Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 94 - Issue 06: 25 Mar, 2008
Darwin, Medicine and the Rise of Antibiotic Resistance
p. 0697 | Balaram, P.

Academic promotions: The dust has not yet settled
p. 0699 | Menezes, Ritesh G.; Kanchan, Tanuj; Bodhe, Ashutosh V.; Rao, P. P. Jagadish; Lobo, Stany W.; Shetty, Mahabalesh; Pillay, V. V.

Woods to wheels
p. 0699 | Rastogi, Rimi; Singh, Shipra; Syal, Sudhir

India's science journals need vigorous marketing
p. 0700 | Agoramoorthy, Govindaswamy

SCImago Journal and Country Rank
p. 0701 | Jain, N. C.

Wastelands as water sanctuaries
p. 0702 | Soni, Vikram

Medicinal plants facilitation centres
p. 0702 | Kala, Chandra Prakash; Sajwan, Bikram Singh

Soil nutrient management: Feast and famine approach vs life-cycle assessment approach
p. 0703 | Ramakrishnan, B.; Krishnan, P.

Meeting Report
Pre-harvest sprouting in cereals: A global scenario
p. 0704 | Mohan, Amita

Research News
Relevance of keratinophilic fungi
p. 0706 | Kushwaha, R. K. S.; Gupta, Pallavi

The social biology and adaptability in mycophagous tubuliferan thrips
p. 0708 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Farmers' variety in the context of Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, 2001
p. 0709 | Sen, Sukanta K.; Pal, Sushil C.; Nagarajan, S.; Yadav, S. P.; Singh, A. K.

Science amidst religion: The politics of knowledge
p. 0714 | Tharakan, Koshy

Scientific Correspondence
Magnetic anomaly map for Bharati promontory, Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica
p. 0715 | Reddy, C. D.; Dhar, Ajay

Role of biotic and abiotic factors on the population dynamics of sugarcane woolly aphid, Ceratovacuna lanigera Zehntner and its natural enemies in sugarcane
p. 0718 | Tripathi, G. M.; Singh, S. K.; Kumar, M.

Technical Note
Design and operation of a 50 m tall meteorological tower and data-acquisition system for realtime applications
p. 0721 | Somayaji, K. M.; Venkatesan, R.; Gomathinayagam, S.

General Articles
The Wildlife (Protection) Act and conservation prioritization of butterflies of the Western Ghats, southwestern India
p. 0729 | Kunte, Krushnamegh

Research Articles
Mammal persistence and abundance in tropical rainforest remnants in the southern Western Ghats, India
p. 0748 | Sridhar, Hari; Raman, T. R. Shankar; Mudappa, Divya

Disappearance of Stilostomella lepidula (Schwager) across the mid-Pleistocene Transition and its palaeoceanographic implication
p. 0758 | Bhaumik, Ajoy K.; Gupta, Anil K.; Mohan, K.; Singh, R. K.

Research Communications
An alternative tracking dye for gel electrophoresis
p. 0765 | Siva, R.; Mathew, Githin J.; Venkat, Abhishek; Dhawan, Chetan

High yield and quality silk fibre production by muga silkworm, Antheraea assama through application of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria
p. 0768 | Unni, B. G.; Bora, Utpala; Singh, H. R.; Kumar, B. S. Dileep; Devi, Barnali; Wann, S. B.; Bora, Archana; Bhau, B. S.; Neog, K.; Chakravorty, R.

Perfusion of antifungal agents through biofilms of Candida sp.
p. 0774 | Subha, T. S.; Gnanamani, A.

Clay mineralogical studies of sediments and strontium isotope analyses on calcretes at the prehistoric site of Attirampakkam, Tamil Nadu
p. 0779 | Sreedhar, Arun K.; Balakrishnan, S.; Pappu, Shanti; Akhilesh, Kumar

Evidences and radiocarbon (14C) ages of palaeo-high sea-level position around Mandapam, southeast coast of India
p. 0786 | Kundu, Pradip Kumar; Vaz, G. Gaitan; Hariprasad, M.; Rao, B. R.

Drained and undrained responses for Koyna-Warna earthquakes from 1993 to 1994 following impoundment of the Warna reservoir in India
p. 0790 | Singh, Chandrani; Chadha, R. K.

Discovery of organic-walled microbiota from the black-bedded chert, Balwan Limestone, the Bhander Group, Lakheri area, Rajasthan
p. 0797 | Kumar, S.; Pandey, S. K.

GFP expressing bacterial biosensor to measure lead contamination in aquatic environment
p. 0800 | Chakraborty, Tapas; Babu, P. Gireesh; Alam, Absar; Chaudhari, Aparna

Book Reviews
Non-Destructive Test and Evaluation of Materials by J. Prasad and C. G. K. Nair
p. 0806 | Murthy, C R L

India: The Emerging Energy Player
p. 0806 | Pant, Girijesh; Raghavan, G. Narasimha

Plant Respiration: From Cell to Ecosystem by H. Lambers and M. Miquel Ribas-Carbo (eds)
p. 0807 | Dutta, Siddhartha; Tripathy, Baishnab C.

Forest Landscapes of the Southern Western Ghats, India: Biodiversity, Human Ecology and Management Strategies by B. R. Ramesh and Rajan Gurukkal (eds)
p. 0809 | Gadgil, Madhav

Personal News
Krishna Damodar Abhyankar (1928-2007)
p. 0811 | Alladin, Saleh Mohammed

Historical Notes
Science as a symbol of new nationhood: India and the International Geophysical Year 1957-58
p. 0813 | Kochhar, Rajesh

DST-supported National Facility for Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
p. 0817

p. 0818

National Institute of Advanced Studies
p. 0819

p. 0820

HGM 2008
p. 0821

p. 0822

p. 0823

p. 0824

p. 0825

Indian Institute of Science Education & Research Mohali
p. 0826

Department of Science & Technology
p. 0826

p. 0827

University Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 0827

University Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 0828

Sri Ramachandra University
p. 0828

Indian Institute of Advanced Research (IIAR)
p. 0829

Madurai Kamaraj University
p. 0829

p. 0830

Centre of Plasma Physics
p. 0830

Centre of Plasma Physics Second cover Fourth cover Announcements
p. 0830

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