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Volume 91 - Issue 11: 10 Dec, 2006
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In this issue
p. 1434

Guest Editorial
Crisis in the Universities: Increasing funding gap between Universities and National Labora­tories/Scientific Research Institutions
p. 1435 | Hasnain, Seyed E.

Amateur researchers: A vast untapped potential
p. 1437 | Pandey, Kartikay

Minds that live for…
p. 1437 | Ramkrishna, K.

Time to publish: The scientific efficiency of nations
p. 1438 | Prathap, Gangan

Hirsch-type indices for ranking institutions' scientific research output
p. 1439 | Prathap, Gangan

Panchanan Mitra
p. 1439 | Bose, Kaushik

Recreational use value of Chandigarh city's urban forestry
p. 1440 | Chaudhry, Pradeep

Malaria - the cause of heartburn among scientists and funding agencies alike
p. 1441 | Devasahayam, Mercy

Herbal gardens in schools
p. 1442 | Kala, Chandra Prakash; Sajwan, Bikram Singh

RNA interference - gene silencing by double-stranded RNA: The 2006 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
p. 1443 | Gupta, P. K.

Free-electron lasers and their applications
p. 1446 | Krishnagopal, Srinivas

Research News
Crystal structure prediction - evolutionary or revolutionary crystallography?
p. 1448 | Chaplot, S. L.; Rao, K. R.

Revisit to definitions and need for inventorization or registration of landrace, folk, farmers' and traditional
p. 1451 | Saxena, Sanjeev; Singh, Anurudh K.

Wastelands: is it time to rethink?
p. 1454 | Vencatesan, Jayshree

Scientific Correspondence
Utility of magnetic data in delineation of groundwater potential zones in hard rock terrain
p. 1456 | Kumar, Dewashish; Krishnamurthy, N. S.; Nayak, G. K.; Ahmed, Shakeel

Suppression of deleterious bacteria by rhizobacteria and subsequent improvement of germination and growth of tomato seedlings
p. 1458 | Jagadeesh, K. S.; Krishnaraj, P. U.; Kulkarni, J. H.

Molecular phylogeny of Cotesia species (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) inferred from a 16S gene
p. 1460 | Rattan, Rameshwar Singh; Reineke, A.; Hadapad, Ashok B.; Gupta, P. R.; Zebitz, C. P. W.

Clonal propagation of bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus)
p. 1462 | Reddy, G. M.

Scale structure of a cobitid fish, Cobitis linea (Heckel, 1849) using different modes of SEM
p. 1464 | Johal, M. S.; Esmaeili, Hamid Reza; Sharma, M. L.

General Articles
Autoencoder networks for HIV classification
p. 1467 | Betechuoh, Brain Leke; Marwala, Tshilidzi; Tettey, Thando

Sethusamudram ship channel macroproject: Anti-tsunami and storm surge textile arrestors protecting Palk Bay (India and Sri Lanka)
p. 1474 | Cathcart, Richard B.

Geoinformatics-based management of biodiversity from landscape to species scale - An Indian perspective
p. 1477 | Murthy, M. S. R.; Pujar, G. S.; Giriraj, A.

Research Articles
Seismic hazard estimation for Mumbai city
p. 1486 | Kanth, S. T. G. Raghu; Iyengar, R. N.

Spatial distribution of diatoms in surface sediments from the Indian sector of Southern Ocean
p. 1495 | Mohan, Rahul; Shanvas, S.; Thamban, M.; Sudhakar, M.

Research Communications
Introducing a twist in carbon nanotubes
p. 1503 | Ramachandran, C. N.; Sathyamurthy, N.

Molecular tensegrity: predicting 1,3-X- - -X distance in gas-phase MXn (n ≤ 4) compounds from atomic sizes
p. 1505 | Ganguly, Parthasarathy

Natural radioactivity of coal and its by-products in the Baoji coal-fired power plant, China
p. 1508 | Lu, Xinwei; Jia, Xiaodan; Wang, Fengling

embB gene mutations associated with ethambutol resistance in Indian strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
p. 1512 | Garg, Ankita; Srivastava, Shashikant; Ayyagari, Archana; Katoch, Vishwa M.; Dhole, Tapan N.

