 | Velanganni, A. Antony Joseph; Balasundaram, C.

Arsenic association and distribution in carbonaceous materials in northeastern India
p. 0204 | Baruah, M. K.; Kotoky, P.; Baruah, J.; Borah, G. C.; Borah, P. K.

Thermal structure of continental crust beneath Hirapur-Mandla deep seismic sounding profile across Narmada-Son Lineament
p. 0208 | Rai, S. N.; Thiagarajan, S.; Ramana, D. V.

Book Reviews
The End of Time
p. 0214 | Sarukkai, Sundar

The Navier-Stokes Equations - An Elementary Functional Analytic Approach
p. 0215 | Shankar, P. N.

Ecological Stoichiometry: The Biology of Elements from Molecule to the Biosphere
p. 0216 | Khan, Nayeem Ullah

Neuroscience: A Mathematical Primer
p. 0217 | Bhalla, Upinder Singh

Historical Notes
On the Pythagorean triples in the Sulvasutras
p. 0219 | Dani, S. G.

Banaras Hindu University
p. 0225

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
p. 0225

Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre
p. 0226

CORRIGENDUM - Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
p. 0226

The Pratima and Sucharu Chakraborty Streeshakti Samman
p. 0227

Announcing the winner of the Pratima and Sucharu Chakraborty Streeshakti Samman for the year 2002
p. 0227

Refresher Course on Earth Sciences
p. 0228

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