Current Science
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Volume 87 - Issue 10: 25 Nov, 2004
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1317

The Stages of Scientists
p. 1319 | Balaram, P.

Rediscovery of Caulerpa lentillifera: A potential food alga from Samiani Island, West coast of India
p. 1321 | Mantri, Vaibhav A.

Cataloguing Indian biota
p. 1321 | Chandra, Kailash

Indian famines revisited
p. 1322 | Krishnapillai, M.

Indian famines revisited (Response)
p. 1323 | Bhatia, C. R.

Turmeric and curcumin
p. 1324 | Devi, R. Sudha; Rao, E. Venkata

Meeting Report
A celebration of science
p. 1325 | De, Minakshi

Seismic microzonation of Jabalpur Urban Centre: An experiment
p. 1327 | Rajendran, Kusala

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1328

Perceived bias against Āyurvéda
p. 1329 | Parasnis, A. S.

Rice-wheat cropping system - Food security and sustainability
p. 1334 | Prasad, Rajendra; Nagarajan, S.

FISH reveals somatic association of nucleolus organizing regions in Plantago ovata
p. 1336 | Dhar, M. K.; Kaul, S.

Scientific Correspondence
Vombisidris humboldticola (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): a new arboreal ant species from an Indian ant plant
p. 1337 | Zacharias, Merry; Rajan, Priyadarsanan Dharma

Antibiotic exposure to minimize microbial load in live feed Isochrysis galbana used for larval rearing of Indian pearl oyster Pinctada fucata
p. 1339 | Subhash, S. K.; Lipton, A. P.; Raj, R. Paul

General Articles
Astrobiology - A new emerging field of biological sciences
p. 1341 | Banerjee, Meenakshi; Sharma, B. Debkumari

Review Articles
Molecular epidemiology of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in India
p. 1345 | Wani, S. A.; Pandit, F.; Samanta, I.; Bhat, M. A.; Buchh, A. S.

Special Section: Geotechnics and Earthquake Hazards (Guest Editor: T. G. Sitharam)
Site-specific ground response analysis
p. 1354 | Govindaraju, L.; Ramana, G. V.; HanumanthaRao, C.; Sitharam, T. G.

Nonlinear site response and strain-dependent soil properties
p. 1363 | Kokusho, Takaji

Dynamic properties and liquefaction potential of soils
p. 1370 | Sitharam, T. G.; Govindaraju, L.; Sridharan, A.

Dynamic properties and liquefaction behaviour of granular materials using discrete element method
p. 1379 | Dinesh, S. V.; Sitharam, T. G.; Vinod, J. S.

Seismic site characterization for nuclear structures and power plants
p. 1388 | Boominathan, A.

Shaking table tests in earthquake geotechnical engineering
p. 1398 | Prasad, S. K.; Towhata, I.; Chandradhara, G. P.; Nanjundaswamy, P.

Modelling of earthquake damage using geotechnical centrifuges
p. 1405 | Madabhushi, S. P. Gopal

Seismic design of earth-retaining structures and foundations
p. 1417 | Choudhury, Deepankar; Sitharam, T. G.; Rao, K. S. Subba

Seismic base isolation - An overview
p. 1426 | Deb, Sajal Kanti

Research Articles
Diversity of filamentous fungi on decomposing leaf and woody litter of mangrove forests in the southwest coast of India
p. 1431 | Ananda, K.; Sridhar, K. R.

Research Communications
Human leucocyte antigen matching and donor selection for sibling bone marrow trans­plan­tation in India
p. 1438 | Vidhyalakshmi, A.; Shanmugalakshmi, S.; Chandra, S.; Vani, S.; Kamalakannan, R.; Mathuram, G.; Manoharan, K.; Mukherjee, A.; Das, M. K.; Pitchappan, RM.

Green hairy root cultures of Solanum khasianum Clarke - a new route to in vitro solasodine production
p. 1442 | Jacob, Asha; Malpathak, Nutan

Assessment of habitat loss in Kameng and Sonitpur Elephant Reserves
p. 1447 | Kushwaha, S. P. S.; Hazarika, Rubul

Ca and Sr dynamics in the Indo-Gangetic plains: Different sources and mobilization processes in northwestern India
p. 1453 | Tripathi, Jayant K.; Bock, Barbara; Rajamani, V.; Eisenhauer, A.

Occurrence of xenotime in the Narasapur beach placers, West Godavari District, AP
p. 1458 | Subrahmanyam, A. V.; Desapati, T.; Kumar, V. Anil; Deshmukh, R. D.; Viswanathan, G.

Book Reviews
Concise Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology by P. Vidhyasekaran
p. 1462 | Kranthi, K. R.

An Introduction to Linear and Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis - A Computational Approach by Prem K. Kythe and Dongming Wei
p. 1463 | Prathap, Gangan

Personal News
Panchanan Maheshwari
p. 1464 | Rau, M. Anantaswamy

N. K. Anant Rao (1915-2004)
p. 1465 | Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Historical Notes
Lt. Col. M. L. Ferrar - The 'butterfly mad' Chief Commissioner of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
p. 1467 | Mohanraj, Prashanth; Veenakumari, K.

Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD)
p. 1470

p. 1473

Joint Entrance Screening Test - 2005
p. 1476

Swarnajayanti Fellowships 2004-05
p. 1478

Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 1480

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
p. 1481

High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF)
p. 1482

Vector Control Research Centre
p. 1484

p. 1484

University of Hyderabad
p. 1484

Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD)
p. 1484

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