Current Science
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Volume 91 - Issue 09: 10 Nov, 2006
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1124

Relevance of National Eligibility Test in science
p. 1125 | Dharmapalan, Biju

Guest Editorial
Back to the future
p. 1125 | Ranganathan, S.

Plant identity crisis in Indian systems of medicine
p. 1125 | Srivastava, R. C.

Teachers' retirement age
p. 1126 | Joshi, Y. P.

High elevation springs - who owns them?
p. 1126 | Naik, Pradeep K.; Prakash, Dinesh

Pharma research for tropical diseases
p. 1127 | John, Jacob E.

The century of mind
p. 1127 | Raghavan, G. Narasimha

Genes, life and empire
p. 1128 | Kannabiran, Chitra

XI Plan, higher education and recommendations of the science academies
p. 1130 | Lakhotia, S. C.; Pental, Deepak

Soil in action
p. 1131 | Sridharan, A.

Scientific Correspondence
Role of physical processes in the distribution of chlorophyll a in the northwest Bay of Bengal during pre- and post-monsoon seasons
p. 1133 | Sarma, V. V. S. S.; Sadhuram, Y.; Sravanthi, N. A.; Tripathy, S. C.

Need for earthquake-resistant design of harbour structures in India in view of their performance during the 2004 Sumatra earthquake
p. 1134 | Mondal, Goutam; Rai, Durgesh C.

Impatiens clavata Bhaskar sp. nov. - a new scapigerous balsam (Balsaminaceae) from Bisle Ghat, Western Ghats, South India
p. 1138 | Bhaskar, V.

A new species of Ceropegia L. (Asclepiadaceae) from the Western Ghats of India with a note on series Attenuatae Huber
p. 1140 | Malpure, Nilesh V.; Kamble, Mayur Y.; Yadav, S. R.

A new variety of Ceropegia oculata Hook. (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae) from Satpuda hill ranges of Maharashtra, India
p. 1142 | Punekar, Sachin A.; Jagtap, Suresh D.; Deokule, Subhash S.

Echolocation sounds of the painted bat Kerivoula picta (Vespertilionidae)
p. 1145 | Sripathi, K.; Raghuram, H.; Nathan, P. Thiruchenthil

General Articles
Oil depletion in the world
p. 1148 | Korpela, Seppo A.

Marine pollution detection through biomarkers in marine bivalves
p. 1153 | Verlecar, X. N.; Pereira, N.; Desai, S. R.; Jena, K. B.; Snigdha

Review Articles
Stem cells and diabetes
p. 1158 | Sameer, Mahmood; Balasubramanyam, Muthuswamy; Mohan, Viswanathan

Research Account
Exocyclic coordination and translocation of metal ions in laterally non-symmetric aza cryptands
p. 1166 | Bag, Bamaprasad; Mukhopadhyay, Pritam; Bharadwaj, Parimal K.

Research Articles
A new shared protection scheme in optical network
p. 1176 | Sahu, P. P.

Software-assisted preparation and assessment of individual education plans for disabled individuals
p. 1184 | Sahin, Yasar Guneri

Application of a radial basis function neural network for diagnosis of diabetes mellitus
p. 1195 | Venkatesan, P.; Anitha, S.

Aerosol perturbations related to volcanic eruptions during the past few centuries as recorded in an ice core from the Central Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
p. 1200 | Thamban, M.; Chaturvedi, A.; Rajakumar, A.; Naik, S. S.; Shrivastava, J. P.; Singh, A.; Rajan, S.; Ravindra, R.; Dsouza, W.

Solvent frictional forces in the rotational diffusion of proteins in water
p. 1208 | Bagchi, Biman; Mukherjee, Arnab

Research Communications
Observing long-term changes in rice phenology using NOAA-AVHRR and DMSP-SSM/I satellite sensor measurements in Punjab, India
p. 1217 | Singh, R. P.; Oza, S. R.; Pandya, M. R.

IgG4-reactive low molecular weight antigens from Setaria digitata adult parasites have immunodiagnostic potential in lymphatic filariasis
p. 1221 | Mohanty, B. P.; Dalai, S. K.; Kar, S. K.

Molecular characterization of specialty mushrooms of western Rajasthan, India
p. 1225 | Singh, S. K.; Doshi, Anila; Yadav, M. C.; Kamal, Shwet

RT-PCR detection and molecular characterization of Onion yellow dwarf virus associated with garlic and onion
p. 1230 | Arya, Meenakshi; Baranwal, V. K.; Ahlawat, Y. S.; Singh, Lokendra

Pollination biology of Ceriops decandra (Griff. ) Ding Hou (Rhizophoraceae), an important true viviparous mangrove tree species
p. 1235 | Raju, A. J. Solomon; Jonathan, K. Henry; Lakshmi, A. Vijaya

Quantitative assessment and traditional uses of high value medicinal plants in Chhota Bhangal area of Himachal Pradesh, western Himalaya
p. 1238 | Uniyal, Sanjay Kr.; Kumar, Amit; Lal, Brij; Singh, R. D.

Evidence of ancient sea surges at the Mamallapuram coast of India and implications for previous Indian Ocean tsunami events
p. 1242 | Rajendran, C. P.; Rajendran, Kusala; Machado, Terry; Satyamurthy, T.; Aravazhi, P.; Jaiswal, Manoj

Characterization of clay minerals in the Brahmaputra river sediments, Assam, India
p. 1247 | Kotoky, P.; Bezbaruah, D.; Baruah, J.; Borah, G. C.; Sarma, J. N.

Characterization of fluid involved in ultramafic rocks along the Rakhabdev Lineament from southern Rajasthan, northwest India
p. 1251 | Bhu, Harsh; Sarkar, Arindam; Purohit, Ritesh; Banerjee, Amlan

In situ observations on preferential grazing of seaweeds by some herbivores
p. 1256 | Ganesan, M.; Thiruppathi, S.; Sahu, Nivedita; Rengarajan, N.; Veeragurunathan, V.; Jha, Bhavanath

Microcystin toxicity in a freshwater fish, Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)
p. 1261 | Gupta, U. S.; Guha, Shubhra

Book Reviews
An Introduction to Taxonomy by T. C. Narendran
p. 1272 | Kumar, A. Biju

Personal News
L. Elizabeth. L. (Bets) Rasmussen (1938-2006)
p. 1273 | Santiapillai, Charles

Joint Entrance Screening Test - 2007
p. 1275

ICAR Awards, 2006
p. 1278

Swarnajayanti Fellowships 2006-07
p. 1281

p. 1283

Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund
p. 1285

p. 1287

Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH)
p. 1288

Sixth Course on Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for Mineral Exploration
p. 1289

p. 1290

Institute of Life Sciences - Career Opportunities for Scientists in Life Sciences
p. 1291

Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut - Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding
p. 1291

Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology
p. 1292

Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany
p. 1292

DST Advanced School on Nanoscience and Nanobiology
p. 1293

DBT Sponsored Training Workshop on 'Plant Tissue Culture, Genetic Transformation, and Genome Analysis with Molecular Markers and PCR Walking', 4th to 23rd December 2006, The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi
p. 1293

Centre for Laser Spectroscopy
p. 1294

Orissa Bigyan Academy
p. 1294

University of Mysore, Mysore - Short-term training programme in Biotechnology
p. 1295

p. 1295

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing Second cover Announcements
p. 1295

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