Current Science
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Volume 85 - Issue 08: 25 Oct, 2003
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1112

Nobel Prizes: Hits, Misses and Fouls
p. 1113 | Balaram, P.

Were ancient Indian rishis the earliest biologists?
p. 1115 | Narasimhan, N. S.

Purchase of scientific instruments
p. 1115 | Das, Dasarathi

Science archives
p. 1116 | Chowdhury, Indira

Adverse effects of antioxidants
p. 1117 | Tiwari, Ashok K.

Conceived conclusions in favour of GM cotton? - A riposte to a paper in Science
p. 1117 | Arunachalam, V.; Ravi, S. Bala

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1119

Global Engineering Excellence Medal for Mashelkar
p. 1120

Nobel Prizes - 2003
p. 1120

Research News
The supercontinent medley: Recent views
p. 1121 | Sankaran, A. V.

Scientific Correspondence
Pretending to be a predator: Wasp-like mimicry by a salticid spider
p. 1124 | Rajashekhar, K. P.; Siju, K. P.

Occurrence of N-R-N sequence in the Malwa Deccan lava flows to the north of Narmada region, Madhya Pradesh, India
p. 1126 | Khadri, S. F. R.

Role of micro-organisms in weathering of the Konkan-Goa laterite formations
p. 1129 | Baskar, Sushmitha; Baskar, R.; Kaushik, Anubha

Upward shift of Himalayan pine in Western Himalaya, India
p. 1135 | Dubey, Bhasha; Yadav, Ram R.; Singh, Jayendra; Chaturvedi, Rajesh

General Articles
Early nutrition and health - Indian perspective
p. 1137 | Bamji, Mahtab S.

Tungro epidemics and yield losses in paddy fields in India
p. 1143 | Muralidharan, K.; Krishnaveni, D.; Rajarajeswari, N. V. L.; Prasad, A. S. R.

Review Articles
Effect of hydrotropes on solution behaviour of amphiphiles
p. 1148 | Roy, B. K.; Moulik, S. P.

Toll-like receptors and their role in innate immunity
p. 1156 | Singh, Bhanu P.; Chauhan, R. S.; Singhal, Lokesh K.

Microbial communication in the rhizosphere: Operation of quorum sensing
p. 1164 | Sharma, Alok; Sahgal, Manvika; Johri, Bhavdish N.

Research Articles
Exact analysis of axially polarized piezoelectric ceramic cylinders with certain uniform boundary conditions
p. 1173 | Ebenezer, D. D.; Ramesh, R.

Ammonium inhibition of nitrate uptake by phytoplankton: A new relation based on similarity and hyperbolicity
p. 1180 | Yajnik, K. S.; Sharada, M. K.

Empirical modelling and forecasting of Indian monsoon rainfall
p. 1189 | Iyengar, R. N.; Kanth, S. T. G. Raghu

p. 1201

Research Communications
Addition of two sets of integers
p. 1202 | Balasubramanian, R.; Prakash, Gyan

Fast and efficient algorithms for solving ordinary differential equations through computer algebra system
p. 1206 | Pratibha

Isotopic fractionation of O3-nitric oxide reaction
p. 1210 | Chakraborty, Supriyo; Chakraborty, Subrata

Influence of methyl jasmonate and salicylic acid in the enhancement of capsaicin production in cell suspension cultures of Capsicum frutescens Mill
p. 1212 | Sudha, G.; Ravishankar, G. A.

Water-mediated supramolecular b-sheet from a short synthetic peptide containing non-coded amino acids
p. 1217 | Rathore, Ravindranath Singh; Banerjee, Arindam

Shear-wave propagation in rocks and other lossy media: An experimental study
p. 1221 | Rao, M. V. M. S.; Lakshmi, K. J. Prasanna

Book Reviews
Science and Metaphysics - A Discussion on Consciousness and Genetics
p. 1226 | Unnikrishnan, C. S.

General Lattice Theory
p. 1228 | Bhatta, S. Parameshwara

Reviews in Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology
p. 1229 | Raghuram, N.

Milestones in Petrology and Future Perspectives
p. 1230 | Sharma, R. S.

Personal News
P. R. Mahadevan
p. 1232 | Nath, Indira

Indian Council of Agricultural Research ICAR AWARDS, 2003
p. 1234

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 1237

Call for Proposals for Technology Development under Technology Systems/Joint Technology Programme
p. 1238

Centre for Environment, IPGSR, JNT University, Mahaveermarg, Hyderabad 500 028, India
p. 1239

Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University
p. 1239

Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore
p. 1240

Iladevi Cataract & IOL Research Centre
p. 1240

Current Issue
Current Issue
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