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Volume 91 - Issue 12: 25 Dec, 2006
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In this issue
p. 1590

Guest Editorial
Crisis in the Universities: Increasing Funding Gap between Universities and National Laboratories/Scientific Research Institutions - Some solutions
p. 1591 | Hasnain, Seyed E.

Downloads and research productivity
p. 1593 | Prathap, Gangan

R&D and training activity need industry-academic institute interaction
p. 1593 | Chakravarty, S. N.

Training in biology and biotechnology teaching programmes
p. 1594 | Seshadri, S.

US patents on plant varieties and beyond?
p. 1595 | Lavania, U. C.

Bt cotton for pest management or pest management for Bt cotton?
p. 1596 | Vennila, S.

Stem cells derived without destruction of embryos
p. 1597 | Bhojwani, Jyoti

Chikungunya - Pain and gain
p. 1598 | Ligade, V. S.; Sreedhar, D.; Udupa, N.

Structure and tectonics of Kachch Basin and earthquakes
p. 1598 | Kochhar, Naresh

A small step towards making the national capital region safer from seismic hazard and risk
p. 1600 | Khattri, K. N.; Kumar, Dinesh; Sarkar, Irene; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Sriram, V.

Bio-diversity of insects
p. 1602 | Murugan, K.

Research News
Rising awareness and efforts to conserve the Indian mahseers
p. 1604 | Nautiyal, Prakash

What do third world researchers lack? Documenting the peer review data
p. 1605 | Jacobs, Daisy; Pichappan, Pit; Sarasvady, S.

Scientific Correspondence
Vivipary in Biota orientalis Endl. - Rare phenomenon in a gymnosperm
p. 1608 | Gahalain, S. S.; Fotedar, R. L.; Gupta, R. C.

Radiocarbon dating of some palaeochannels in Tamil Nadu and their significance
p. 1609 | Ramasamy, Sm.; Saravanavel, J.; Yadava, M. G.; Ramesh, R.

Occurrence of ash beds in radiolarian cherts from South Andaman Island, Bay of Bengal, India: Evidence for Late Cretaceous explosive volcanism
p. 1614 | Jafri, S. H.; Rao, M. V. Subba; Ramesh, S. L.

General Articles
A quantitative analysis of book reviews published in Current Science: 2002-2005
p. 1616 | Koley, Susanta; Sen, B. K.

Rice breeding in retrospect
p. 1621 | Shastry, S. V. S.

Research Articles
Vegetation response to rainfall as monitored by NOAA-AVHRR
p. 1626 | Chandrasekar, K.; Sai, M. V. R. Sesha; Jeyaseelan, A. T.; Dwivedi, R. S.; Roy, P. S.

Genetic diversity analysis in Gaultheria fragrantissima Wall. (Ericaceae) from the two biodiversity hotspots in India using ISSR markers
p. 1634 | Apte, G. S.; Bahulikar, R. A.; Kulkarni, R. S.; Lagu, M. D.; Kulkarni, B. G.; Suresh, H. S.; Rao, P. S. N.; Gupta, V. S.

Human Rad52 binding renders ssDNA unfolded: image and contour length analyses by atomic force microscopy
p. 1641 | Dharmadhikari, Jayashree A.; Dharmadhikari, Aditya K.; Navadgi, Vasundhara; Mathur, Deepak; Rao, Basuthkar J.; Dsouza, Jacinta S.

Impact of mesoscale-synoptic scale interactions on the Mumbai historical rain event during 26-27 July 2005
p. 1649 | Shyamala, B.; Bhadram, C. V. V.

Micropalaeontological investigations on tsunamigenic sediments of Andaman Islands
p. 1655 | Hussain, S. M.; Krishnamurthy, R.; Gandhi, M. Suresh; Ilayaraja, K.; Ganesan, P.; Mohan, S. P.

Research Communications
Major ion chemistry of environmental samples around sub-urban of Chennai city
p. 1668 | Kumaresan, M.; Riyazuddin, P.

Safety and efficacy of Chitra-CPC calcium phosphate cement as bone substitute
p. 1678 | Fernandez, A. C.; Mohanty, Mira; Varma, H. K.; Komath, Manoj

Improvement in nearest neighbour weather forecast model performance while considering the previous day's forecast for drawing forecast for the following day
p. 1686 | Singh, Dan; Ganju, Ashwagosha

Development of a rapid and efficient BmNPV baculovirus expression system for application in mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori
p. 1692 | Cao, Cuiping; Wu, Xiaofeng; Zhao, Na; Yao, Huipeng; Lu, Xingmeng; Tan, Yeping

Microbial DNA extraction from samples of varied origin
p. 1697 | Chaudhuri, S. Ray; Pattanayak, A. K.; Thakur, A. R.

Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of Nagpur mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)
p. 1700 | Khawale, R. N.; Singh, S. K.; Garg, G.; Baranwal, V. K.; Ajirlo, S. Alizadeh

Spectral mixture analysis for subpixel classification of coconut
p. 1706 | Palaniswami, C.; Upadhyay, A. K.; Maheswarappa, H. P.

Spongy tissue in Alphonso mango. II. A key evidence for the causative role of seed
p. 1712 | Ravindra, V.; Shivashankar, S.

Onset of sexual maturity in captive-reared endangered Indian seahorse, Hippocampus kuda
p. 1714 | Thangaraj, M.; Lipton, A. P.; Victor, A. C. C.

Seismic hazard assessment for Delhi region
p. 1717 | Agrawal, Shailesh Kr.; Chawla, Jyoti

Book Reviews
Inner Presence: Consciousness as a Biological Phenomenon by Antti Revonsuo
p. 1725 | Kasturirangan, Rajesh

Handbook of Virology by Jawaid A. Khan and Jeanne Dijkstra (eds)
p. 1726 | Savithri, H. S.

Annual Review of Neuroscience by Steven E. Hyman Et Al(eds)
p. 1726 | Murthy, Aditya

Personal News
G. Suryan (1924-2006) (1729)
p. 1729 | Chidambaram, R.

p. 1730

DBT sponsored Training Workshop on 'Molecular Biology: Tools, Techniques and Technological Interventions' 5th to 17th February 2007, The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi
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p. 1733

Joint Summer Research Fellowship Programme for Students and Teachers - 2007
p. 1734

p. 1735

Bose Institute
p. 1735

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
p. 1736

Tate Institute of Fundamental Research
p. 1736

p. 1737

S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 1737

Workshop on pollination biology for research scholars and university/college teachers
p. 1738

p. 1738

Institutional Members
Institutional Members
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