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Volume 87 - Issue 05: 10 Sep, 2004
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0548

Revisiting an old triumph
p. 0549 | Balaram, P.

Tribute to an astonishing man: Francis Crick
p. 0551 | Rajappa, Srinivasachari

Problems and prospects of accurate science reporting in the press
p. 0552 | Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy; Hsu, Minna J.

Dramatically novel ideas
p. 0552 | Gowrishankar, J.

Isolation of the geological community
p. 0553 | Roy, S. C.

Occurrence of threatened fragrant Ceropegia in Toranmal forests, Maharashtra
p. 0553 | Jagtap, S.; Deokule, S.; Watve, A.

Research News
Oxidation of iron sans oxygen fugacity: Fresh insights from lower mantle mineral chemistry
p. 0555 | Sankaran, A. V.

On-farm conservation of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture
p. 0557 | Dhillon, B. S.; Dua, R. P.; Brahmi, Pratibha; Bisth, I. S.

In Conversation
Interview with Martin Blume, Editor-in-chief, American Physical Society
p. 0560 | Ramachandran, R.

Scientific Correspondence
Vulture population decline, Diclofenac and avian gout
p. 0565 | Arun, P. R.; Azeez, P. A.

Development of a novel lyophilization protocol for preservation of mushroom mycelial cultures
p. 0568 | Singh, S. K.; Upadhyay, R. C.; Yadav, M. C.; Tiwari, Mugdha

Protective devices of the carnivorous butterfly, Spalgis epius (Westwood) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)
p. 0571 | Venkatesha, M. G.; Shashikumar, L.; Devi, S. S. Gayathri

On the efficacy of recent crus­tal images of the Indian shield from receiver functions
p. 0573 | Ramesh, D. S.

On the efficacy of recent crus­tal images of the Indian shield from receiver functions (Response)
p. 0582 | Rai, S. S.; Gupta, S.; Priestley, K.; Gaur, V. K.

General Articles
Science and technology of imaging from space
p. 0584 | Kasturirangan, K.

The importance of botanical nomenclature and synonymy in taxonomy and biodiversity
p. 0602 | Rao, M. K. Vasudeva

Review Articles
Integrating marker-assisted selection in crop breeding -- Prospects and challenges
p. 0607 | Babu, R.; Nair, Sudha K.; Prasanna, B. M.; Gupta, H. S.

Research Articles
Classical limit for quantum mechanical energy eigenfunctions
p. 0620 | Sen, D.; Sengupta, S.

GIS-based decision support system for real time water demand estimation in canal irrigation systems
p. 0628 | Rao, N. H.; Brownee, Sheena M.; Sarma, P. B. S.

Rescaled range fractal analysis of a seismogram for identification of signals from an earthquake
p. 0637 | Padhy, Simanchal

Research Communications
Electrochemical synthesis of metallic microstructures using etched ion tracksin nuclear track filters
p. 0642 | Kumar, Sanjeev; Kumar, Rajesh; Kumar, Shyam; Chakarvarthi, S. K.

Electronic biopsy for skin cancer detection
p. 0645 | Sudha, G. Florence; Palnivelu, T. Ganesa

Detecting non-uniform phosphorus distribution in ancient Indian iron by colour metallography
p. 0650 | Piccardo, P.; Ienco, M. G.; Balasubramaniam, R.; Dillmann, P.

Elemental composition of Jagannath meteorite by neutron activation analysis
p. 0654 | Nair, A. G. C.; Acharya, R.; Reddy, A. V. R.; Goswami, A.; Adur, B.; Mali, H. B.; Rathod, J.; Patil, R.; Vora, K.

A new approach to delineate the groundwater recharge zone in hard rock terrain
p. 0658 | Mondal, N. C.; Singh, V. S.

Concentric rings of radioactive halo in chlorite, Turamdih uranium deposit, Singhbhum Shear Zone, Eastern India: a possible result of 238U chain decay
p. 0662 | Pal, Dipak C.

Model studies of ocean bottom seismometer experiment for gas-hydrate exploration
p. 0667 | Rao, P. Prasada; Rajput, Sanjeev; Sridhar, A. R.; Thakur, N. K.; Reddi, S. I.

Carbon transfer between Quercus leucotrichophora and Pinus roxburghii through ecto­mycorrhizal mycelial connections
p. 0674 | Tiwari, Manoj; Singh, S. P.; Pande, Neerja; Singh, R. P.

Relationship between environmental factors and diurnal variation of bio­electric potentials of an intact jute plant
p. 0680 | Datta, Prajjal; Palit, P.

Biomass equations of dominant species of dry deciduous forest in Shivpuri district, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0683 | Kale, Manish; Singh, Sarnam; Roy, P. S.; Deosthali, Vrishali; Ghole, V. S.

Phylogenetic analysis of bacterial endophytes showing antagonism against Rhizoctonia solani
p. 0687 | Johri, B. N.; Parmeela

Species specificity as evidenced by scanning electron microscopy of fish scales
p. 0692 | Kaur, Namanpreet; Dua, Anish

Book Reviews
Strange Curves, Counting Rabbits and Other Mathematical Explorations by Keith Ball
p. 0697 | Gore, A. P.

Alzheimer Disease: Neuropsychology and Pharmacology by Gérard Emilien et al.
p. 0697 | Pandya, Sunil K.

Devil in the Mountain -- A Search for the Origin of the Andes by Simon Lamb by Simon Lamb
p. 0699 | Rajendran, C. P.

National Bioscience Awards for career development: 2004-05
p. 0701

Indo-Italian Program of Cooperation in Science & Technology
p. 0704

Nippon Foundation -- Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans
p. 0706

p. 0708

DST-Sponsored Third Winter School on Sedimentary Facies and Basin Analysis
p. 0709

p. 0710

p. 0711

p. 0711

Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, India
p. 0712

Physical Research Laboratory
p. 0713

p. 0713

Spinco Biotech Pvt Ltd
p. 0714

Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology
p. 0714

p. 0715

4th course on application of remote sensing and geographic information systems for mineral exploration
p. 0715

p. 0716

Proposal Invited for New Idea Fund
p. 0716

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