Toxicological studies of the water extract of green leafy vegetable Sessile joy weed (Alternanthera sessilis)
p. 1517 | Gayathri, B. M.; Balasuriya, K.; Gunawardena, G. S. Panduka De S.; Rajapakse, R. P. V. Jayantha; Dharmaratne, H. Ranjith W.

Preliminary analysis of cuprome of Anabaena doliolum using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
p. 1520 | Bhargava, Poonam; Mishra, Yogesh; Srivastava, Ashish Kumar; Ara, Anjum; Rai, Lal Chand

Genetic diversity of plant growth-promoting rhizobia isolated from a medicinal legume, Mucuna pruriens Linn
p. 1524 | Kumar, Bhavesh; Kumar, M. Senthil; Annapurna, K.; Maheshwari, D. K.

Biochemical responses in transgenic rice plants expressing a defence gene deployed against the sheath blight pathogen, Rhizoctonia solani
p. 1529 | Sareena, S.; Poovannan, K.; Kumar, K. K.; Raja, J. A. J.; Samiyappan, R.; Sudhakar, D.; Balasubra­manian, P.

Histochemical and biochemical analysis of major aroma compound (2-acetyl-1-pyrroline) in basmati and other scented rice (Oryza sativa L. )
p. 1533 | Nadaf, A. B.; Krishnan, S.; Wakte, K. V.

Conservation status and morphological variations between populations of Angelica glauca Edgew. and Angelica archangelica Linn. in Garhwal Himalaya
p. 1537 | Vashistha, R.; Nautiyal, B. P.; Nautiyal, M. C.

Induction of resistance in chickpea by cell wall protein of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri and Macrophomina phaseolina
p. 1543 | Saikia, Ratul; Yadav, Mukesh; Singh, Bhim Pratap; Gogoi, Dip K.; Singh, Tanuja; Arora, Dilip K.

Estimation of the fern toxin, ptaquiloside, in certain Indian ferns other than bracken
p. 1547 | Somvanshi, R.; Lauren, D. R.; Smith, B. L.; Dawra, R. K.; Sharma, O. P.; Sharma, V. K.; Singh, A. K.; Gangwar, N. K.

Mapping and evaluation of urban sprawling in the Mehadrigedda watershed in Visakhapatnam metropolitan region using remote sensing and GIS
p. 1552 | Rao, K. Nageswara; Narendra, K.

Avalanche warning on Chowkibal-Tangdhar axis (J&K): A hybrid approach
p. 1558 | Joshi, J. C.; Ganju, A.

Late Holocene vegetation and climate change in the alpine belt of Himachal Pradesh
p. 1562 | Chauhan, M. S.

Book Reviews
Biological Physics of the Developing Embryo by Gabor Forgacs and Stuart A. Newman
p. 1568 | Nanjundiah, Vidyanand

Traditional Knowledge Systems of India and Sri Lanka A. V. Balasubramaniam and T. D. Nirmala Devi (eds)
p. 1570 | Shankar, Darshan

The Vedic People: Their History and Geograph by Rajesh Kochhar
p. 1571 | Banhatti, Dilip G.

Personal News
P. R. Adiga (1935-2006)
p. 1573 | Rao, N. Appaji

Vishnu Ganesh Bhide (1940-2006)
p. 1574 | Ogale, Satish; Date, Sadgopal

Historical Notes
Shubnikov: A case of non-recognition in superconductivity research
p. 1576 | Sharma, Hari Prasad; Sen, Subir K.

p. 1579

National Institute of Nutrition - Walk-in-Interview for JRF
p. 1580

RA/SRF/JRF Position Open
p. 1581

p. 1581

University of Madras - National Centre for Ultrafast Processes
p. 1582

Department of Biotechnology Call for Proposals for Centres of Bioprospecting
p. 1583

Department of Biotechnology Call for Proposals in the area of Bioenergy and Biofuels
p. 1584

p. 1585

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