Current Science
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Volume 89 - Issue 06: 25 Sep, 2005
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0914

DBT's National Strategy for the Development of Biotechnology
p. 0915 | Muralidhar, K.

Spirit of bushido
p. 0917 | Rajanikanth, A.

Indian wisdom and aging research
p. 0917 | Rao, Kalluri Subba

Plagiarism: A librarian's view
p. 0918 | Singh, S. N.

The Valley of Flowers - A newly declared World Heritage Site
p. 0919 | Kala, Chandra Prakash

Antidiabetic effect of Annona squamosa (L. )
p. 0920 | Shirwaikar, Annie

A commentary on scientific integrity
p. 0921 | Rajendran, C. P.

A commentary on scientific integrity(Response)
p. 0921 | Jade, Sridevi

The Bhopal gas tragedy: Evidence for cyanide poisoning not convincing
p. 0923 | Gassert, Thomas H.; Dhara, V. Ramana

The Bhopal gas tragedy: Evidence for cyanide poisoning not convincing(Response)
p. 0924 | Sriramachari, S.

Microbial diversity
p. 0926 | Satyanarayana, T.

Unconventional pests
p. 0929 | De, Minakshi

Research News
Rice blast fungus sequenced
p. 0930 | Roy-barman, Subhankar; Chattoo, Bharat B.

It's all in your colour
p. 0932 | Bhattacharya, Dyuti

Scientific Correspondence
Plant proteins in fish feed: An additional analysis
p. 0934 | Krishnankutty, N.

Differential rooting and sprouting behaviour of two Jatropha species and associated physiological and biochemical changes
p. 0936 | Kochhar, Sunita; Kochhar, V. K.; Singh, S. P.; Katiyar, R. S.; Pushpangadan, P.

The first dolphin fossil from the Miocene of Korea
p. 0939 | Lim, Jong-deock

General Articles
Ancient shell industry at Bet Dwarka Island
p. 0941 | Gaur, A. S.; Sundaresh; Patankar, Vardhan

Ernst Mayr and evolutionary biology: Polemics and synthesis
p. 0947 | Borges, Renee M.

Review Articles
Oryza glaberrima: A source for the improvement of Oryza sativa
p. 0955 | Sarla, N.; Swamy, B. P. Mallikarjuna

Emerging paradigms of tree phenology in dry tropics
p. 0964 | Singh, K. P.; Kushwaha, C. P.

Research Articles
Habitat and microhabitat distribution of stream insect communities of the Western Ghats
p. 0976 | Subramanian, K. A.; Sivaramakrishnan, K. G.

Electrochemical behaviour of microbes on orthodontic wires
p. 0988 | Maruthamuthu, S.; Rajasekar, A.; Sathiyanarayanan, S.; Muthukumar, N.; Palaniswamy, N.

Research Communications
A new precision improvement in zenith tropospheric delay estimation by GPS
p. 0997 | Jin, S. G.; Park, P. H.

Efficient microwave-assisted hydrolysis of triolein and synthesis of bioester, bio-surfactant and glycerides using Aspergillus carneus lipase
p. 1000 | Saxena, R. K.; Isar, Jasmine; Saran, Saurabh; Kaushik, Rekha; Davidson, Winlet Sheeba

Assay of snake venom phospholipase A2 using scattering mode of a spectrofluorimeter
p. 1004 | Maity, Gargi; Bhattacharyya, Debasish

Germination improvement in Swertia angustifolia: a high value medicinal plant of Himalaya
p. 1008 | Bhatt, Arvind; Rawal, R. S.; Dhar, Uppeandra

Direct and high frequency somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from hypocotyls of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L. ), a grain legume
p. 1012 | Kiran, G.; Kaviraj, C. P.; Jogeswar, G.; Kishor, P. B. Kavi; Rao, Srinath

Matting rush (Schoenoplectus lacustris (Linn. ) Palla): Status, utility, threat, cultivation and conservation options in Manipur
p. 1018 | Jain, Alka; Roshnibala, S.; Rajshree, K.; Sharma, H. Nandiram; Kanjilal, P. B.; Singh, H. Birkumar

Use of timber in shipbuilding industry: Identification and analysis of timber from shipwrecks off Goa coast, India
p. 1022 | Tripati, Sila; Sujatha, M.; Rao, R. Vijendra; Rao, K. Satyanarayana

Combined effect of gamma radiation and Azadirachtin on the growth and developĀ­ment of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius)
p. 1027 | Sharma, A. K.; Seth, R. K.

Application of lichenometry to slided materials in the Higher Himalayan landslide zone
p. 1032 | Gupta, Vikram

Book Reviews
Herbs for Good Health ; Organic Cotton Cultivation. ; Organic Paddy Cultivation. by T. D. Nirmala Devi Et Al. and K. Vijayalakshmi Et Al
p. 1037 | Prasad, Rajendra

Handbook of Industrial Crops by V. L. Chopra and K. V. Peter (eds)
p. 1037 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

p. 1039

Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development
p. 1043

Synthite Industrial Chemicals Limited
p. 1046

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research
p. 1048

p. 1049

Excellent Opportunity for Plastics Professionals
p. 1050

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
p. 1051

p. 1052

Birla Institute of Scientific Research
p. 1053

Department of Physics
p. 1053

Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation
p. 1054

Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute
p. 1054

Mission 2007 Secretariat
p. 1055

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
p. 1055

Orissa Bigyan Academy
p. 1056

p. 1056

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