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Volume 92 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 2007
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0412

Bridging the gap: Converting our best national laboratories into 'IISER'
p. 0413 | Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti

Where is environmental science going in India?
p. 0414 | Bharti, Pawan K.

Human population: The next millennia
p. 0414 | Badescu, Viorel; Cathcart, Richard B.

Can the extract of Annona squamosa cure Type 1 diabetes mellitus?
p. 0415 | Premanath, M.

School textbooks on science: are they getting adequate attention?
p. 0415 | Chakrabarti, Bhupati

Relativistic resolutions of the twin paradox
p. 0416 | Grøn, Ø. G.

Degradation of Himalayan forests
p. 0418 | Pandey, D.; Singh, K. D.

Degradation of Himalayan forests(Response)
p. 0419 | Prabhakar, R.

Seismogenic significance of lineaments of the Indian subcontinent
p. 0420 | Veeraswamy, K.; Raval, U.; Roy, A. B.

Meeting Report
Environmental pollution
p. 0421 | Babar, Md.

Tenth Orissa Bigyan Congress
p. 0423 | De, Minakshi

Science and ethics of stem cell research
p. 0424 | Mclaren, Anne

Science and biodiversity: the predicament of Sri Lanka
p. 0426 | Pethiyagoda, Rohan; Gunatilleke, Nimal; Silva, Mangala De; Kotagama, Sarath; Gunatilleke, Savitri; Silva, Padma De; Meegaskumbura, Madhava; Fernando, Prithiviraj; Ratnayeke, Shyamala; Jayewardene, Jayantha; Raheem, Dinarzarde; Benjamin, Suresh; Ilangakoon, Anouk

Technical Note
A device for finer-scale sub-sectioning of aqueous sediments
p. 0428 | Valsangkar, Anil B.

Scientific Correspondence
Role of bathymetry in tsunami devastation along the East Coast of India
p. 0432 | Thakur, N. K.; Kumar, A. Pradeep

An alternate use of Calotropis gigantea: Biomethanation
p. 0435 | Shilpkar, Prateek; Shah, Mayur; Chaudhary, D. R.

Studies on stem structure of X Laburnocytisus adamii (Poit) Scheid
p. 0437 | Thakur, Priyanka; Sharma, Kulwant Rai; Denne, Mary Pat; Thakur, Ajay

General Articles
Universities at the crossroads
p. 0441 | Béteille, André

The role of postdoctoral training for careers in research and higher education
p. 0450 | Muniyappa, K.

Review Articles
Multifunctional agroforestry systems in India
p. 0455 | Pandey, Deep Narayan

Research Articles
Language behaviour and the brain: Some fundamental questions
p. 0464 | Narasimhan, R.

Thermodynamic analysis of absorption refrigeration system based on entropy generation
p. 0472 | Kaynakli, Omer; Yamankaradeniz, Recep

Biogeography and hotspots of amphibian species of China: Implications to reserve selection and conservation
p. 0480 | Chen, Youhua; Bi, Junfeng

Cooling and exhumation of the Trans-Himalayan Ladakh batholith as constrained by fission track apatite and zircon ages
p. 0490 | Kumar, Rajeev; Lal, Nand; Singh, Sandeep; Jain, A. K.

Uniaxial compressive stress-strain model for clay brick masonry
p. 0497 | Kaushik, Hemant B.; Rai, Durgesh C.; Jain, Sudhir K.

Research Communications
Low-latitude HF Doppler short-period oscillations associated with storm sudden commencements
p. 0502 | Anjaneyulu, P.; Das, N. Lakshmana; Rao, B. M.; Ramakrishna, Ch.

Climatic variability and its impact on cereal productivity in Indian Punjab
p. 0506 | Hundal, S. S.; Prabhjyot-kaur

Surface-modified zeolite-A for sequestration of arsenic and chromium anions
p. 0512 | Kumar, P.; Jadhav, P. D.; Rayalu, S. S.; Devotta, S.

Atmospheric pCO2 and climate during late Eocene (36 ± 5 Ma) on the Indian subcontinent
p. 0518 | Singh, B. P.; Lee, Yong Il

Sex detection of Carica papaya and Cycas circinalis in pre-flowering stage by ISSR and RAPD
p. 0524 | Gangopadhyay, Gaurab; Roy, Subhash K.; Ghose, Kaushik; Poddar, Ramit; Bandyopadhyay, Tanoy; Basu, Debabrata; Mukherjee, Kalyan K.

Free-radical scavenging activities of Himalayan rhododendrons
p. 0526 | Prakash, Dhan; Upadhyay, Garima; Singh, B. N.; Dhakarey, Ruchi; Kumar, Sandeep; Singh, K. K.

Active faults and neotectonic activity in the Pinjaur Dun, northwestern Frontal Himalaya
p. 0532 | Philip, G.; Virdi, N. S.

Book Reviews
The Legacy of Albert Einstein - A Collection of Essays in Celebration of the Year of Physics by Spenta R. Wadia (ed. )
p. 0543 | Sen, Diptiman

Nano: The Next Revolution by Mohan Sundara Rajan
p. 0544 | Venugopal, S.

Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering 2006, Martin L. Yarmush Et Al(eds)
p. 0545 | Saranathan, Manoj

Publications received
Publications received
p. 0547

p. 0550

p. 0552

Workshop on High Performance Computing
p. 0553

p. 0554

Biodiversity Conservation and Characterization using Biotechnological Tools
p. 0554

p. 0555

p. 0555

p. 0556

Manipal Life Sciences Centre
p. 0558

Indo-German (DST-MPG) programme of cooperation
p. 0558

Department of Applied Chemistry
p. 0559

INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE - IISc Young Engineering Fellowship Programme (2007)
p. 0559

Senior Research Fellow for a 3-year BRNS–DAE project, entitled ‘Cloning of cellulase
p. 0560

Appointment of JRF under Ramanna Fellowship Research Grant Refresher course on 'Advances in Biophysics' Refresher course on 'Experimental Physics'
p. 0560

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