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Volume 87 - Issue 7: 10 Oct, 2004
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0845

Drug discovery: Myth and reality
p. 0847 | Balaram, P.

Palk Bay: A future industrial complex site?
p. 0849 | Cathcart, Richard Brook

Appropriate sampling design in palaeobotany for correlating floristics with stratigraphy
p. 0850 | Srivastava, A. K.

Is there anything like 'Indian Science'?
p. 0851 | Sahni, Ashok

Ramaseshan Fellowships
p. 0852 | Agnab, Erol

New Head for DRDO
p. 0852 | Moza, Monika Koul

Luring women back to science -- DST's Women Scientists Scheme
p. 0852 | Moza, Monika Koul

Research News
Gas flow over solid surfaces generates electric current
p. 0854 | Bhattacharya, Papiya

Genetic transformation of human cells by a soil phytopathogen presents common molecular strategies
p. 0856 | Hannur, Vageeshbabu S.

HIV/AIDS in the developing world
p. 0857 | Krishnan, V.

Pulse yields: Feeling the pulse
p. 0859 | Brahmaprakash, G. P.; Chandraprakash, J.; Ganeshaiah, K. N.; Shaanker, R. Uma

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0862

Scientific Correspondence
A seismogenic active fault in the western Himalaya
p. 0863 | Joshi, D. D.

Fossil chromosomes in an extinct Gondwanan seed plant (Pentoxylon)
p. 0865 | Bonde, S. D.; Varghese, P.; Kumaran, K. P. N.; Shindikar, M. R.; Gamre, P. G.

Record of new petrified epiphyllous fungi (Polyhyphaethyrites) from the Deccan Intertrappean beds of Mohgaon Kalan, Madhya Pradesh, India
p. 0866 | Srivastava, Rashmi; Kar, R. K.

First record of euendolithic biota from the basal part of Tal Group in Himachal Lesser Himalaya, India
p. 0868 | Shukla, Manoj; Babu, Rupendra; Mathur, V. K.; Srivastava, D. K.

Diverse genetic bases of Indian polyembryonic and monoembryonic mango (Mangifera indica L) cultivars
p. 0870 | Ravishankar, K. V.; Chandrashekara, P.; Sreedhara, S. A.; Dinesh, M. R.; Anand, Lalitha; Saiprasad, G. V. S.

Stylar movement avoids self-pollination and promotes cross-pollination in Eremurus himalaicus
p. 0872 | Verma, Susheel; Magotra, Rani; Koul, A. K.

General Articles
The role of alliance in modern biotech industries in developing countries
p. 0874 | Ghosh, Prasanta K.

Sophistication in distributed denial-of-service attacks on the Internet
p. 0885 | Kumar, V. Anil

Special Section: Application of S&T to Rural Areas (Guest Editor: N. H. Ravindranath)
Science and technology for rural India
p. 0889 | Reddy, Amulya K. N.

Sustainable building technologies
p. 0899 | Reddy, B. V. Venkatarama

Biomass gasification technology -- a route to meet energy needs
p. 0908 | Dasappa, S.; Paul, P. J.; Mukunda, H. S.; Rajan, N. K. S.; Sridhar, G.; Sridhar, H. V.

Evolving biomass-based biogas plants: The ASTRA experience
p. 0917 | Chanakya, H. N.; Rajabapaiah, P.; Modak, J. M.

The development and dissemination of efficient domestic cook stoves and other devices in Karnataka
p. 0926 | Jagadish, K. S.

Sustainable biomass power for rural India: Case study of biomass gasifier for village electrification
p. 0932 | Ravindranath, N. H.; Somashekar, H. I.; Dasappa, S.; Reddy, C. N. Jayasheela

Water quality in sustainable water management
p. 0942 | Rao, Sudhakar M.; Mamatha, P.

GIS-based technologies for watershed management
p. 0948 | Gosain, A. K.; Rao, Sandhya

Strategies for rural poverty alleviation in India: A perspective based on remote sensing and GIS-based nationwide wasteland mapping
p. 0954 | Srivastava, S. K.; Dutt, C. B. S.; Nagaraja, R.; Bandyopadhyay, S.; Rani, H. C. Meena; Hegde, V. S.; Jayaraman, V.

Information and communication technologies and poverty alleviation
p. 0960 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Alternative approaches to delivery of medical technology for rural health
p. 0967 | Antia, Noshir H.

Research Communications
Sorbates in carbon nanotubes: Transition from diffusive to superdiffusive motion
p. 0971 | Bhide, Shreyas Y.; Ghosh, Debashree; Yashonath, S.; Ananthakrishna, G.

Oxyboron complexes of C60-fullerene: a new direction in fullerene chemistry
p. 0975 | Debnath, Radhaballabh; Sahoo, Rampada

Pyrolysis of rice husk
p. 0981 | Bharadwaj, Anshu; Wang, Y.; Sridhar, S.; Arunachalam, V. S.

Accumulation of the periplasmic protein alkaline phosphatase in cell cytosol induces heat shock response in E. coli
p. 0986 | Chaudhuri, Sujan; Jana, Bimal; Sarkar, Suchitra; Basu, Tarakdas

On the recurrence of Noctiluca scintillans bloom in Minnie Bay, Port Blair: Impact on water quality and bioactivity of extracts
p. 0990 | Dharani, G.; Nazar, A. K. Abdul; Kanagu, L.; Venkateshwaran, P.; Kumar, T. S.; Ratnam, Krupa; Venkatesan, R.; Ravindran, M.

Quartz C-axes and metastable phases in the metamorphic rocks of Almora Nappe: Evidence of Pre-Himalayan signatures
p. 0995 | Joshi, Mallickarjun; Tiwari, A. N.

Origin of oceanic plagiogranite in the Nidar ophiolitic sequence of eastern Ladakh, India
p. 0999 | Rao, D. Rameshwar; Rai, Hakim; Kumar, J. Senthil

Predatory bugs of Zygogramma bicolorata Pallister: An exotic beetle for biological suppression of Parthenium hysterophorus L.
p. 1005 | Gupta, R. K.; Khan, M. S.; Bali, Kamlesh; Monobrullah, Md.; Bhagat, R. M.

Book Reviews
Hysteresis Machines by N. D. Sharma and R. E. Bedford
p. 1011 | Gupta, D. P. Sen

Regional Groundwater Modeling M Thangarajan
p. 1011 | Sridhara, K.

Personal News
V. M. Thakor
p. 1012 | Shah, Anamik

Historical Notes
Four hundredth anniversary of Kepler's supernova
p. 1013 | Vishwanath, P. R.

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
p. 1016

p. 1017

p. 1018

p. 1018

Nagaland University
p. 1019

p. 1019

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