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Volume 92 - Issue 09: 10 May, 2007
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1194

Ethics in pharmaceutical products promotion
p. 1195 | Janodia, Manthan D.; Udupa, N.

Frontier research and the undergraduate syllabus
p. 1195 | Chakrabarti, Bhupati

Chikungunya epidemics due to Central African genotype in Andhra Pradesh
p. 1196 | Kumar, C. V. M. Naresh; Gopal, D. V. R. Sai

Research and development for renewable energy
p. 1197 | John, Jacob E.

Documentation of inherited traditional knowledge of 110 ethnic communities of Arunachal Pradesh
p. 1198 | Srivastava, R. C.; Choudhary, R. K.

Reducing water conflict in Cauvery river delta
p. 1198 | Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy

Is elephant tail hair osmetrichia?
p. 1199 | Brahmachary, R. L.; Biswas, Sutapa; Bhar, R.

Meeting Report
Carbon capture and storage technology for sustainable energy future
p. 1201 | Goel, Malti

Biotechnological approaches in bioresource management
p. 1203 | Sivaramakrishnan, S.

Research News
A new bird species from Eastern Himalayan Arunachal Pradesh - India's biological frontier
p. 1205 | Mishra, Charudutt; Datta, Aparajita

Plant reproductive biology studies crucial for conservation
p. 1207 | Moza, Monika Koul; Bhatnagar, A. K.

Coping with the journal review process
p. 1208 | Sengupta, Tapan K.

Boom in India's iron and steel industry
p. 1210 | Radhakrishna, B. P.

Scientific Correspondence
DNA barcoding: An exercise in futility or utility?
p. 1213 | Aravind, K.; Ravikanth, G.; Shaanker, R. Uma; Chandrashekara, K.; Kumar, A. R. V.; Ganeshaiah, K. N.

In vitro production of camptothecin (an anticancer drug) through albino plants of Ophiorrhiza rugosa var. decumbens
p. 1216 | Vineesh, V. R.; Fijesh, P. V.; Louis, C. Jelly; Jaimsha, V. K.; Padikkala, Jose

Dictyophora cinnabarina
p. 1219 | Abrar, Syed; Swapna, S.; Krishnappa, M.

Non-involvement of parathyroid glands in adaptation to low-calcium diet in diabetic rats
p. 1220 | Rao, J. Prakasa; Greene, Ingrid

Reclamation and status of tsunami damaged soil in Nagappattinam District, Tamil Nadu
p. 1221 | Rengalakshmi, R.; Senthilkumar, R.; Selvarasu, T.; Thamizoli, P.

A holistic study on mercury pollution in the Ganga River system at Varanasi, India
p. 1223 | Sinha, R. K.; Sinha, Samir Kumar; Kedia, D. K.; Kumari, Anupma; Rani, Nipunika; Sharma, Gopal; Prasad, K.

General Articles
Directed basic research
p. 1229 | Chidambaram, R.

Scoping technology options for India's oil security: Part II - Coal to liquids and bio-diesel
p. 1234 | Bharadwaj, Anshu; Tongia, Rahul; Arunachalam, V. S.

Integrated development of coal fuels
p. 1242 | Thakre, A. N.

Review Articles
Challenges and opportunities in drug discovery from plants
p. 1251 | Jachak, Sanjay M.; Saklani, Arvind

Research Account
Low-cost micro-rainwater harvesting technology (Jalkund) for new livelihood of rural hill farmers
p. 1258 | Saha, R.; Ghosh, P. K.; Mishra, V. K.; Bujarbaruah, K. M.

Research Articles
Oldest fossil avian remains from the Indian subcontinental plate
p. 1266 | Mayr, Gerald; Rana, Rajendra S.; Sahni, Ashok; Smith, Thierry

Innate immune responses in families of Indian major carp, Labeo rohita, differing in their resistance to Edwardsiella tarda infection
p. 1270 | Mohanty, B. R.; Sahoo, P. K.; Mahapatra, K. D.; Saha, J. N.

Research Communications
Controlling light with light in blue-light plant photoreceptor phototropin
p. 1275 | Roy, Sukhdev; Kulshrestha, Kapil

Insecticide resistance in malaria vector Anopheles culicifacies in some tribal districts of Chhattisgarh, India
p. 1280 | Sharma, S. N.; Shukla, R. P.; Mittal, P. K.; Adak, T.; Subbarao, Sarala K.

Production and properties of alkaline xylanases from Bacillus sp. isolated from sugarcane fields
p. 1283 | Anuradha, P.; Vijayalakshmi, K.; Prasanna, N. D.; Sridevi, K.

Floral nectaries in some apple and pear cultivars with special reference to bacterial fire blight
p. 1286 | Farkas, Ágnes; Orosz-kovács, Zsuzsanna; Déri, Helga; Chauhan, S. V. S.

Effect of plant growth regulators on in vitro morphogenesis of Leptadenia reticulata (Retz. ) W. &A. from nodal explants
p. 1290 | Parabia, Farzin M.; Gami, Bharat; Kothari, I. L.; Mohan, J. S. S.; Parabia, M. H.

Direct determination of aquifer configuration using geoelectrical techniques in a piedmont zone, Himalayan foothills region, India
p. 1293 | Israil, M.; Sudha, Kumari; Singhal, D. C.; Gupta, Pravin K.; Shimeles, Sosina; Sharma, Vinay K.

Development of GIS interface Con2grid for groundwater model
p. 1297 | Mane, M. S.; Singh, D. K.; Singh, A. K.; Bhattacharya, A. K.

Tracing straying routes of rhinoceros in Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam
p. 1303 | Talukdar, Bibhab Kumar; Barua, Mrigen; Sarma, Pranjit Kumar

Book Reviews
Einstein's Enigma or Black Holes in my Bubble Bath by C. V. Vishveshwara
p. 1306 | Panchapakesan, N.

Annual Review of Phytopathology, 2006 by N. K. Van Alfen, G. Bruening and W. O. Dawson (eds)
p. 1307 | Varma, Anupam

Ecology, Environ­ment and Resource Conservation by J. S. Singh, S. P. Singh and S. R. Gupta
p. 1308 | Gopal, Brij

Personal News
Asima Chatterjee (1917-2006)
p. 1310

Father Muller Medical College
p. 1311

Advertisement for the post of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Senior Research Fellowship (SRF)
p. 1311

p. 1312

Grow with IGNOU
p. 1313

p. 1314

OASTCs of the Ministry of Earth Sciences
p. 1315

Indo-French Postdoctoral Research Position
p. 1316

Coffee Board
p. 1316

Annamalai University
p. 1317

p. 1317

Post Graduate Internship Program 2007
p. 1318

Department of Physics: Announcements
p. 1318

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