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Volume 93 - Issue 07: 10 Oct, 2007
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0886

Indo-US nuclear deal
p. 0887 | Iyengar, P. K.

Publishing in SCI journals: Why double standards?
p. 0887 | Singh, Harminder Pal

Better liquid fuels from plants should promise carbon-neutral and water-efficient resource utilization
p. 0888 | Lavania, Seshu; Lavania, U. C.

Seismic safety
p. 0888 | Bothara, Jitendra Kumar

'Biotechnology chakravyuha': Biotechnology education in India
p. 0889 | Singh, Rita

Publication charges
p. 0889 | Narayanan, M. S.

Perplexing ground realities
p. 0890 | Vencatesan, Jayshree

Colleges: Untapped avenues
p. 0891 | Biyani, A. K.

Anticrop bioterrorism
p. 0891 | Baiswar, Pankaj; Singh, A. K.; Chandra, S.

Meeting Report
Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
p. 0893 | Indira, N. K.

Third Kerala Environment Congress
p. 0894 | Sabu, T.; Bhaskaran, C.

Risk assessment of multi-hazards along Indian coasts
p. 0897 | Kumar, Avinash

Bioinformatics tools and applications
p. 0898 | Shenbagarathai, R.

Research News
Metabolic engineering for flavour enhancement in tomato - Path setting for opportunities and strategies
p. 0899 | Sangwan, Neelam S.; Sangwan, R. S.

Directed basic research or science for sustainable development
p. 0902 | Abrol, I. P.

Scientific Correspondence
Preserving the heritage of Mattu gulla - A variety of brinjal unique to Udupi District
p. 0905 | Bhat, Ramesh V.; Madhyastha, Mattu N.

Leaf anatomical basis of woolly aphid resistance in sugarcane
p. 0906 | Aravind, M. B.; Kajjidoni, S. T.

Germination and seed storage behaviour in Pongamia pinnata L.
p. 0910 | Kumar, Santosh; Radhamani, J.; Singh, Anurudh K.; Varaprasad, K. S.

Secondary emissions from spectrofluorimeters
p. 0911 | De, Debashree; Bagchi, Pritha; Bhattacharyya, Debasish

A rare, circular, pipe-shaped structure in the Deccan Trap lava flows in the Girna River section near Malegaon, Nashik District, Maharashtra, India
p. 0915 | Sarkar, P. K.

General Articles
Acute toxicity studies and determination of median lethal dose
p. 0917 | Akhila, J. Shetty; Shyamjith; Deepa; Alwar, M. C.

Micro-level planning using spatial database
p. 0921 | Dutta, Upasana; Singh, Yogesh

Error analysis of satellite-based global navigation system over the low-latitude region
p. 0927 | Rao, G. Sasibhushana

Research Account
Alarming scarcity of water in India
p. 0932 | Garg, N. K.; Hassan, Q.

Research Articles
Genetic diversity within and among populations of the Indian short-nosed fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx assessed through RAPD analysis
p. 0942 | Karuppudurai, T.; Sripathi, K.; Gopukumar, N.; Elangovan, V.; Marimuthu, G.

Suitability of seed esterases for establishing distinctness, uniformity and stability of pearl millet genotypes
p. 0951 | Kumar, M. B. Arun; Sherry, R. J.; Varier, Anuradha; Dadlani, Malavika

Research Communications
Observations of total solar eclipse of 29 March 2006 and related atmospheric measurements
p. 0957 | Uddin, Wahab; Joshi, Bhuwan; Kumar, T. S.; Sharma, Saurabh; Sagar, Ram

Prediction models for peak expiratory flow rates in North Indian male population based on ordinary and weighted least square estimation
p. 0959 | Mathur, Neeraj; Rastogi, Subhodh Kumar; Kesavachandran, C.; Agarwal, G. G.

Estimation of effect of gasoline quality improvement on reduction of air toxic emissions in Dhaka
p. 0963 | Biniwale, Rajesh B.; Balloffet, A. F.

Genetic diversity analysis in traditional lowland rice (Oryza sativa L. ) of Assam using RAPD and ISSR markers
p. 0967 | Bhuyan, Nipon; Borah, Basanta K.; Sarma, R. N.

Development of a single-tube multiplex RT-PCR for the simultaneous detection of Cucumber mosaic virus and Piper yellow mottle virus associated with stunt disease of black pepper
p. 0973 | Bhat, A. I.; Siju, S.

Bryophyte diversity along a gradient of human disturbance in the southern Western Ghats
p. 0976 | Daniels, A. E. Dulip; Kariyappa, K. C.

Climatic changes during the last 1800 yrs bp from Paradise Lake, Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast Himalaya
p. 0983 | Bhattacharyya, Amalava; Sharma, Jyoti; Shah, Santosh K.; Chaudhary, Vandana

Ancient technology of jetties and anchoring points along the west coast of India
p. 0987 | Gaur, A. S.; Vora, K. H.

Seismic evidences of faulting beneath the Panvel flexure
p. 0991 | Mohan, G.; Surve, G.; Tiwari, Pankaj Kr.

Specific character of the bottom simulating reflectors near mud diapirs: Western margin of India
p. 0997 | Shankar, Uma; Sain, Kalachand

Cation partitioning of garnets from Sittampundi granulite: Their petrogenetic implications
p. 1003 | Mitra, Sachinath; Bidyananda, Maibam

Microbial mat-induced sedimentary structures in the Neoproterozoic Bundi Hill Sandstone, Indargarh area, Rajasthan
p. 1009 | Kumar, S.; Pandey, S. K.

Book Reviews
Annual Review of Genetics, 2006 by Allan Campbell, Wyatt Anderson and Elizabeth Jones (eds)
p. 1013 | Makhijani, Kalpana; Shashidhara, L.S.

Annual Review of Plant Biology, 2006 by S. Merchant, W. R. Briggs and V. R. Chandler (eds)
p. 1014 | Maheshwari, S. C.

Personal News
Rangaswamy Narasimhan (1926-2007)
p. 1016 | Seshagiri, N.

P. K. Maitra (1932-2007)
p. 1017 | Sinha, Pratima; Sinha, Anindya

Vijai Shanker Jaiswal (1945-2007)
p. 1019 | Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Historical Notes
Transposon biology - A historical perspective
p. 1021 | Krishnaswamy, Lakshminarasimhan

Department of Science and Technology 2007-2008 Collaborative Project with Scientists & Technologists of Indian Origin Abroad (CP-STIO) Program: Call for Proposals
p. 1025

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 1026

p. 1027

Fellowships for Doctoral Studies at UK under UKIERI
p. 1028

BIO-RAD Laboratories India Pvt Ltd
p. 1029

p. 1030

p. 1031

Non-Perturbative Gauge Theories and Gravity
p. 1032

‘Antimicrobial Drug Resistance and the Development of New Antibiotics’
p. 1032

p. 1033

Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Facilities at UGC-DAE CSR, Indore'
p. 1033

M N Saha Centre of Space Studies
p. 1034

Call for Proposal for Department of Science and Technology under Technology Development Programme on Molecular Electronics
p. 1034

Prof. G. M. Reddy Research Foundation
p. 1035

Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut
p. 1035

p. 1036

p. 1036

S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 1036

M. S. University of Baroda Second Cover
p. 1036

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