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Volume 86 - Issue 07: 10 Apr, 2004
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0886

Autism, vaccines and editors
p. 0887 | Balaram, P.

Writing research articles
p. 0889 | Patel, Sabita

Biophilia and the practice of science
p. 0889 | Rajaram, A.

S&T personnel database in India
p. 0890 | Rai, L. P.; Kumar, Naresh

Miles to go ...
p. 0891 | Sangwan, N. S.

The IIM imbroglio
p. 0891 | Joshi, A. W.

Work­shops on open access
p. 0892 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Primitive Jarawas or primitive scientific ethics?
p. 0893 | Kothamasi, David; Babu, Suresh

p. 0893 | Majumder, Partha P.; Sehgal, Subhash C.

Ranbaxy Science Foundation keeps up the dialogue on thorny animal experimentation issue
p. 0894 | Sen, Nirupa

K. Kasturirangan takes over as Director, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
p. 0895

Research News
Towards an effective therapy for Fanconi anaemia
p. 0896 | Singh, L. Rupachandra; Devi, S. Kunjeshwori

The biodiversity bandwagon: the splitters have it
p. 0897 | Chaitra, M. S.; Vasudevan, Karthikeyan; Shanker, Kartik

Slow pace of engineering education reforms
p. 0900

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0900

Scientific Correspondence
Expression of metallothionein 3-like protein mRNA in sorghum cultivars under chromium (VI) stress
p. 0901 | Shanker, Arun K.; Djanaguiraman, M.; Sudhagar, R.; Jayaram, K.; Pathma­nabhan, G.

Establishment of cell-suspension cultures in banana cv. Grand Naine and evaluation of its sensitivity to gamma-irradiation
p. 0902 | Kulkarni, V. M.; Ganapathi, T. R.; Bapat, V. A.; Rao, P. S.

General Articles
The Bhopal gas tragedy: An environmental disaster
p. 0905 | Sriramachari, S.

Review Articles
Composition of the solar atmosphere
p. 0921 | Mohan, A.; Dwivedi, B. N.

Valuation of medicinal plants for pharmaceutical uses
p. 0930 | Kumar, Pushpam

Research Articles
Role of atmospheric stability over the Arabian Sea and the unprecedented failure of monsoon 2002
p. 0938 | Narayanan, M. S.; Rao, B. M.; Shah, Shivani; Prasad, V. S.; Bhat, G. S.

Satellite gravity anomalies and crustal features of the Central Indian Ocean Basin
p. 0948 | Rao, D. Gopala; Krishna, K. S.; Neprochnov, Yu. P.; Grinko, B. N.

Research Communications
Resonant sum frequency generation in a semiconductor with a magnetic wiggler
p. 0958 | Singh, Meetoo; Sharma, J. K.; Parashar, J.

On solving Schrödinger equation for the ground state of a two-electron atom using genetic algorithm
p. 0960 | Saha, Rajendra; Bhattacharyya, S. P.

Signature of early ozone hole recovery during 2002
p. 0963 | Jain, S. L.; Ghude, Sachin D.; Arya, B. C.

Influenza surveillance in Pune, India: Reappearance of B/Victoria/2/87-like influenza virus strain in 2002
p. 0966 | Yeolekar, L. R.; Kulkarni, P. B.; Pawar, S. D.; Rao, B. L.

Normal ranges of some select lymphocyte sub-populations in peripheral blood of normal healthy Indians
p. 0969 | Saxena, R. K.; Choudhry, V.; Nath, I.; Das, S. N.; Paranjape, R. S.; Babu, G.; Ramlingam, S.; Mohanty, D.; Vohra, H.; Thomas, M.; Saxena, Q. B.; Ganguly, N. K.

Plant diversity in six forest types of Uttaranchal, Central Himalaya, India
p. 0975 | Ram, Jeet; Kumar, Arvind; Bhatt, Jitendra

Characterization and screening of bacteria from rhizosphere of rice grown in acidic soils of Assam
p. 0978 | Thakuria, D.; Talukdar, N. C.; Goswami, C.; Hazarika, S.; Boro, R. C.; Khan, M. R.

Overpressure detection from seismic amplitude versus offset response: An application to gas-hydrates
p. 0985 | Dash, Ranjan Kumar; Sain, Kalachand; Thakur, N. K.

Crustal structure of Delhi Fold Belt, India, from seismic reflection data
p. 0991 | Satyavani, N.; Dixit, M. M.; Reddy, P. R.

How effective is an extended Kalman filter for continuous yeast cultures affected by both inflow and measurement noise?
p. 0999 | Patnaik, P. R.

Cloning, characterization and expression of AmphiCypA, a homologue of eukaryotic cyclophilin A gene from amphioxus Branchiostoma belcheri tsingtauense
p. 1007 | Wang, L.; Zhang, S.; Liu, Z.; Li, H.; Xu, A.

Hormonal manipulation of sex in stinging catfish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)
p. 1012 | Haniffa, M. A.; Sridhar, S.; Nagarajan, M.

Isozymes and genetic divergence in the nasuta--albomicans complex of Drosophila
p. 1017 | Aruna, S.; Ranganath, H. A.

On the occurrence of Chordodes cf. furnessi (Nematomorpha) from praying mantis in India, and a note on Indian nematomorph species
p. 1023 | Schmidt-rhaesa, Andreas; Yadav, Arun K.

Book Reviews
Crop Production in Saline Environments by S. S. Goyal, S. K. Sharma and D. W. Rains
p. 1028 | Sopory, S. K.

Indian Continental Lithosphere: Emerging Research Trends by T. M. Mahadevan, B. R. Arora and K. R. Gupta
p. 1029 | Tandon, S. K.

Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration: Light Harvesting Antennas in Photosynthesis by B. R. Green and W. Parson
p. 1030 | Mohanty, Prasanna

Personal News
Sivaramakrishna Chandrasekhar
p. 1031 | Madhusudana, N. V.

Historical Notes
Robins--Magnus effect: A continuing saga
p. 1033 | Sengupta, Tapan K.; Talla, Srikanth B.

p. 1037

p. 1039

p. 1040

p. 1040

Physical Research Laboratory
p. 1041

Indo-Us Professorship Program
p. 1041

Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research
p. 1042

National Colloquium on Cave Organisms and Adaptation
p. 1042

B. V. Patel Pharmaceutical Education & Research Development (PERD) Centre (JRF and SRF)
p. 1043

B. V. Patel Pharmaceutical Education & Research Development (PERD) Centre(Ahmedabad)
p. 1043

(PERD) Centre (Ahmedabad)
p. 1043

p. 1043

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
p. 1044

Bharatidasan university
p. 1044

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