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Volume 90 - Issue 10: 25 May, 2006
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1304

Guest Editorial
Reaching for the skies
p. 1305 | Nityananda, Rajaram

Are we not solicited and/or contributing in life sciences?
p. 1307 | Rao, A. S.

Ethics in scientific research
p. 1307 | Bhojwani, Jyoti

Absurd patents – Are they really useful?
p. 1308 | Janodia, Manthan D.; Rao, J. Venkata; Udupa, N.

What is an endophytic fungus?
p. 1309 | Maheshwari, Ramesh

Meeting Report
Key issues in the conservation of marine biodiversity
p. 1310 | Vencatesan, Jayshree

Research News
Tailor-made stem cells
p. 1311 | Bhojwani, Jyoti

Endophytes to the rescue of plants!
p. 1315 | Johri, Bhavdish N.

Indo-US nuclear agreement: expectations and concerns
p. 1316 | Srinivasan, M. R.

University science education and deemed universities
p. 1320 | Srivastava, P. N.

Water and science in India
p. 1321 | Narasimhan, T. N.

Scientific Correspondence
Artemisinin drugs in the treatment of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in India
p. 1323 | Sharma, V. P.

General Articles
Marine microbial diversity and ecology: importance and future perspectives
p. 1325 | Das, Surajit; Lyla, P. S.; Khan, S. Ajmal

Review Articles
Can carrot and Arabidopsis serve as model systems to study the molecular biology of somatic embryogenesis?
p. 1336 | Raghavan, V.

Research Articles
Observational/forecasting aspects of the meteorological event that caused a record highest rainfall in Mumbai
p. 1344 | Jenamani, Rajendra Kumar; Bhan, S. C.; Kalsi, S. R.

Palaeoceanographic and palaeoclimatic history of ODP site 763A (Exmouth Plateau), southeast Indian Ocean: 2. 2 Ma record of planktic foraminifera
p. 1363 | Sinha, Devesh K.; Singh, Ashutosh Kumar; Tiwari, Manish

Potential elevation-controlled rock-fall velocity zoning in a part of Garhwal Himalayas and risk perception
p. 1370 | Pachauri, A. K.; Bhushan, Bharat; Singh, Amit Pal

Research Communications
Physics and chemistry of photocatalytic titanium dioxide: Visualization of bactericidal activity using atomic force microscopy
p. 1378 | Banerjee, S.; Gopal, Judy; Muraleedharan, P.; Tyagi, A. K.; Raj, Baldev

Development of pollinium in two epidendroid orchids
p. 1384 | Bhanwra, R. K.; Vij, S. P.; Chandel, Vivek; Ravikant; Dutt, Sunil

Psychrophilic fungi from Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica
p. 1388 | Singh, S. M.; Puja, G.; Bhat, D. J.

Micropropagation of Indian laurel (Calophyllum inophyllum), a source of anti-HIV compounds
p. 1393 | Thengane, S. R.; Bhosle, S. V.; Deodhar, S. R.; Pawar, K. D.; Kulkarni, D. K.

Influence of northeasterly trade winds on intensity of winter bloom in the Northern Arabian Sea
p. 1397 | Dwivedi, R. M.; Raman, Mini; Parab, Sushma; Matondkar, S. G. P.; Nayak, Shailesh

Crustal structure at the epicentral zone of the 2005 Kashmir (Muzaffarabad) earthquake and seismotectonic significance of lithospheric flexure
p. 1406 | Mishra, D. C.; Rajasekhar, R. P.

Development and implementation of cellular-based real-time reporting and Internet accessible coastal sea-level gauge – A vital tool for monitoring storm surge and tsunami
p. 1413 | Prabhudesai, R. G.; Joseph, Antony; Agarvadekar, Yogesh; Dabholkar, Nitin; Mehra, Prakash; Gouveia, Albert; Tengali, Suryakant; Vijaykumar; Parab, Abijith

Imaging trench-line disruptions: swath mapping of the Andaman subduction zone
p. 1418 | Chakraborty, Bishwajit; Mukhopadhyay, Ranadhir

Physical parameters of hydrated sediments estimated from marine seismic reflection data
p. 1421 | Ghosh, Ranjana; Ojha, Maheswar; Sain, Kalachand; Thakur, N. K.

Assessing soil loss by water erosion in Jamni River Basin, Bundelkhand region, India, adopting universal soil loss equation using GIS
p. 1431 | Singh, Ram; Phadke, V. S.

Book Reviews
Story of the Delhi Iron Pilla
p. 1436 | Sathyamurthy, N.

Fundamentals of Biochemistry
p. 1436 | Ramasarma, T.

Personal News
Barry Ramachandra Rao (1922-2005)
p. 1438

Government of India BOYSCAST FELLOWSHIP FOR THE YEAR 2006-07
p. 1440

Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI)
p. 1442

Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore
p. 1443

p. 1444

Invitation of Application for Participation of Young Earth Science Researchers in the DST Group Monitoring Meeting
p. 1444

Indo-French Research Collaboration
p. 1445

Mangalore University
p. 1445

Anthropological Survey of India
p. 1446

International Symposium on Materials Chemistry
p. 1446

Advertisement for the post of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Technical Assistant (TA)
p. 1447

p. 1447

No. BARC/Proj. /2006/dated 10-05-06 Fourth Cover
p. 1447

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