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Volume 85 - Issue 10: 25 Nov, 2003
From the archives
From the archives
p. 1300

In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1388

Tenacity of Purpose
p. 1389 | Balaram, P.

Use of SCI-based publication counts
p. 1391 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Pesticide residues
p. 1393 | Rangaswami, G.

Pros and cons of a non-resident Indian
p. 1393 | Singh, Rajinder

Plant biotechnology
p. 1394 | Sharma, Rajiv K.; Jain, Neelu

Is the future of Eurotia ceratoides safe in Changthang?
p. 1395 | Uniyal, Sanjay Kr.; Awasthi, Anjali; Rawat, Gopal S.

Development of eco-friendly, beneficial microbial biofilms
p. 1395 | Seneviratne, Gamini

Meeting Report
Freshwater prawns
p. 1396 | Nambudiri, D. D.

Animal communication
p. 1398 | Kumar, Anil

Research News
A novel calcimycin antibiotic from Gram-positive actinomycete Frankia microsymbiont
p. 1401 | Sarma, Hridip Kumar; Sharma, Bipin K.; Tiwari, S. C.

Alloyed pleasures: Multimetallic cocktails
p. 1404 | Ranganathan, S.

Scientific Correspondence
On the disappearance of palm genus Nypa from the west coast with its present status in the Indian subcontinent
p. 1407 | Badve, R. M.; Sakurkar, C. V.

Geological evolution of Mahanadi delta, Orissa using high resolution satellite data
p. 1410 | Kumar, K. Vinod; Bhattacharya, Asis

Strategies adopted by the alpine genus Pedicularis L. (Scrophulariaceae) to overcome environmental stress
p. 1413 | Garg, Arti; Husain, Tariq

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1414

General Articles
Impact of tea cultivation on anurans in the Western Ghats
p. 1415 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit

Review Articles
Genetic manipulation of carotenoid pathway in higher plants
p. 1423 | Naik, P. S.; Chanemougasoundharam, A.; Khurana, S. M. Paul; Kalloo, G.

Bactericidal and detoxification effects of irradiated semiconductor catalyst, TiO2
p. 1431 | Srinivasan, C.; Somasundaram, N.

Satellite telemetry and wildlife studies in India: Advantages, options and challenges
p. 1439 | Javed, Sàlim; Higuchi, Hiroyoshi; Nagendran, Meenakshi; Takekawa, John Y.

Research Articles
Racial divergence in the foreleg bristles of four members of the nasuta-albomicans complex of Drosophila
p. 1444 | Harini, B. P.; Ramachandra, N. B.

Research Communications
Plant regeneration from mesophyll protoplasts of Rorippa indica (L. ) Hiern, a wild crucifer
p. 1451 | Mandal, Palash; Sikdar, Samir Ranjan

Molecular diversity in Phyllanthus amarus assessed through RAPD analysis
p. 1454 | Jain, Neeraj; Shasany, A. K.; Sundaresan, V.; Rajkumar, S.; Darokar, M. P.; Bagchi, G. D.; Gupta, A. K.; Kumar, Sushil; Khanuja, S. P. S.

Pattern of species succession of soft-bottom macrofauna in the estuaries of Goa, west coast of India
p. 1458 | Harkantra, Sadanand N.; Rodrigues, Nimi R.

A dominant-subordinate relationship underlies the phototactic behaviour in male Clarias batrachus
p. 1465 | Pati, Atanu Kumar; Ghosh, Sreejeeta

Elephant temporal gland ultrastructure and androgen secretion during musth
p. 1467 | Rajaram, A.; Krishnamurthy, V.

Constructing 3D phylogenetic trees
p. 1471 | Milner, M.; Patwardhan, Vidya; Bansode, Ahron; Nevagi, S. A.; Kulkarni, Sucheta; Kamakaka, Rohinton; Modak, Sohan P.

Physical and mineralogical evaluation of a brick sample from an ancient altar structure in Garhwal HImalayan region
p. 1478 | Bhatnagar, J. M.; Singh, L. P.

207Pb-206Pb ages of zircons from the Nuggihalli schist belt, Dharwar craton, southern India
p. 1482 | Bidyananda, Maibam; Deomurari, M. P.; Goswami, J. N.

Palaeomagnetic dating of Sankra dyke swarm in the Malani Igneous Suite, Western Rajasthan, India
p. 1486 | Rao, G. V. S. Poornachandra; Singh, S. B.; Lakshmi, K. J. Prasanna

Food plants and feeding habits of Himalayan ungulates
p. 1492

Book Reviews
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
p. 1493 | Deekshatulu, B. L.

Earthquake Studies in Peninsular Shield Since 1993
p. 1494 | Mahadevan, T. N.

The Dynamic Structure of the Deep Earth: An Interdisciplinary Approach
p. 1495 | Rajendran, Kusala

Iladevi Cataract & IOL Research Centre
p. 1496

Government of India Ministry of Science & Technology Department of Biotechnology (DBT) AWARD OF BIOTECHNOLOGY OVERSEAS ASSOCIATESHIP: 2003-04
p. 1497

Government of India Ministry of Science & Technology Department of Biotechnology (DBT) CALL FOR RESEARCH PROPOSALS BIOTECH PRODUCT AND PROCESS DEVELOPMENT
p. 1499

p. 1500

Required: Immunologist Laboratory Director
p. 1501

Short-Term Training in Molecular Medical Microbiology
p. 1501

p. 1502

UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany
p. 1502

Hindustan Latex Limited
p. 1502

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