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Volume 92 - Issue 08: 25 Apr, 2007
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1028

Of scholars without borders
p. 1029 | Vencatesan, Jayshree

Research paper writing
p. 1029 | Sarma, V. Venkateswara

Values and scientific research
p. 1030 | Nagar, P. K.

Cosmeceuticals: Science or marketing?
p. 1030 | Ligade, Virendra S.; Sreedhar, D.; Manthan; Ajay; Udupa, N.

Hard-work versus productivity
p. 1031 | Sharma, Shweta

The need for studies on amphibians in India
p. 1032 | Humraskar, Dipti; Velho, Nandini

Do you believe in a second green revolution?
p. 1032 | Sharma, N. D.

Mango - A new record for Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner)
p. 1033 | Bharati, S. M.; Gundannavar, K. P.; Giraddi, R. S.; Hilli, J. S.; Kamanna, B. C.; Budhihal, R. A.

Fourth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Important observations and conclusions
p. 1034 | Kumar, Sushil

Journal of Tropical Agriculture: The first agricultural science journal in India with an online editorial system
p. 1034 | Kumar, B. M.

Meeting Report
Bulk metallic glasses
p. 1035 | Mukhopadhyay, N. K.

Quality improvement in food processing
p. 1037 | De, Minakshi

Alternatives to the use of animals in research, testing and education
p. 1038 | Vencatesan, Jayshree

Biocontrol and biotechnology
p. 1039 | Jeyaraj, Nirmala; Shenbagarathai, R.

On the lives of stars and cells
p. 1041 | Sen, Ellora

The arithmetic of quotas
p. 1043 | Naranan, S.

Need for a national initiative on research and development in earthquake engineering
p. 1045 | Jain, Sudhir K.

Scientific Correspondence
Possible impact of a major oil-well fire on aerosol optical depth at Dibrugarh
p. 1047 | Gogoi, M. M.; Bhuyan, P. K.; Moorthy, K. Krishna

Physico-chemical and bacterial profiling of soils for describing a land-degradation gradient
p. 1050 | Doi, Ryoichi; Puriyakorn, Bunyarit

Identification of molecular markers linked with differential flowering behaviour of mangoes in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
p. 1054 | Damodaran, T.; Medhi, R. P.; Dev, G. Kapil; Damodaran, V.; Rai, R. B.; Kavino, M.

Molecular marker-assisted selection of in vitro chemical mutagen-induced grapevine mutants
p. 1056 | Khawale, Ramkrishna Namdeo; Yerramilli, Vimala; Singh, Sanjay Kumar

General Articles
Molecular imaging in biomedical research
p. 1061 | Jagannathan, N. R.

Scoping technology options for India's oil security: Part I - ethanol for petrol
p. 1071 | Bharadwaj, Anshu; Tongia, Rahul; Arunachalam, V. S.

Shark hunting - an indiscriminate trade endangering elasmobranchs to extinction
p. 1078 | Verlecar, X. N.; Snigdha; Desai, S. R.; Dhargalkar, V. K.

Review Articles
Thrips-tospovirus interactions: Biological and molecular implications
p. 1083 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.; Annadurai, R. S.

Research Articles
N-Glycosylation sequon Asn residue causes variable site occupancy in recombinant soluble Thy-1
p. 1087 | Devasahayam, Mercy

A decision support tool with variable agro-climatic scenarios for sustainable groundwater management in semi-arid hard-rock areas
p. 1093 | Dewandel, BenoƮt; Gandolfi, Jean-marie; Zaidi, Faisal K.; Ahmed, Shakeel; Subrahmanyam, K.

Geochemistry of Neogene Siwalik mudstones along Punjab re-entrant, India: Implications for source-area weathering, provenance and tectonic setting
p. 1103 | Sinha, Subhajit; Islam, R.; Ghosh, Sumit K.; Kumar, Rohtash; Sangode, S. J.

