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Volume 87 - Issue 8: 25 Oct, 2004
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1026

The Deepening Tragedy of the Commons
p. 1027 | Balaram, P.

Gero (geronto) phobia and Indian science
p. 1029 | Rao, Kalluri Subba

Decline of science in India
p. 1029 | Kothari, L. S.

Astrology and science awareness
p. 1030 | Chattopadhyay, M. K.

Interlinking of rivers: Ecologists wake up!
p. 1030 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit

Landslides at Karnaprayag: Another Uttarkashi in the making?
p. 1031 | Uniyal, Aniruddha

NIPER has new Director
p. 1033

EDUSAT - the Indian satellite for edu­cat­ion
p. 1034 | De, Minakshi

Research News
A new antimalarial candidate
p. 1035 | Walawalkar, Mrinalini G.

Bridging the gap but breaking the rule: a tunicate twists the hox puzzle
p. 1038 | Mishra, Rakesh K.

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1040

Statement on human cloning
p. 1041

Scientific Correspondence
Sink improvement for deep water rice
p. 1043 | Mallik, S.; Sen, S. N.; Chatterjee, S. D.; Nandi, S.; Dutta, A.; Sarkarung, S.

Spongy tissue in Alphonso mango - significance of in situ seed germination events
p. 1045 | Ravindra, V.; Shivashankar, S.

Crinum woodrowii Baker (Amaryllidaceae), hitherto assumed to be extinct, rediscovered after a century from Mahabaleshwar, India
p. 1049 | Punekar, Sachin A.; Kavade, Shrinath P.; Datar, Mandar N.; Lakshminarasimhan, P.; Rao, P. S. N.

Inheritance of floral traits in spontaneous mutant in rice (Oryza sativa L. )
p. 1051 | Pandian, R. Thanga; Thiyagarajan, K.

Occurrence of fossil fungi in dinosaur dung and its implication on food habit
p. 1053 | Kar, R. K.; Sharma, N.; Kar, Ratan

Brown lacewing, Micromus igorotus Banks - a potential predator of sugarcane woolly aphid
p. 1056 | Lingappa, S.; Patil, R. K.; Mulimane, Vidya; Ramegowda, G. K.

Rapid survey of status of salt iodization and urinary iodine excretion levels in Karnataka, India
p. 1058 | Kapil, Umesh; Singh, Preeti; Pathak, Priyali

General Articles
The case for the first Indian robotic mission to the Moon
p. 1061 | Foing, Bernard H.

Free-electron lasers
p. 1066 | Krishnagopal, Srinivas; Kumar, Vinit; Maiti, Sudipta; Prabhu, S. S.; Sarkar, S. K.

Algal blooms in the seas around India - Networking for research and outreach
p. 1079 | Bhat, S. R.; Matondkar, S. G. Prabhu

Review Articles
Nitrification inhibitors for controlling methane emission from submerged rice soils
p. 1084 | Sahrawat, K. L.

Research Articles
Analysis of spherical indentation of linear viscoelastic materials
p. 1088 | Kumar, M. V. Ramesh; Narasimhan, R.

Modelling adaptability of cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) to Bt-cotton in India
p. 1096 | Kranthi, K. R.; Kranthi, N. R.

Research Communications
Simultaneous measurements of SO2, NO2, HNO3 and NH3: seasonal and spatial variations
p. 1108 | Kumar, Ranjit; Gupta, A.; Kumari, K. Maharaj; Srivastava, S. S.

Identification of potential sites for in situ conservation of landraces associated with forest ecosystem - Geomatics approach
p. 1115 | Ravan, Shirish; Kale, Manish; Roy, P. S.

A signal of increased vegetation activity of India from 1981 to 2001 observed using satellite-derived fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation
p. 1122 | Pandya, M. R.; Singh, R. P.; Dadhwal, V. K.

High molecular similarity among Indian isolates of Cucumber mosaic virus suggests a common origin
p. 1126 | Srivastava, A.; Raj, S. K.

A record of live corals along the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat, Arabian Sea
p. 1131 | Raghunathan, C.; Gupta, R. Sen; Wangikar, U.; Lakhmapurkar, J.

Dermal ulcers and hypertension in salt workers
p. 1139 | Haldiya, Kripa Ram; Mathur, Murli L.; Sachdev, Raman; Saiyed, Habibulla N.

Is River Ghaggar, Saraswati? Geochemical constraints
p. 1141 | Tripathi, Jayant K.; Bock, Barbara; Rajamani, V.; Eisenhauer, A.

Book Reviews
Auxiliary Signal Design for Failure Detection by Stephen L. Campbell and Ramine Nikoukhah
p. 1146 | Hari, K. V. S.

Ramanujan - Essays and Surveys by Bruce B. Berndt and Robert A. Rankin
p. 1146 | Raghunathan, M. S.

Calcium Channel Blockers by T. Godfraind
p. 1147 | Sikdar, S. K.

Personal News
Prabahan Kemal Kabir (1933-2004)
p. 1149 | Mitra, A. N.

Raja Ramanna - Down the memory lane
p. 1150 | Sreekantan, B. V.

Raja Ramanna - A personal tribute
p. 1152 | Rao, K. R.

2nd Advanced School on Nanoscience and Technology
p. 1155

Central Drug Research Institute
p. 1156

Orissa Bigyan Academy
p. 1157

Department of Environment
p. 1157

p. 1158

Arunachal University
p. 1158

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