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Volume 92 - Issue 05: 10 Mar, 2007
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0566

Gap in funding among universities
p. 0567 | Murigendra, B. H.; Nerli, R. B.; Nandeshwar, S. P.

Government fellowships for postdoctoral studies abroad
p. 0568 | Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti

Floods in Barmer and other Tertiary terrains in Rajasthan (568) and other Tertiary terrains in Rajasthan
p. 0568 | Laul, V. P.; Laul, Vivek

Is the dissection of animals in zoology redundant?
p. 0569 | Venkatesha, M. G.

Environmentalism and case-study science
p. 0570 | Ali, Rauf

Environmentalism and case-study science(Response)
p. 0571 | Pandit, Chetan

Nannofossil assemblage in Kutch
p. 0571 | Biswas, S. K.

Nannofossil assemblage in Kutch(Response)
p. 0572 | Rai, Jyotsana

Vocabulary related to earth sciences through etymology
p. 0574 | Kumar, M. Dileep

Meeting Report
72nd Annual Meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 0574 | Vencatesan, Jayshree; Bhojwani, Jyoti

Rheumatology update
p. 0579 | Chandrashekara, S.

Cancer update - 2006
p. 0580 | Bag, Arundhati; Singh, V. S.; Singh, Sangeeta; Mullick, M.

Recognition and reward to the tribal and farming communities for conservation of agro-biodiversity
p. 0581 | Ravi, S. Bala; Parida, Ajay

Research News
Are 'secondary building units' the true building blocks in crystal engineering of coordination polymers?
p. 0584 | Biradha, Kumar

Dispelling the myth of tropical dry evergreen forests of India
p. 0586 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit; Ramachandran, V. S.; Vencatesan, Jayshree; Ramakantha, V.; Puyravaud, J. P.

University education in India: Can the collapse be reversed?
p. 0588 | Singh, Shri

Scientific Correspondence
Gender instability in Tinospora cordifolia - an immunomodulator
p. 0591 | Geetha, K. A.; Josphin, M.; Maiti, Satyabrata

Occurrence of uraninite and brannerite in the Samarkiya area, Bhilwara District, Rajasthan
p. 0592 | Shaji, T. S.; Desapati, T.; Fahmi, Sohail; Yadav, G. S.; Pande, A. K.

On the occurrence of microfossils (Foraminiferida) in the Jurassic rocks of Ler Dome, Kutch Mainland, Gujarat
p. 0595 | Talib, A.; Faisal, S. M. S.

Plant remains from the Disang Group of Wokha District, Nagaland, India
p. 0597 | Mehrotra, R. C.; Paul, A. K.; Verma, S. K.

Technical Note
Pulse radiolysis: Pune University LINAC facility
p. 0599 | Yadav, P.; Kulkarni, M. S.; Shirdhonkar, M. B.; Rao, B. S. M.

General Articles
Deciphering angiosperm origins
p. 0606 | Maheshwari, Hari Krsna

Review Articles
Nonlinear electrical conductivity response of shaly-sand reservoir
p. 0612 | Niwas, Sri; Gupta, Pravin K.; Lima, O. A. L. De

Research Articles
Topically applied EGF and PDGFs affect positively the co-ordinate expression of EGF and PDGF receptor genes during acute cutaneous wound-healing process
p. 0618 | Gope, Mohan L.; Gope, Rajalakshmi

Weights of evidence modelling for landslide hazard zonation mapping in part of Bhagirathi valley, Uttarakhand
p. 0628 | Mathew, John; Jha, V. K.; Rawat, G. S.

Spatial variation of maximum considered and design basis earthquakes in peninsular India
p. 0639 | Jaiswal, Kishor; Sinha, Ravi

Liquefaction studies for seismic microzonation of delhi region
p. 0646 | Rao, K. S.; Satyam, D. Neelima

Research Communications
Improvement in the efficacy of existing combination of antifilarials by inclusion of tetracycline in rodent model of Brugian filariasis
p. 0655 | Bajpai, Preeti; Srivastava, Kumkum; Shakya, Shilpy; Saxena, Prabhu N.; Misra-Bhattacharya, Shailja

A rapid, non-invasive, PCR-based method for identification of sex of the endangered Old World vultures (white-backed and long-billed vultures) - Implications for captive breeding programmes
p. 0659 | Reddy, Anuradha; Prakash, Vibhu; Shivaji, S.

High frequency plant regeneration via somatic embryogenesis in Podophyllum peltatum L., an important source of anticancer drug
p. 0662 | Kim, Y. S.; Lim, S.; Choi, Y. E.; Anbazhagan, V. Ramesh

Is the Arabian Sea getting more productive?
p. 0667 | Prakash, Satya; Ramesh, R.

Subsidence of southern part of erstwhile Dhanushkodi township, Tamil Nadu - evidences from bathymetry, side scan and underwater videography
p. 0671 | Vaz, G. G.; Hariprasad, M.; Rao, B. R.; Rao, V. Subba

Occurrence of fluoride in the groundwaters of Pandharkawada area, Yavatmal district, Maharashtra, India
p. 0675 | Madhnure, Pandith; Sirsikar, D. Y.; Tiwari, A. N.; Ranjan, B.; Malpe, D. B.

Temporal and spatial variations in water flow and sediment load in the Narmada river
p. 0679 | Gupta, Harish; Chakrapani, G. J.

Geomorphology and tectonics of Kota-Pawalgarh Duns, Central Kumaun Sub-Himalaya
p. 0685 | Goswami, Pradeep K.; Pant, Charu C.

Book Reviews
Walker's Marsupials of the World by by Ronald M. Nowak
p. 0691 | Chatterjee, Mayukh; Sinha, Anindya

Geology and Tectonics of India: An Overview by M. N. Balasubrahmanyan
p. 0692 | Sharma, Kamal K.

Birds of Two Worlds: The Ecology and Evolution of Migration by Russell Greenberg and Peter P. Marra (eds)
p. 0692 | Robin, V. V.; Nandini, R.

Personal News
Indar Singh Luthar (1932-2006)
p. 0694 | Passi, Inder Bir S.

Ramanujan Mathematical Society
p. 0694

OASTCs of the Ministry of Earth Sciences
p. 0695

The National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI)
p. 0696

Research Training on Intracellular Pathogens
p. 0697

p. 0698

p. 0698

Foundation for Research in Genetics and Endocrinology (FRIGE)
p. 0699

Applications invited for Research Associate in DAE-sponsored Project
p. 0699

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