Are the 7 March 2006 Mw 5. 6 event and the 3 February 2006 Mw 4. 58 event triggered by the five years continued occurrence of aftershocks of the 2001 Mw 7. 7 Bhuj event?
p. 1114 | Mandal, Prantik; Chadha, R. K.; Raju, I. P.; Kumar, N.; Satyamurty, C.; Narsaiah, R.

Research Communications
Diesel soot oxidation on titania-supported ruthenia catalysts
p. 1125 | Dhakad, Manju; Rayalu, Sadhana; Subrt, J.; Bakardjieva, Snejana; Mitsuhashi, T.; Haneda, H.; Devotta, Sukumar; Labhsetwar, Nitin

Evaluation of mitochondrial 12S rRNA gene in the identification of Panthera pardus fusca (Meyer, 1794) from field-collected scat samples in the Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India
p. 1129 | Pandey, Prashant K.; Dhotre, Dhiraj P.; Dharne, Mahesh S.; Khadse, Ashok N.; Hiremath, Umesh I.; Chaudhari, Ravindra D.; Patole, Milind S.; Shouche, Yogesh S.

Population genetics analysis of Mehsana goat based on microsatellite markers
p. 1133 | Aggarwal, R. A. K.; Dixit, S. P.; Verma, N. K.; Ahlawat, S. P. S.; Kumar, Y.; Kumar, S.; Chander, R.; Singh, K. P.

Two-species microbial consortium for growth promotion of Cajanus cajan
p. 1137 | Pandey, Piyush; Maheshwari, D. K.

Chemical profiling of Nothapodytes nimmoniana populations in the Western Ghats, India for anti-cancer compound, camptothecin
p. 1142 | Suhas, S.; Ramesha, B. T.; Ravikanth, G.; Gunaga, Rajesh P.; Vasudeva, R.; Ganeshaiah, K. N.; Shaanker, R. Uma

Basic nutritional attributes of Hippophae rhamnoides (Seabuckthorn) populations from Uttarakhand Himalaya, India
p. 1148 | Dhyani, Deepak; Maikhuri, R. K.; Rao, K. S.; Kumar, Lalit; Purohit, V. K.; Sundriyal, Manju; Saxena, K. G.

The tropical warm pool in the Indian Ocean and its influence on ENSO over the past 137,000 yrs bp
p. 1153 | Saraswat, R.; Nigam, R.; Weldeab, S.; Mackensen, A.

New methodology for demarcating high road accident risk-prone stretches in mountain roads
p. 1157 | Rautela, Piyoosh; Pant, Swarn Shikher

The past 26,000 years evolutionary history of Keoladeo National Park (Ghana), Rajasthan
p. 1161 | Sharma, Chhaya; Chatterjee, Shantanu

Book Reviews
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
p. 1166 | Rajeev, B.

Birds of Prey of the Indian Subcontinent by Rishad Naoroji
p. 1166 | Srinivasan, Umesh

Techniques for Molecular Biology by D. Tagu and C. Moussard (eds)
p. 1168 | Dharmalingam, K.

Historical Notes
A view of the history of biochemistry in India
p. 1169 | Ramasarma, T.

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES)
p. 1173

Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany
p. 1175

UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research (Advertisement No. 1/2007)
p. 1177

UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research (Advertisement No. 3/2007)
p. 1178

National Centre for Biological Sciences
p. 1179

OASTCs of the Ministry of Earth Sciences
p. 1180

National Institute of Advanced Studies
p. 1181

p. 1182

p. 1182

p. 1183

p. 1183

p. 1184

10th International Plant Virus Epidemiology Symposium
p. 1184

University of Pune - Department of Botany
p. 1185

p. 1185

Mangalore University
p. 1186

Study on Status of Nanotechnology in Indian Industry and Academia/R&D Labs
p. 1186

p. 1187

National Institute of Technology
p. 1187

Kurukshetra University: Announcements
p. 1187

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